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What is Korean Aesthetic?

Korean aesthetic is a kind of lifestyle. If you watch a few Korean series, you’ll definitely see it. They always do things aesthetically. All the main pieces of their life are beautiful, from their room decoration to their outfits. They have a specific kind of aesthetic in their daily life, which is far more different from all the world. The idols of K-pop and the whole K-pop culture have a great impact on this issue. As they like doing or showing things aesthetically, people feel like they should do the same. Especially appearance greatly matters for this style. You should look good and make things look good, no matter where you are and what you do. It may be your face, fashion, nails, or even food. They all should look delicate. Also, you should take aesthetic photos, edit them with the apps, and post them on TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, and the other social media you have. You can also take Korean aesthetic mirror selfies of any moment if you look amazing that day.

How to Be Korean Aesthetic

How to be Korean aesthetic has been on the minds of Gen Z recently. Getting more and more popular each day, K-pop helps this issue to come up. There are many Korean males and females change their lives in accordance with this aesthetic. From bed sheets to emojis they use, some people are crazy for this aesthetic. If you need some advises on the Korean style, we’re here to help. You can start with wearing Korean aesthetic outfits. These outfits should be minimalistic. Whether you dress up for Korean street fashion or special days, keep it minimal. Also, you can decorate your room with a Korean room design. Minimal pieces with basic colors do miracles if you place them well. Korean room aesthetic is a lifestyle for many people. Don’t forget to share photos of your room after you decorate it. Taking selfies and sharing photos after editing ,of course, are essential for this aesthetic. Use a simple Korean aesthetic wallpaper. Anything and everything you do or have must be minimalistic. Even your makeup and hairstyle must be simple but chic for aesthetic Korean style.

How do you Dress for Korean Aesthetic?

How to dress for the Korean aesthetic is one of the popular questions these days. The key point here is the colors. Korean aesthetic colors are beige, ivory, brown, white, and black. You can create basic and modest combinations with these natural and muted colors. Simple t-shirts, tight pants, chunky sneakers, trench coats, and cross-body bags could be ideal for this style. Also, school uniforms, opaque stockings, Oxford shoes, hair sticks, and simple earrings will also work well. Showing chests and back are not popular the aesthetic Korean fashion. So, if you want to wear a crop top, we recommend you wear a fitted t-shirt underneath. Also, you shouldn’t forget that you should always wear belts. You’ll look super cute and chic in these outfits.

 If you want to dress like K-pop idols, don’t be scared of exaggerating. The main K-pop aesthetic colors you should use are black, white, pink, vampire red, and pastel shades. You shouldn’t forget that having oversized clothes in your wardrobe is essential. You can have aesthetic K-pop aesthetic outfits with oversized tees, plaid sweatshirts, zip-up hoodies, corset dresses, cropped jackets, army boots, and Harajuku pants. You can also use heart chokers, fishnet thigh highs, rhinestone tiaras, and fanny packs. When you wear these outfits, you’ll draw all the attention in the street. As the K-pop fashion style is kind of a new one, it’ll take time for people to get used to it.

Korean Aesthetic Outfits Tips

If you’re looking for Korean aesthetic outfit ideas, you’re at the right place. Our experienced team in Cosmique Studio has created the Korean clothing section for you. We designed this section with natural colors, basic clothes, and oversize pieces. Because we know that you should have a capsule wardrobe for this fashion. Oversized tops, denim jeans, teddy jackets, oval glasses, rolled-up pants, and ankle boots are the main pieces that you should have in your Korean wardrobe. If you want to look formal, try the monochrome style. This style will also make you look taller.  Buy some light and darker shade outfits of a single color and combine them. You’ll look perfect. You’ll blend simplicity and beauty with this style which is crucial for Korean aesthetic outfits. If you need more Korean aesthetic outfit ideas, take a look at our lists below. We’ll sure you’ll have a perfect look.

Korean Aesthetic Tops

  • Crop tops: Knitted, velvet, X-string, twist-front, and peplum crop tops.
  • Sweaters: Oversized, crewneck, knitted, argyle, and color-block sweaters.
  • Dresses: Pleated, shoulder frill, knitted, A-line, corduroy, collared, maxi dresses.
  • Sweatshirts: Basic, fleeced, preppy-style, teddy, and oversized sweatshirts.
  • Jackets: Denim, teddy, faux-fur, oversized jackets, trench coats, and blazers.
  • Hoodies: Oversized, basic, half button-up, and zip-up hoodies.
  • Shirts: Flannel, loose, Harajuku printed shirts, basic t-shirts, and symbol-printed tees.

Korean Aesthetic Bottoms

  • Skirts: Pencil, pleated, A-line, asymmetrical, cargo, leather, corduroy miniskirts with low waists.
  • Pants: Wide-leg and light-washed jeans, trousers, and cut-out pants.
  • Shorts: Basic, denim, low-rise, symbol embroidered, and wide-length shorts.

Korean Aesthetic Accessories

  • Glasses: Classic round, rimless frames, irregular rectangle glasses, and wayfarers.
  • Shoes: Chunky sneakers, loafers, canvas slip-on shoes, sandals, platform shoes, combat boots, and slippers.
  • Socks: Leggings, slogan socks, animal print stockings, over-the-knee paw pad socks, and fuzzy tights.
  • Necklaces: Cute chokers, layered necklaces, pearls, finger heart pendants, and kissing star moon necklaces.
  • Hair clips: Hairpin headbands, hanbok pins, banana hair claws, wooden hair sticks, and rhinestone hair barrettes.
  • Belts: Leather, chain, elastic, simple and versatile belts.
  • Bags: Backpacks, crossbody, canvas, tote bags, and zipper pouches.

How do you do Korean Aesthetic Makeup?

