12 Types Of Aesthetics: Guides + Outfit Ideas [Updated 2023] title=

12 Types Of Aesthetics: Guides + Outfit Ideas [Updated 2023]

Posted by Buscik on Apr 22, 2022

Ready for the most fashionable aesthetics of 2022? We have prepared a list of  12 different types of aesthetics, their guides, and outfit ideas for you. This guide includes makeup ideas, accessories, key motifs, values, and colors of each popular aesthetic of 2022. Here is what you’re gonna do: First, learn what exactly aesthetic is to have deep knowledge of each style. Second, choose your personal aesthetic according to your vibe. Third, get the perfect outfits. And for the last step, be the trendiest girl around! Let’s get started!

What Does Aesthetic Style Mean?

Expressing ourselves with the outfits that we wear wasn’t even imaginable before. But now, thanks to the Internet, it’s so easy to access the clothes we can wear to show who we are even without saying a word. We're hearing you ask how we do it. The answer is: With the aesthetic styles! With the popularity of TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest, aesthetic styles have gained attention mostly from  Gen Z.

Aesthetic fashion is a reflection of the nature of beauty. It can be called the fashion seen as charming by individuals with different tastes. The aesthetic style movement emerged from Tumblr, and it’s been in our life since then. You can create your own aesthetic style even without knowing it. The outfits that you wear can reflect your personality. The only thing you should consider should be who you are or who you really want to be.

Need some help? You can find your personal style here in our sub-style list of aesthetics. Dress up and get ready for 2022 trendy outfits!

What is my Aesthetic?

Now, listen carefully if you want to learn what your personal aesthetic is. You need to choose your fashion style according to your personality. Deciding on your aesthetic type is totally your choice, but you must consider your self-nature. For example, grunge might be your personal aesthetic if you like speaking up, being a rebel, and not caring about what others think. Or you may like being cute and sweet and a feminine woman who likes wearing child-like clothes. In that situation, we can say that you’re a soft girl or kawaii up to your fashion style, hair, and makeup. The point here is that all your style should reflect your personality. 

So, before deciding on what your aesthetic is, think about a minute about what you like and dislike, your favorite activities, colors, and even food. Then, take a look at our types of aesthetics list and read the blog to see different types of aesthetics. We’re sure you’ll find your favorite personal aesthetic here!

Types of Aesthetics

  • Indie aesthetic
  • Grunge aesthetic
  • Soft girl aesthetic
  • Y2k aesthetic
  • Dark academia aesthetic
  • Baddie aesthetic
  • VSCO girl aesthetic
  • Kawaii aesthetic
  • E-girl aesthetic
  • Fairycore aesthetic
  • Cottagecore aesthetic
  • Pastel goth aesthetic

1. What is Indie Aesthetic?

‘’The question isn’t who’s going to let me; it’s who’s going to stop me.'' -Ayn Rand

Indie aesthetic is the style of independent people. Its main concepts are freedom, independence, philosophy, creativity, and uniqueness. Indie girls like feeling comfortable with whatever they wear. They create their own unique fashion style with specific accessories such as beads.

Independent girls, the  Indie Aesthetic is your style! Inspired by the early 2000s, the indie aesthetic is known for its pale colors and moody tone. If you see low-quality or vintage photos of individuals and you like to listen to  independent music genres, it means you have found the indie soul inside of you. We know you like to be independent, but we also know that you like to show everyone that you are into the indie aesthetic. Friendship is vital for you. You can bead bracelets and necklaces for your friends and bead your nails, too!

Use your creativity by combining your clothes with your accessories. You can even decorate your room with CDs and polaroids to feel the indie aesthetic in your daily life. All together with your makeup and accessories, catch the eyes of strangers! So we have some suggestions for you to wear: Band T-shirts, jeans, tennis skirts, leather jackets, sunglasses, and beanies are perfect for the Indie style. Don’t forget to take a photo and post it on Instagram after you dress up!

If you’re interested in this fashion, you should also check out these ideas for indie aesthetic:

  • Beading bracelets for you and your friends.
  • Being independent.
  • Getting involved in a band or creating your own.
  • Being creative and original.
  • Creating your own, unique style.
  • Having many CDs.
  • Hanging low-quality polaroids on your walls.
  • Listening to indie music.
Indie aesthetic guide with key values and outfits

How to Be Indie Aesthetic

If you are wondering how to be an indie, you can look at the items below to see the key points of indie style. You need to have bright makeup on with glitter eyeliner, and fake eyelashes to get all the attention to your eyes. Moreover, you can use lots of accessories, such as gummy bear earrings, butterfly hairpins, mini corduroy bags, and bucket hats. Your friends will love the idea of independence and individualism when you inform them about the key motifs of the indie aesthetic. If you want to give presents to your indie friends, you can get them CDs, low-quality polaroid photos, and even books!

