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What is 80s aesthetic?

80s aesthetic is basically what we saw or lived in the 80s. Probably our mothers and fathers know it better.  80s aesthetic is so distinctive with its bright colours and crazy patterns. And now with 80s fashion coming back, we have choices more than ever. You can find 80s aesthetic clothes on Cosmique Studio! 

How do you dress like the 80s aesthetic? 

80s fashion is almost like an acronym for colourful neon clothes. If you want to dress 80s aesthetic the most important thing is probably loving the colours and the positive vibe it gives because it is what the 80s are all about. It is about love, vibrant colours, sunny days and cheerful friends! You can look for Cosmique Studio’s colourful jeans, oversize jackets and sweatshirts to show your true 80s kid style!

What is 90s aesthetic? 

90s fashion was more minimalistic and simple when compared to 80s flashy and brave trends. 90s aesthetic was plain but elegant. Hairstyles became more basic too with the 90s like bob-cut hairstyles became very popular in the 90s. Some trends that are inevitable right now are birthed in the 90s. Some of these trends are hoop earrings, crop tops, chokers, overalls and scrunchies. We can say that we are kinda living in the 90s right now but with some technology and alterations! What can we say the 90s were good and peaceful times. 

How do you dress 90s aesthetic?   

Dressing properly to the 90s aesthetic is gradually an easier one because of its popularity for a few years now. 90s fashion was always about being casual chic with basic clothes like flared jeans and basic crop tops. Apart from casual clothes slip dresses were a hit too in the 90s and they still continue to be. You can find the most attractive slip dresses on Cosmique Studio. Also flared and slouchy jeans from the 90s recently became very popular among the ones who love vintage fashion and you can try some of those to flatter yourself. 

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