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What is a Baddie?

Thanks to the Kardashians, “What does baddie mean” is one of the most frequently asked questions among people recently. The term baddie has a lot of meanings. According to the dictionaries, it is a bad character in movies or books. For TikTok users, a baddie is a hot, independent girl who is attractive and desirable. Baddies feel and look like they are the rulers of the world. They’re confident, classy, and have unique styles. They look perfect all the time and never be jealous of anyone. According to Nicki Minaj, “When you know you are great, you have no need to hate”. A baddie girl has a distinctive personality. She’s confident, knows what to say for every occasion, and stands up for their beliefs. You can never see a quiet baddie. Even if she looks like it, she’s probably planning her next look. These girls match their personalities with their styles. Thanks to their fashion style, they draw all the attention wherever they go. Living an exciting life is never hard for them, especially while wearing their pink and glittery outfits. If you see some girls walking together wearing pink and looking confident, they’re probably baddies. Here are some activities and ideas that baddies like doing: 

  • Being confident.
  • Standing up for what you believe.
  • Drawing all the attention of men and women wherever you go.
  • Choosing to be a bad girl instead of a good one.
  • Always wearing stilettos.
  • Not apologizing.
  • Never go out without wearing makeup.
  • Having bold eyebrows. 
  • Wearing sunglasses even at night.
  • Taking selfies and posting them on social media, especially on TikTok and Instagram.
  • Having minimalistic tattoos (Stay away from tramp stamps).
  • Following the latest fashion.

What is Baddie Aesthetic?

Baddie aesthetic can be defined as being beautiful and confident all time. Always looking good and drawing attention are the key elements of this style. This aesthetic is so popular that there are more than 13.8 billion posts on TikTok. Also, it’s easy to spot baddie aesthetic wallpapers or Instagram bios on social media. Although it originated on Instagram, you can see many posts on Pinterest and YouTube. What makes the baddie aesthetic popular is its attitude and style. These girls are pretty self-confident and willing to empower other girls. A baddie is never rude to her friends or anyone nice to her. But if you hurt any of her friends, you’ll see how her personality changes. Baddies are independent and nice and can take care of themselves quite easily. They’re also emotionally strong and need no one to complete them. This aesthetic is based on this strength. From the baddie room decor to fashion style, independency and looking flawless have an important place. You can see self-respect in their outfits and makeup. Whatever they wear or do, all should be perfect for Instagram. Need any examples? Kardashians, Rihanna, Hailey Bieber, Billie Eilish, Ciara, Megan Fox, and Emrata are the most popular baddie celebrities these days. You can look at how they behave and wear if you want to be a baddie aesthetic. 

How to Be a Baddie

How to be a baddie aesthetic is a popular question among Gen Z these days. As this aesthetic is quite trendy, there are many boys and girls who want to be a baddie. To be one, first, you should have a specific baddie attitude. You should love yourself and have self-confidence. This is the most important rule. You’ll look perfect whatever you wear as long as you feel confident. Baddies have an optimistic mindset, and they are always sure that they can do whatever they wish. That kind of personality opens any door in life. Even if you don’t have it, look in the mirror and try to love yourself. It will work. The second rule is to dress like a baddie. Baddies like wearing the latest fashion clothes and accessories, as well as vintage ones. They like blending fashion of all times and draw attention thanks to their taste. Their ability to blend fashion isn’t limited only to time. They can do it with places as well. Mixing street style with elegant clothes isn’t hard for baddies. They can create a unique style with whatever clothes they have and make it look like the pieces are from Paris Fashion Week. So, if you want to be a baddie, you should have the attitude, trust yourself, love yourself, and dress like a baddie. 

How do you Dress for Baddie Aesthetic?

Baddie aesthetic outfits consist of a few basic pieces such as tube tops, body suits, name-brand clothing, slogan-printed pieces, and oversized products. If you combine these basic pieces well and wear some suitable accessories, you may have a perfect style. You should also ensure that you have a baddie aesthetic wardrobe that includes the essential pieces for your style. Faux fur clothes, fleece sweatshirts, oversized shirts, crop hoodies, and strappy dresses should be in your baddie closet. Also, denim and lace pieces might be helpful to have a unique style. Sweatpants are one of the most important pieces of baddie aesthetic clothing. They can save the days that you might want to look effortlessly beautiful. You should keep in mind that the baddie look is incomplete without the accessories. You should wear the right accessories to complete your look wherever you go, even at home. You know, being a baddie isn’t just about clothing. It’s also a lifestyle. So, buy the right pieces to use on each and every occasion.