  • Makeup: Smokey eyes, nude lipsticks, sheer rose blushes, fake freckles, and colorful liquid eyeliners.
  • Accessories: Quirky, bright beaded bracelets and necklaces, cow print bags and sunglasses, and beaded chain belts.
  • Key motifs: CDs, Polaroids, vintage clothes, books.
  • Values: Independency, individualism, philosophy.
  • Colors: Purple, blue, red, green, brown.

2. What is Grunge Aesthetic?

‘’If my eyes could show my soul, everyone would cry when they saw me smile.’' -Kurt Cobain

Grunge aesthetic is the fashion of people who are rebellious, independent, challenging authority, and breaking the rules. Just like their attitudes, their outfits are also rebellious. Instead of dressing up according to a specific fashion, they prefer creating their own distinctive style.

Is there anyone who hasn’t listened to Nirvana yet? We don’t think so. Inspired by the 80s and 90s rock music style, the  grunge aesthetic is all about protesting traditional society and embracing the dark, timeless style of fashion while rebelling against the system. Grunge aesthetic visuals include dirty looks that show hopelessness inside of the soul. Of course, you can perfectly get the hope:  grunge music! Limp Bizkit, KoRn, and Papa Roach are the most popular bands you can take as examples of outfits. 

By wearing heavy mascaras and dark nail polishes, you can express your dark soul to the people outside. Yes, we know you don’t care what people think about you. How? With the grimy imagery, you have, of course. But we also know that you like spending time with your friends listening to grunge. Dress in your grunge aesthetic outfits and hang out with your friends!  If you are into chokers, chains, combat boots, ripped jeans, and plaid T-shirts, then it’s time to embrace grunge aesthetic fashion and riot against the modern world!

Here are the ideas and activities for grunge aesthetic:

  • Not giving a s*it about what people think about you.
  • Learning how to play the guitar.
  • Listening to grunge bands.
  • Creating your own grunge band.
  • Rebelling against society.
  • Being yourself.
  • Painting your nails with dark colors.
  • Having a dark, distinctive style with messy hair.
  • Going to rock concerts even if you’re alone.

If you are into the grunge aesthetic, you can check our blog about   The Ultimate Guide To Grunge Aesthetic + Coolest Outfit Ideas and 10 Grunge Aesthetic Outfit Ideas You Need To Try In 2022 to get more trendy!

Grunge aesthetic guide with key values and outfits

How to Be Grunge Aesthetic

There are 3 steps if you want to be a grunge girl or boy: You need to stay focused on the grunge attitude, fashion, and values. You should always be yourself, stand up for what you believe, and be your own master when it comes to making decisions. Those are the key attitudes of the grunge aesthetic. Also, you should choose the right kind of accessories to complete your style. Especially studded pieces and metal chains can create a unique grunge style. You can also have long fingerless gloves, crescent moon necklaces, and even tattoos! One last thing: Do a characterized makeup. Use calm, moody, and gloomy tones to have a dark look.

  • Makeup: Heavy mascaras, darker-tone matte lipsticks, dark nail polishes, and smudgy bold eyeliners.
  • Accessories: Chokers, stud bracelets, silver ring sets, studded belts, and metal chains.
  • Key Motifs: Ripped jeans, heavy layering, plaid shirts, and grimy imagery.
  • Values: Protesting traditional society, cynicism, and not caring about what people think.
  • Colors: Black, grey, silver, red,and  purple.

3. What is Soft Girl Aesthetic?

‘’A soft spirit in a hard world.’' -Butterflies Rising

Soft girl aesthetic is the style of cute and sweet girls. These girls are adorable, emotional, and vulnerable and look innocent but feminine. They like caring for their skin and hanging out with their friends wearing pink clothes and accessories.

Pastel colors, bright accessories, and cute touch to the hair, and here we have the  soft girl aesthetic! You can see the soft girl aesthetic on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok every second you check, as it’s so popular these days. If you have a feminine side that is sweet, vulnerable, and emotional, you can start searching for the soft girl aesthetic because it’s just for you! 

By wearing outfits such as crop tops, white air forces, oversize hoodies, high waist skirts, and milkmaid dresses, you can express your femininity with your style. With this style, you can be both sweet and feminine at the same time. Even drawing hearts to your face can show the cuteness in you. We know the teddy bear you sleep with knows everything about you. Don’t mind sharing it with us as well! Before speaking, put your pinky makeup on and wear your heart-eye sunglasses. The world is ready for you!

Also, we suggest you take a look at soft girl aesthetic ideas and activities if you’re into this fashion:

  • Being nice to everyone around you.
  • Always have a smile on your face.
  • Wearing outfits that make you look feminine and innocent.
  • Having many plushies.
  • Always being active on social media.
  • Putting on natural makeup and having natural hair.
  • Being active on social media, especially on TikTok and Instagram.
  • Listening to soft music.
  • Spending time with your friends.
  • Baking sweets.