Korean aesthetic makeup may be the most popular style in the world. Korean girls and boys are famous for their skincare. If you look at the photos and videos on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, you may realize that it’s impossible to see any acne on their skin. But how? Thanks to their makeup routines. This country is famous for cosmetic brands, aestheticians, and plastic surgery. It’s vital to have a clean and fresh face for Korean aesthetic beauty standards. Girls have plastic surgeries to have a pointy noses, narrow chins, and big eyes.

If you’re wondering how to be attractive by Korean beauty standards, you should start with clean skin. Moisturizing your face before makeup helps. Start with the primer first. It’ll help you to clean your face better after a long day with makeup. Then, use a liquid foundation. You can apply it with a soft brush. If you have any skin problems, don’t hesitate to use concealer. For Korean makeup, it’s important to have big eyes. To make your eyes bigger with makeup, you should choose bright colors such as pink or peach for eyeshadow. Also, brightening up your waterline with a white eye pencil will help. You should use fake eyelashes as well. Having Korean aesthetic lips is another essential point for this style. You should use nude lipstick and a darker lip shade to have that look.

How do you do Korean Aesthetic Hair?

Korean aesthetic hair is commonly straight and shoulder length. Even though natural colors have been popular for so long, Gen Z prefers dying their hair pastel colors. The point here is to have an ideal Korean haircut. For short hair, you can have a straight blunt bob, a bob with see-through bangs, or a pixie bob. While deciding on your haircut, remember to choose the ideal one that fits your face shape. You can have face-framing layers, a layered lob with wispy bangs, or a hippie perm with side bangs. Shoulder-length hair has been the most popular cut recently. We suggest you use it. If you want to use your hair long, we also have some suggestions. You can get a long layered cut, a U-shape cut with bangs, or a Hershey cut, which is so popular among K-celebs. Whatever style you choose, keep in mind to shape it according to your style of that day. You can’t use the same hair every day. Also, use stylish Korean hair accessories such as pearl hair clips, tiny claw clips, or hanbok hairpins. They’ll give you a unique look.

What are Korean Aesthetic Accessories and Items?

Korean aesthetic accessories and items are quite a lot, thanks to K-pop. Mismatched Koi fish earrings, name necklaces, finger love symbol pendants, polarized rimless sunglasses, anime style phone cases are only a few examples of this fashion style. Korean people like using accessories and items in their daily life. You can see many teddy bear keychains attached to the zips of their backpacks. They even use these cute keychains with their phone cases. So, you need to have many accessories if you want to be Korean aesthetic. You can put stickers on your laptop and use various hair accessories, silk scarves, and brooches in your daily life.

Korean aesthetic shoes are another dimension in fashion. You need to buy plain but chic shoes such as platform sneakers and vulcanized shoes to wear for casual occasions. Mary Janes, Oxford shoes, rain boots, and loafers are ideal at school. They’re basic and fashionable enough. For special occasions, you can shop for bowknot Lolita shoes, maid boots, and stilettos. You should also wear cute and fuzzy slippers at home. You can choose fluffy and plushy pieces to wear at home.

Related Aesthetics of Korean Style

  • Korean anime aesthetic: Korean anime aesthetic is derived from its Japanese style with fashion, culture, limited selection, and topics. Girls who like dressing up in Korean anime aesthetic wear cute clothes with lace accessories.
  • Korean girl aesthetic: Korean girl aesthetic, also called Hallyu or Korea Wave, is mainly shaped around K-pop and K-dramas. These girls like wearing outfits such as miniskirts, trench coats, sunglasses, bandanas, and high heels.
  • K-pop aesthetic: K-pop aesthetic is mainly based on the popular culture of South Korea and is also influenced by American culture. K-pop outfits are a kind of blending of streetwear and luxury clothing.
  • Korean cozy beige: Korean cozy beige aesthetic is based on the usage of the color beige. From clothing to room décor, you should use anything and everything in beige.
  • Korean academy aesthetic: Korean academy aesthetic is mainly about the academic life in Korea and its clothing style. Uniforms, opaque stockings, Mary Jane shoes, and hairclips are the main outfits used.
  • Traditional Korean: Traditional Korean aesthetic reflects the culture of South Korea with the fashion style. White, black, and yellow are the most used colors. Hanboks, long skirts, uniforms, and formal dresses are the most commonly used outfits.
  • Korean café aesthetic: Korean café aesthetic is the type of style that Southern Korean cafes have. They use warm colors and lightning, with a perfectly designed setting. Dressing up in Korean aesthetic clothes and taking photos in those cafes are so popular on Instagram!
  • Korean couples aesthetic: Korean couples aesthetic consists of wearing the same designs and colors with your gf or bf and going on dates. It’s romantic and fun!

Where can you Buy Korean Aesthetic Outfits?

Where to buy Korean aesthetic outfits is a commonly asked question by many people who are curious about this style. Many people would like to find clothes and accessories that are in keeping with this fashion because it is so well-known all over the world. Getting the appropriate pieces and combining them isn’t hard, actually. Because the Korean fashion style is mainly about basic clothing. But the problem here is to get top-quality and affordable products. We created the Korean aesthetic category for you to get the best Korean clothes and accessories with a click. We, Cosmique Studio, are the largest online clothing store. Our experts are specialized in aesthetic clothing styles. We have more than 2500 aesthetic outfits in our online clothing store, which is the biggest one online. In our shop, you can find anything you want, complete with sizing and color options for each item. You'll be able to create a one-of-a-kind look every time you shop at our online store because we carry a wide variety of products, including all of your favorite aesthetic styles. Choose what you wish, decide on the color and size, and get your favorite Korean aesthetic outfits on your door with shipping worldwide!

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