Baddie Aesthetic Outfits Tips

We have some tips for you if you’re wondering how to have a baddie aesthetic. The experts in the biggest aesthetic clothing store, Cosmique Studio, suggest you be yourself. Yes, that’s the most important tip of all. If you have self-confidence, whatever you wear will look good on you. Being a baddie isn’t just about fashion. It’s also a mindset and lifestyle. If you trust and love yourself, you’ll find it easy to spot the ideal pieces for your style and body shape. Before deciding what you’ll wear, start with choosing the colors. Baddie aesthetic colors mainly consist of pink, cream, white, baby blue, leopard patterns, silver, and gold. Also, adding glitter will show everyone that you like drawing all attention to yourself. Remember, whatever you wear should serve your purpose of being confident and showing off. If you want to have more info, take a look at the list below for some baddie inspo:

Baddie Aesthetic Tops

  • Crop tops: Mesh, transparent, plunging neckline, faux leather, lace-up tops, and ribbed crops.
  • Sweaters: Slogan-printed, oversized, embroidered, and half-zip sweaters.
  • Dresses: Spaghetti strap, cut out, halter tie, one shoulder, slinky, and bodycon dresses.
  • Sweatshirts: Oversized, crop, mock-neck, zipper, and fleece sweatshirts. 
  • Jackets: Faux fur, hooded, cropped, denim, collar tie sleeve, leopard print, and belted jackets.
  • Hoodies: Oversized, zip-front, badge-detailed, slogan-printed, and bustier hoodies.
  • Shirts: Graphic, flannel, button-up, oversized, transparent, checked, and beach shirts.

Baddie Aesthetic Bottoms

  • Skirts: Frilled, ruched, wrap-over, slinky, velvet, lace-up, and split micro miniskirts. 
  • Pants: Chain jeans, denim, camo pants, ripped, tight jeans, and sweatpants. 
  • Shorts: Denim, ribbed, satin, lace, and cycle shorts.

Baddie Aesthetic Accessories

  • Glasses: Cat eyes, flame sunglasses, butterfly gradient ones, and square glasses.
  • Shoes: Chunky sneakers, trainers, tennis and platform shoes, Vans, Nikes, zip-up detailed high heels, and point-toe fold-over boots.
  • Socks: Over-the-knee, cable-knit bed socks, striped, glittered, and ankle pop socks.
  • Necklaces: Layered, carabiner pendants, gold chains, diamonds, chokers, and baby script necklaces.
  • Hair clips: Barrettes, hair scarves, durags, hair extensions, chunky hair slides, and tiny butterfly clips.
  • Belts: Wrap-around, buckle, lace-up, denim, and rhinestone belts.
  • Bags: Multi-pocket belt bags, ruched, cross-body, baguette, and weave bags.

How do you do Baddie Aesthetic Makeup?

Baddie aesthetic makeup consists of a few basic steps. First, you need to have a clean and moisturized face. As you need to apply many products to your face, your skin should be able to get cleaned after a long day. To do that, you should use a primer before putting your baddie makeup on. The second step is to apply foundation matching your skin. You can never think of a baddie without the correct type of foundation. You’ll have smooth skin with the help of these products. Another important step is applying the highlighter. You can do it before the blush to create an attractive look. Highlighters are one of the most popular makeup products among baddie women. Applying it will also make you look glamorous in the photos as well. You can also use deep pink or mauve blush to have a natural color on your cheeks. The next point is one of the most important steps for baddie aesthetic makeup: Very thick eyebrows. Bold and thick eyebrows have a natural effect on the face that helps it look natural. Also, they make you show your feelings easier. You can use any type of eyeshadow, such as cream, liquid, or loose glitter. The point is to use it heavily instead of having a soft look. Choose any color you wish, and make sure to add some glitters. Get fake eyelashes and apply some gloss on your lips. You’ll have a flawless look with the baddie makeup!

How do you do Baddie Aesthetic Hair?

Baddie aesthetic hair is super elegant and flawless. It always looks as if you were in the hairdresser a minute ago. Baddies are super careful about their hair. They never get out of the house without shaping it. Also, they use some hair products to have it healthier. Even if you have no hair, you can be a perfect baddie with the right type of makeup and accessories. Or, if you have short hair, try a bob, finger waves, or small twists. People with short hair tend to be more self-confident, which is a baddie feature. You can dye your hair in any color or even use colored wigs! If you have medium-length hair, you can try half-up and half-down, Mohawk, or an up-do. These styles look effortless as well as classy. And the last one, long hair, is the favorite of baddies. No matter what type of hairstyle you use, Barbie ponytails, braids, or double buns, it’ll look perfect on you with the right accessories. Beads, hair jewels, butterfly clips, scarves, bandanas, rubber bands, scrunchies, and hair extensions are among the most popular baddie aesthetic hair accessories. 