Soft girl aesthetic guide with key values and outfits

How to Be Soft Girl Aesthetic

Being a soft girl isn’t just about fashion; it’s mainly about attitude. To be one, you should be nice to anyone around you, even to toxic people. Being nice doesn’t harm anyone at all. If you don’t like someone, for example, you can just stay away from them. That will be enough. Also, you can choose your cuteness with your makeup and accessories. Instead of a dark look, you can use pink tones for your makeup. Use pink lipstick and pinky blushes, with pink eyeshadows. And have winged eyeliner to draw attention to your beautiful eyes. You’ll look cute, sweet, and elegant with that look. Trust us! Don’t forget to choose accessories that will make you innocent as well. You can have cat paw hairclips, colorful plushie bandanas, lace gloves, velvet hair bows, and pearl bracelet phone cases.

  • Makeup: Highlighters, pink lip glosses, pink blushes, and fake freckles.
  • Accessories: Hair clips, flower crowns, teddy bears, and heart-eye sunglasses.
  • Key Motifs: High waist skirts, plushies, hair clips, and lip glosses.
  • Values: Being sweet and cute, chill, fashionable, and feminine.
  • Colors: Pastel tones, pink, and white.

4. What is Y2K Aesthetic?

''I'd rather be hated than pitied.'' -Spice Girls

Y2k aesthetic is the futuristic and feminine style of the mid-90s and 2000s. It was actually born as a protest against the grunge style. The technological optimism of that era was also reflected in the clothing of the time. This fashion is distinguished by its futuristic appearance and millennial accessories.

Born as a rejection of the grunge aesthetic, the  y2k aesthetic is the feminine style of the early 2000s. If you have seen  The Spice Girls’ ‘’Wannabe’’, you know what we mean. The technological optimism of that age was reflected in the outfits as well. Futuristic looks and millennial accessories are the key elements of the  y2k aesthetic style. Of course, female influence on the details takes an important place in fashion.  

The makeup style of this aesthetic was also influenced by the new era. We have never seen a y2k aesthetic girl without lip-glosses!  By adding some glitters, you can show your futuristic ideas with flame hearts, shiny chain belts, and vivid bright eyeliners while hanging out with friends and enjoying the technology. Show the female empowerment with low-waist jeans, platform trainers, tube tops, and tracksuits with just a glaze.  We have faith in the new age, girls. Trust us.

To discover more about this style, read the y2k aesthetic ideas and activities list below:

  • Having an interest in technological advancements.
  • Developing your technological skills.
  • Thinking like a futurist.
  • Being optimistic about the future.
  • Wearing bright and vivid colors.
  • Putting on futuristic makeup and shaping futuristic hair.
  • Getting 2000’s outfits from thrift shops or second hands.
  • Binge-watching “Devil Wears Prada”.
  • Playing video games.
  • Having a flip phone.

The ones who feel like coming from space to earth, these blogs will help you to settle:  Y2K 101: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT Y2K AESTHETIC [2022] 

Y2K aesthetic guide with key values and outfits

How to Be Y2k Aesthetic

It’s not easy to be a y2k boy or girl if you’re not interested in the 2000s fashion, technology, and futuristic ideas. The style also was different in those times. It was elegant, colorful, and a little bit exaggerated. Especially the makeup and hairstyles were so futuristic that if you see a woman from those times in the street, you might think she’s out of a movie. Colorful liquid eyeliners, shiny eyeshadows, and colorful lipsticks were the basics of the y2k makeup. Besides, many accessories are still used as y2k is a timeless fashion. Bracelet phone cases and colorful finger holders are perfect for y2k phone accessories. Also, you can have cyberpunk necklaces, harness chains, multicolor chokers, and rectangular sunglasses for the y2k look.

  • Makeup: Liquid highlighters, lip glosses, glitters, foundation shade ranges, and vivid bright eyeliner.
  • Accessories: Chain belts,  butterfly necklaces, shield sunglasses, and bunny earrings.
  • Key Motifs: Futurism, flame hearts, technology, and butterfly motifs.
  • Values: Friendship, optimism, and faith in the new age.
  • Colors: Vivid colors, silver, pink, baby blues.

5. What is Dark Academia Aesthetic?

‘’A well-read woman is a dangerous creature.’’ -Lisa Kleypas

Dark academia aesthetic is a popular subculture of grunge. People who appreciate this aesthetic have a passion for intelligence and education, as well as for literacy, poetry, academia, research, art, historical studies, classics, old buildings, and diverse cultures.

Girls looking for their prince charming in the books: This aesthetic is just for you! Getting its iconic style from the 19 th century upper-class nobles, the dark academia aesthetic was also inspired by Greek art and literature. This style highlights the importance of education; especially reading and writing. You can even see the academic details in the outfits. Instead of vivid, pastel colors,   dark academia includes more fall tones like brown, forest green, dark orange, and black palettes.

Instead of having your head in the clouds, we know that you read ‘forbidden books’ at night and put your flowers in your heavy books. So, show your style with your outfits and accessories. Put your natural makeup, pearl necklace, and glasses on, wear your hair in a bun and take your books to the library. Stay focused on your academic purposes.  You can create your own dark academia aesthetic style with Oxford shoes, cardigans, cigarette pants, uniforms, and long trench coats.  You know, only the educated are free, so focus on your goals with the outfits and accessories reflecting your reader identity!

For more info, take a look at our dark academia aesthetic ideas:

  • Reading lots of books.
  • Spending time in old buildings, museums, and libraries.
  • Being selective with friends.
  • Having an effortless but stylish look.
  • Wearing uniforms.
  • Always putting on glasses.
  • Being interested in drama, poetry, literacy, academia, research, art, and historical studies.
  • Having a passion for intelligence and learning.
  • Playing chess.
  • Handwriting letters to your beloved ones.
  • Writing your own poems.
  • Binge-watching the Harry Potter series.
  • Drinking coffee when you wake up.
  • Learning how to play violin and piano.

Dark and light academia aesthetic guide with key values and outfits

How to Be Dark Academia Aesthetic

As there are many common traits of dark academia, the basics are similar. It would be best if you started with the books. Your favorite hobby should be reading books, being in libraries, spending time in museums, and learning. You can also take photos and post them on social media while doing these activities. But make sure that your makeup and hair are done before doing that. You can put natural makeup on with fake freckles. Brown eyeshadow, nude lipstick, and a little foundation will be enough. And of course, you can have black eyeliner, it will be perfect for the photos. Don’t forget to use your round glasses, leather belts, and pearl hairclips wherever you go. You’ll look like a walking library with those accessories.

  • Makeup: Natural makeup with neutral tones of lipsticks and eyeshadows, and heavy winged eyeliner.
  • Accessories: Glasses, pearls, watches, knee-high socks, and leather belts.
  • Key Motifs: Books, leathers, literature, old buildings, and history.
  • Values: Education, curiosity, intelligence, learning, and wisdom.
  • Colors: Brown, forest green, dark orange, black, white, cream, beige.

6. What is Baddie Aesthetic?

‘’You never catch me slipping.’’ -Zendaya

Baddie aesthetic is for the bad girls who are independent, classy, and attractive. Baddie girls have a unique style and look perfect all the time. They’re always confident and never jealous of anyone. If you see a glamorous woman drawing all the attention wherever she goes, she’s certainly a baddie.

Are you a badass who likes glamour? Are you confident enough to show the whole world that you are the boss? Does everybody want to follow you on Instagram? Then here we present your glamourous style:  Baddie aesthetic. Baddie Girls have no hesitation in wearing outfits that are chic, unique, and iconic. Kardashians and Rihanna are the most famous followers of the baddie aesthetic, which originates in the early 2010s. You can see the flirty look in their outfits. Remember what Kendal J says: I don’t cry for boys; my mascara is too expensive. Baddie girls know they are treasures and no one can get them bitter; they can only get better. 

Buy the pieces from the shops or tailor your own luxurious fabrics outfits to your favorite designer and remember, your nails say everything about you! Match your long polished nails with your outfit and tie your scarf like a Parisian. Combine your crop tops,  bodysuits, tight jeans, sneakers, high-heeled stilettos, hoodies, and hoop earrings: WOW! You’re a Baddie now! Don’t forget to take your Instagram shot and slay the game, and fall in love with yourself first.

Here are our suggestions for baddie aesthetic ideas and activities:

  • Always being confident.
  • Loving yourself.
  • Being feminine.
  • Never going out without applying your makeup.
  • Showing off with your clothing and accessories.
  • Being effortlessly beautiful.
  • Taking good quality pictures and using photoshop.
  • Having many followers on Instagram and TikTok.
  • Standing up for what you believe.
  • Having a classy look.
  • Exercising and eating right to keep your shape.

Baddie aesthetic guide with key values and outfits

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How to Be Baddie Aesthetic

Ladies, you know that if you want to be a baddie, you should start with the attitude. Baddie girls are always confident. They get their own back and bow to no one. The second rule is never to go out without putting makeup on. Highlighters, red or burgundy lipstick, heavy foundation, fake eyelashes, and heavy winged eyeliner are the basics. You should know that a baddie is always a baddie, so even at home, you should care much about your skin. And never ever go to sleep before cleaning your makeup. Also, have baddie accessories such as golden chains, oversized square sunglasses, knitted ski masks, butterfly hairclips, and pink chokers. You can never be a baddie without the right accessories, so choose them wisely.