What are Baddie Aesthetic Accessories and Items?

There are various baddie aesthetic accessories and items used by Gen Z. If you look at TikTok or Instagram, you can see hoop earrings, acrylic nails, nail accessories, baddie wall collages, slogan keychains, AirPods cases, phone cases, and smoke accessories are some of the trendiest items used. Besides them, you can use glittery and shiny, bright products such as glittery ornaments or colorful lights for your baddie room decoration. You can consider chain, heart, name, crystal, or wing necklaces for your style. Also, gold or silver hoop earrings and beaded, personalized, or paperclip bracelets can be perfect gifts for your baddie friends. As a bad girl, you should never go out without your bag. All your stuff should be in it for your and your gang’s needs. Instead of huge bags, small and chic ones will look better on you. Your phone and lipstick are enough for your needs anyway. There are many baddie aesthetic shoes that you can wear for each and every occasion. You can have platform shoes, Vans, chunky sneakers, buckle shoes, lining design sneakers, patterned high-top sneakers, Mary Janes, loafers, and ankle boots in school. There are many options for shoes when it comes to baddies. Because they know what to wear anytime and anywhere. You can wear stilettos, slingback kitten heels, ankle strap heels, high-heel sandals, ankle booties, mules, and corset heels are all perfect for special occasions. Baddies are huge fans of shoes, so they should have any type of shoes in their closet. It’s crucial for them to combine the right kind of shoes with their daily outfits. 

Subgenres of Baddie Aesthetic

  • Drugstore Queen: Drugstore queen aesthetic is a kind of baddie style using outfits and accessories at affordable prices. Regardless of brands or products, these girls always look high-fashion.
  • Insta Baddie: Insta baddie aesthetic is the style of baddies who like creating baddie-style posts on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, and other social media accounts. The content is mostly about fashion, makeup, and hairstyle.
  • Luxurious Baddie: Luxurious baddie aesthetic is strongly related to boujee and baddie. Wealth, glamour, fashion brands, luxury, and sowing-off are the key motifs of this aesthetic. Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Doja Cat are the most popular luxurious baddies.
  • Retro Baddie: Retro baddie aesthetic is a mixture of the retro style and the elements of baddie fashion. Get some retro outfits do some baddie makeup, and you’ll be a retro baddie!
  • Vintage Baddie: Think about the 80s and 90s vintage style, and add some beauty and feminism. Ta-da! You’ve found the vintage baddie aesthetic. You can create this style with vintage outfits and baddie accessories. 
  • Y2k Baddie: Also called Soft Ghetto, this aesthetic is a mixture of y2k and baddie. If you blend the futurism and feminine style of a baddie, you can easily have this fashion 
  • Barbiecore: As you’re all familiar with the Barbie girl, you must have known this aesthetic. Beauty, the color pink, fashion, and friendship are the key motifs of the barbiecore. This aesthetic is a more childish style of baddie.
  • Bimbocore: Bimbocore aesthetic is a bad girl style of baddie. The color pink, beauty, and femininity are the key motifs. 
  • Bubblegum Bitch: Femininity, beauty, and the color pink are the key motifs of this aesthetic. Although it looks similar to a baddie, this aesthetic is mainly about a mixture of childish accessories and a serious fashion style. 
  • Boujee: The boujee aesthetic is about wealth, expensive outfits, parties, VIP cars, private jets, and anything about richness and status. 
  • Slutcore: Beauty and femininity take an important place in this aesthetic, just like a baddie. Slut aesthetic girls like using pink as the primary color.
  • Femme Fatale: Although femme fatale aesthetics have many common points with the baddie, the mysterious side of the femme fatale creates a slight distinction. Still, the motif of beauty has an important place. 

Where can you Buy Baddie Aesthetic Outfits?

Where to buy baddie aesthetic outfits are a frequently asked question among baddie girls. Because top-quality baddie aesthetic clothes are sometimes far more expensive than other aesthetic clothes. To solve that problem, we, as Cosmique Studio, offer you the highest-quality baddie aesthetic outfits at affordable prices. We produce unique clothes and accessories as the biggest aesthetic clothing store online. You can find many different baddie aesthetic clothes in various colors and sizes on our site. Our expert team prepares one-of-a-kind pieces for you to have the best online shopping experience. We produce thousands of fashionable items every day by expanding our online aesthetic store. Finding what’s on your mind will be a piece of cake with the baddie aesthetic category. Click on the specific category, choose whatever you like, decide on the color and size, and add them to the cart. Check out the baddie aesthetic clothing section, and don’t miss the chance to find the ideal product for your personal style!

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