  • Makeup: Highlighters, lip glosses, long polished nails, thick eyebrows, and fake eyelashes.
  • Accessories: Mini bags, silk scarves, ring sets, diamond rings, hoop earrings, and sunglasses.
  • Key Motifs: Glamorous look, femininity, glitter.
  • Values: Being confident, always looking chic, iconic, and trendsetter.
  • Colors: Red, black, pink, beige, purple.

7. What is VSCO Girl Aesthetic?

“Becoming a happy person starts with not needing everyone to like you.” -Marcus Trey

VSCO girl aesthetic is based on a photo-editing app that originated on Tumblr in 2019. This aesthetic consists of taking and editing photos, having clean skin, dressing up the latest fashion VSCO outfits, and having positive vibes.

We know we have photographers here, but have you tried  VSCO yet? The photo-editing app VSCO (pronounced ‘’Visco’’) is so good that even an aesthetic was born from it. Basic looks are perfect for the  VSCO girl aesthetic but don’t forget: You can create your own VSCO style and show it to everyone on Instagram and Pinterest! Mom jeans, friendship bracelets,  slogan socks, Birkenstocks, Vans shoes, striped shirts, and collage sweatshirts are the core items of the VSCO Girl Aesthetic. You can also use phone case stickers to show your style.

We know that you’re capable of amazing things. Wear your minimal makeup, put the stickers on your phone, and wear your Airpods upside down to get ready to photograph every moment you breathe with your polaroid camera. Keep in mind that your friends are waiting for you to have fun. Don’t forget: You only live once!

Wanna learn more about this fashion? We’ve listed the VSCO aesthetic ideas and activities for you:

  • Having a polaroid camera.
  • Taking photos of each moment.
  • Hanging out with your friends skating.
  • Having a messy bun.
  • Always staying hydrated.
  • Drinking lots of coffee.
  • Being eco-friendly.
  • Wearing a shell necklace.
  • Putting on natural makeup.
  • Being optimistic.
  • Always being busy.
  • Taking great care of your skin.

VSCO girl aesthetic guide with key values and outfits

How to Be VSCO Girl Aesthetic

To be a VSCO girl, you should start with a fresh and clean face. VSCO girls are very fond of their skin. You should always moisturize your face, wear sunscreen, and drink lots of water. That’s why you should carry your hydro flask wherever you go: To stay hydrated. If you want to put some makeup on, you can have natural makeup with nude lipstick, brownish eyeshadow, and eyeliner. Also, use minimal accessories such as wireless headsets, round sunglasses, beaded necklaces, and scrunchies. Minimalism is essential for VSCO girls and boys. With these minimalistic touches, you’ll be using eco-friendly and sustainable products. Also, they look perfect in the photos!

  • Makeup: Minimal makeup: Neutral lip balm, hydrating facial sprays, creams, warm blushes, and liquid eyeliners.
  • Accessories: Phone stickers, shell necklaces, AirPods, friendship bracelets, hydro flasks, and phone case stickers.
  • Key Motifs: Photography, polaroid cameras.
  • Values: Positive vibes, being eco-friendly, friendship.
  • Colors: Grey, white, red, green, blue.

8. What is Kawaii Aesthetic?

‘’Every day may not be sweet. But there’s something sweet in every day.’’ -Quennie Law

Kawaii aesthetic is a style for cute, vulnerable, and attractive girls who likes wearing the latest fashion outfits. The kawaii aesthetic wardrobe consists of childish but feminine clothes and accessories.

BREAKING NEWS: You’re super cute! Don’t mind people telling you that there’s something wrong with liking cute things. There are so many like you in this world, and just maybe, they’re reading these words just at the same time as you. Do you want to know how to find these girls? They’re all into kawaii aesthetic! We, as Cosmique Studio, will help you to create your wardrobe with kawaii outfits and accessories so the others will be able to identify you! If you like watching anime and prefer childish and pretty stuff,   kawaii aesthetic might be your ideal style. Originates from the 1970s, the kawaii style is the favorite of not just only the Japanese but people from all over the world. There’s even a culture called ‘’kawaii’’ including a lifestyle of cuteness. Anything related to youth, like vulnerable, helpless, charming, childlike, cute stuff, animal, or person, can be called kawaii. 

Wanna wear kawaii aesthetic outfits? You’ll need dresses with feminine details such as ribbons, frills, over-the-knee socks, balloon shorts,  lace tights, and floral designs for your outfits.  Put the strawberry stickers on your phone case and show the kawaii inside you to your friends!

Check out our kawaii aesthetic ideas and activities list if you’re into this fashion:

  • Always being nice to everyone around you.
  • Giggling all the time.
  • Reading manga and watching anime.
  • Wearing childlike but feminine clothes.
  • Having long fake nails with nail designs.
  • Putting on many accessories on your hair.
  • Having role models.
  • Taking lots of photos.
  • Collecting fluffy toys.
  • Being shy but having many close friends.
  • Drinking milkshakes all the time.
  • Doing kawaii makeup.
  • Being innocent.

Kawaii aesthetic guide with key values and outfits

How to Be Kawaii Aesthetic

The first and only rule to be kawaii is to look cute and innocent. It seems easy, but it’s actually not. You should have the perfect choice of makeup, accessories, clothes, and hairstyles to do that. Avoid using dank tones. Instead, use pink, baby blue, and even white for your makeup. Pink lipstick, baby blue eyeshadows, pink blush, and some powder will be enough to look cute and innocent. You can have fake eyelashes and winged eyeliner if you need heavy makeup for an event. Choosing the right accessories is another key to having a child-like look. Hello Kitty earrings, pink chokers, lace tights, plush phone cases, fluffy bunny handbags, and heart-shaped glasses are ideal for a sweet but chic look. Your friends will love to be kawaii aesthetic, and they’ll adore it.

  • Makeup: Innocent look makeup with pink blushes, lip glosses, liquid eyeliners, and a light concealer.
  • Accessories: Plushies, ribbons, bento boxes, accessorized nails, and lace gloves.
  • Key Motifs: Sweets, strawberries, stickers, flowers, Hello Kitty, and animes.
  • Values: Friendship, innocence, being adorable and nice, and having role models.
  • Colors: astels, white, and pink.

9. What is E-Girl Aesthetic?

“A tamed woman will never leave her mark in the world.” -Robert M. Drake

E-girl aesthetic originated in the 2010s and represented active internet user girls with a distinctive style. These girls spend most of their time online. Their favorite activities include playing online games, broadcasting, and making popular posts on TikTok and Instagram.

Who run the world? Girls! With the popularization of Instagram and TikTok, having an aesthetic style named r-girl is inevitable, right? People with an old stick in the mud think that gamers are boys in general, but we all know here that girls are everywhere. Do you want to know who your enemy is in the game? Maybe it’s a highly educated, smart, and hot girl kicking your ass. Yes, we are girls, and yes, we play video games.  E-girls, also called electronic girls, is a kind of anime aesthetics. You can separate them from the others with their dyed hair, so many accessories, and exaggerated makeup with extra highlighted eyes and cheeks. You can be sure that the E-girls are active internet users. They love to use social media and spend time on online games.  If you are an active internet user, you can easily become an e-girl with basic outfits like plaid high-waisted skirts, striped long-sleeved shirts, crop tops, buckle cargo pants, oversized hoodies, chokers, and combat boots. 


If you’re interested in this trend, check out e-girl aesthetic ideas and activities:

  • Playing video games.
  • Using photo-edit apps constantly.
  • Watching anime and reading manga.
  • Having online friends.
  • Creating popular posts on social media, especially on TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • Broadcasting on YouTube.
  • Listening to K-pop.
  • Dying your hair to pastel tones.
  • Doing overly dramatic makeup and always wearing winged eyeliner.
  • Earning money from online platforms.
  • Being online 24/7.

E-girl aesthetic guide with key values and outfits

How to Be E-Girl Aesthetic

Girls who like playing video games, this is exactly your fashion. You’ll be adorable e-girls with a few aesthetic touches that you can learn from our blog. First, you must dye your hair neon tones and do the right makeup. E-girl makeup consists of heavily exaggerated touches. Bold winged eyeliner, vampire red lipstick, cute drawing on your face, dark nail polish, and fake freckles can be a good starter. That kind of exaggerated makeup looks good on the camera as well. Besides, choose the right accessories to have an ideal e-girl look. Moreover, choosing the right accessories are vital for e-girls and e-boys. Studded chokers, slogan socks, barbed wire necklaces, and skeleton hands hair clips will look perfect while broadcasting. You can also wear them while reading manga and watching anime to feel like an anime character.

  • Makeup: Dark lipsticks, bold winged eyeliners, fake freckles, and cute drawings like a tiny star beneath the eyes.
  • Accessories: Chokers, hair clips, silver necklaces and bracelets, and leg harnesses.
  • Key Motifs: Playing online games, reading manga, watching anime, and lingeries.
  • Values: Individualism, effective social media usage, and drawing attention.
  • Colors: Dark tones of pink, blue, red, and black.

10. What is Fairycore Aesthetic?

‘’I’d pulverize my bones for you so that I might be the dust you found.’’ -Ellis Nightingale

Fairycore aesthetic is an eco-friendly style, and it doesn’t support consumption. It’s the fashion style of people who are imaginative, creative, and content with what they have. Glitters and pastels take so much place in their outfits and long clothes, which have a magical effect on their look.

Are you the type of person who likes to go for walks, garden or do embroidery? Do you feel like nature calls you when you are working in your office? Can there be a fairy inside you? Yes, you didn’t read wrong.  Fairycore aesthetic is all about nature, vines, knitting, and all the stuff that has a soothing effect. You can find peace even with the combination of the fairycore aesthetic outfits.

Be sure that wearing long dresses, floral maxi skirts, ribbons, open-toe shoes, glowing makeup, corsets, and of course, adding fairy wings will bring serenity into your life. With your earth-tone makeup and flowers in your head, you’ll be sure that serenity is around you. With the  DIY accessories that you made in your free time, everyone will see how eco-friendly you are. Fairycore is not about consuming; it’s about being content and creative with what you have. Maybe you can knit your gloves that are fingerless to touch nature calmly. Only the fairies can understand that.

For more info, fairies, take a look at our fairycore aesthetic activities and ideas list:

  • Making flower crowns.
  • Spending time in the woods, pathways, or abandoned buildings.
  • Taking great care of what you wear.
  • Gardening.
  • Making potions.
  • Listening to magic fantasy music.
  • Knitting accessories such as hats or gloves.
  • Preserving blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries.
  • Spending time alone instead of hanging out with friends.
  • Drinking herbal tea.
  • Being eco-friendly.
  • Always wearing corsets.
  • Putting flowers on your hair.
  • Having elf ears and fairy wings.

Fairies of the world, all you need is a little much fairy dust and  FAIRYCORE 101: THE ONLY GUIDE YOU NEED to be completed!

Fairycore aesthetic guide with key values and outfits

How to Be Fairycore Aesthetic

We have bad news for those who feel like fairies: Feeling isn’t enough to be fairycore aesthetic. You should also have a specific attitude, wear fairycore makeup, and wear fairy accessories. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. The fairycore attitude consists of innocence, peacefulness, serenity, and calmness. Also, fairies are pretty fond of nature. If you like spending time in the wilderness and have a serene soul, fairycore is your aesthetic. You can show your friends that you’re a fairycore with your makeup and accessories. Glitter eyeliner, light rouge blush, creamy peach lipstick, and brownish eyeshadows are ideal for this aesthetic. As for the accessories, you can have butterfly glasses, lace belts, high-knee socks, open-toe shoes, and straw bags.

  • Makeup: Fake freckles, heavy pink blushes, pink lipsticks, earthy-tone eyeshadows, and liquid eyeliners.
  • Accessories: Gold necklaces, opal rings, elf ears, fairy wings, and fingerless gloves.
  • Key Motifs: Fairy wings, fairy dust, flowers, elves, soft animals, and springtime.
  • Values: Serenity, peace, innocence, and being eco-friendly.
  • Colors: Soft pastels, green, cream-white, earthy tones.

11. What is Cottagecore Aesthetic?

“You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you.” -Isadora Duncan

Cottagecore aesthetic is a romantic, calm, and nostalgic style consisting of simple and self-sufficient living in rural areas. It has a deep relationship with nature, especially agricultural life, and plants. This aesthetic is eco-friendly. It supports sustainability and avoids the fast consumption of any products.

Think you’re living in a small cottage, surrounded by fresh green grass with daisies and a small lake near your place… Like a dream, right? We believe you’d like to be there instead of your small, grey apartment building. Can you think of bringing cottage life into your home? We have found one. With the  cottagecore aesthetic! Inspired by the historical agricultural life, the cottagecore aesthetic is about romanticized countryside life, which includes gardening, cooking, reading, knitting, painting, and the whole stuff that would make you feel self-efficient. 

Wanna live your own cottagecore life with your clothes? You can start with the outfits: Long dresses with flower motifs, laced corsets,  puffy sleeves, peasant-style blouses, straw bags, and rope sandals. You can buy them from a thrift shop to be eco-friendly as well.  If you realize you like to be outside and at home at the same time, the Cottagecore aesthetic might just be inside your soul. You might have activities like taking long walks, picking flowers, or having a picnic outside. Also, you may like to be inside sewing, handcrafting, baking, and decorating your place. Match your outfits with your soft tones of makeup and face freckles beside a flower crown, and show everyone that you’re a Cottagecore!

Cottagecore boys and girls, here we present the list of cottagecore aesthetic ideas and activities:

  • Reading romantic books.
  • Having cozy drinks, especially a cup of herbal tea.
  • Watching the stars.
  • Wearing corsets.
  • Painting your own walls.
  • Knitting and embroidery.
  • Cooking and baking.
  • Gardening and yardwork.
  • Walking in nature.
  • Picking flowers.
  • Having a picnic on a bright day.
  • Building birdhouses.
  • Taking nature-themed photos and posting them on Instagram and TikTok.

Cottagecore aesthetic guide with key values and outfits

How to Be Cottagecore Aesthetic

To be a cottagecore aesthetic is easy with some steps if you follow. With the right values, makeup, and accessories, the world can understand that you’re a cottagecore. The most important detail here is to be eco-friendly. All your clothes and accessories should be sustainable, and your makeup products must be cruelty-free. You shouldn’t harm any living creature to look adorable. Therefore, cruelty-free nude lipstick, salmon or coral blush, brownish eyeshadow, generous mascara, and fake freckles are ideal for cottagecore makeup. Your friends will love your look when you’re making a picnic in the cottage with them. If they also like being cottagecore, you can gift them flower crowns, straw hats, DIY accessories, or dandelion necklaces.

  • Makeup: Soft tones of lipsticks, pale rose blushes, earth-tone eyeshadows, and fake freckles.
  • Accessories: Handcrafted or DIY accessories such as knitted socks, flower crowns, straw bags and hats, and mushroom earrings.
  • Key Motifs: Cottages, gardens, wildflowers, woven baskets.
  • Values: Being eco-friendly, simple living, traditional skills.
  • Colors: Faded earth colors, baby pink, rose pink, yellow.

12. What is Pastel Goth Aesthetic?

“I discovered that what most people call creepy, scary, and spooky, I call comfy, cozy, and home.” -Zack Bagans

Pastel goth aesthetic is a blend of kawaii, grunge, and goth. It has a dark side, being cute and having a lolita look. Pastel goth girls like drawing attention by posing their photos and videos on TikTok and Instagram.

Sometimes, we believe, you feel like you want to combine black and pastel tones at the same time. Yes, you like pink and black at once, and no, it’s not a personality crisis.   It’s like having a dark soul while feeling childish. Congratulations! You have rediscovered the pastel goth aesthetic! Originating in the 2010s, the pastel goth aesthetic is a fashion that emerged from Tumblr. It’s also trendy in Japan, like kawaii aesthetic. 

Although it feels like it’s a new term, we are sure that you can identify it with the outfits such as pastel hair, dyed denim vests, oversize sweaters, tattoo print tights, and platform boots.  With your studded headbands, chokers, and combat boots, you’ll be sure you’ll kick the asses. You’ll express your dark side with pastel skies on your Instagram shots; we’re pretty sure that. For those who don’t like you, say it: I wish you well in hell!

Feeling crazy enough to be a pastel goth? Check out our pastel goth aesthetic list for more info on ideas and activities:

  • Dying your hair according to their mood of the day.
  • Always putting dramatic makeup on.
  • Looking cute and creepy at the same time.
  • Having many followers on social media.
  • Taking great care of what you wear, especially on Halloween.
  • Having many followers on social media.
  • Wearing studded accessories.
  • Painting your nails with pastels and black colors.
  • Looking different from others.
  • Dress how you want, wherever you are.

Pastel goth aesthetic guide with key values and outfits

How to Be Pastel Goth Aesthetic

We know that being pastel goth is complicated for some people. But it’s actually easy if you know the key points. For example, independence and caring for your individualism are vital for pastel goth girls and boys. They like spending time alone instead of being with their friends all the time. Also, they wear specific makeup with pastel tones and black. With pastels, they express their cute side, and with black, their dark side. Black or red velvet lipstick, smokey eyeshadow, winged eyeliner, and glitters on your cheeks with shiny highlighter will look good on you if you try this style. To be a pastel goth, after putting your makeup on, you can draw bats and the ying-yang symbol to show your pastel goth soul. You can also use specific accessories such as heart or studded chokers, studded bracelets, knife earrings, cute plushies, ribbons, lace belts, and tiny butterfly air clips.

  • Makeup: Unusual color lipstick, bold eyeliner, dark sparkle eyeshadows, and fake freckles.
  • Accessories: Round sunglasses, flower crowns, studded headbands, and chokers.
  • Key Motifs: Bats, the ying-yang symbol, crystals, pastel skies, bones, and pentagrams.
  • Values: Being cute but depressed, individualism, expressing the dark side.
  • Colors: Pastel colors, black, baby blue, pink.

Now that you know the aesthetic world has thousands of different aspects, we’d like to give you some tips for wearing your outfits correctly. Here’s a video of  sleepyhugs from YouTube sharing details of 15 types of aesthetics. This video will help you find your aesthetic. All of them are one-of-a-kind and pretty, so we hope you’ll find yours easily. Have fun!

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What is your personal aesthetic? Let us know about it. Comment below and share your ideas, interests, and comments about your aesthetic with us!


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