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What is Fairycore Aesthetic?

Fairycore, aka Fairy folk, is the aesthetic of the fairies. Although they’re imaginative, so many people believe in them. This term refers to the fantasy creatures like elves and fairies and their lifestyle. Fairycore aesthetic is eco-friendly. It doesn’t support consumption. It’s about being content and creative with what you have. Key motifs of this aesthetic are nature, vines, knitting, glitter, wings, fairy dust, and blossoms. It sounds like pixiecore and goblincore, right? Unlike pixiecore, pastels take so much place in the outfits. And contrary to goblincore, dirt and bugs are not in the scope of its clothes and accessories. Fairycore girls and boys like doing so many activities such as:

  • Spending time in the woods.
  • Take great care of what they wear. 
  • Being clean all the time.
  • Making flower crowns. 
  • Knitting accessories like hats and gloves.
  • Making potions. 
  • Preserving blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries.
  • Gardening. 
  • Spending time alone instead of hanging out with friends.
  • Listening to magic fantasy music. 


What is Fairycore Aesthetic Clothing?

Fairycore aesthetic outfits have some characteristics. First, you must have flower patterns on your dress, tops, bottoms, or accessories. Second, wearing mini dresses or skirts is not preferred. Instead, long clothes create a more magical effect. Third, maybe the most important one: corsets. Especially lace corsets are the trendiest piece of fairycore aesthetic. You can wear the corset on your dress, shirts, and so on. It’s up to your imagination. Off shoulders and smocked clothes are the preferable pieces of the fairycore aesthetic. For the bottoms, asymmetric cuts and long skirts are ideal. Try rompers and skorts if you want to wear shorts instead of skirts. We’re sure you’ll feel like a fairy in them. You should complete your look with the appropriate accessories. Have you seen butterfly glasses before? We highly recommend you take a look at them. Earring sets and long necklaces will make you look more feminine. Also, selecting the perfect shoes is so important. As fairies are often barefoot, modest selections will be the life savior. You can take a look at our accessories section for more info. Remember, to be a fairycore, you should have glitter on you all the time. On your eyeshadows, clothes, or body, it doesn’t matter. Be sure to have it. Here we have some fairycore inspo outfit ideas. Check them out and makeover your wardrobe!

Fairycore Aesthetic Outfits Tips

To have a perfect fairycore aesthetic style, you need to have some specific clothes and accessories. Our professional team in Cosmique Studio created a list for you for this purpose. In this list, you can see the key elements for tops, bottoms, and accessories. For example, butterfly and flower motifs are essential. Instead of mini-skirts and dresses, midi and maxi ones are ideal to have a dreamy look. Earth tone is the trendiest color for this aesthetic so it would be better if you use it while choosing your outfits. Besides, corsets, harem pants, leg warmers, and fairy wings are getting more and more popular each day. Wearing them will give you a dreamy look. And believe us, you’ll be easy to spot among your friends. For more fairy grunge aesthetic inspo, take a look at our list below. 

Fairycore Tops

  • Crop tops: Tops with butterfly motifs on, off shoulders, and smocked ones. 
  • Sweaters: Knitted, and flower motifs on, with any earth tone. 
  • Dresses: Long dresses, puff sleeves, and off shoulders. 
  • Sweatshirts: Turtlenecks, flower or butterfly printed, and loose ones. 
  • Jackets: Trench coats, caftans, and drape open front jackets. 
  • Hoodies: Knitted, cardigan, or asymmetrical hoodies. 
  • Shirts: Smock shirts, turn down collars, and flare sleeves. 

Fairycore Bottoms

  • Skirts: Ruffle, asymmetric, side split lace up, and long skirts. 
  • Pants: Palazzos, rompers, and carpenter pants.
  • Shorts: Skorts, wrap shorts, and denim.

Fairycore Accessories

  • Glasses: Round, butterfly glasses, and heart-shaped ones. 
  • Shoes: Open-toe shoes, slippers, sandals, or walking barefoot. 
  • Socks: High knee socks with flower or lace motifs on. 
  • Necklaces: Long necklaces with flower motifs on, primarily gold or rose.
  • Hair clips: Ribbons, flower crowns, butterfly snap clips. 
  • Belts: Ribbon, lace, or leather belts with gold buckles. 
  • Bags: Woven, rattan, or straw bags.  

How do you do Fairycore Makeup?

Fairycore makeup consists of glitters, earth tones, and many pastel colors. Yes! These items are a far cry from one another. To do your makeup, you have to decide which mode you are in at that moment. If you’re looking for serenity, nude or earth tones are better. Fake freckles, heavy pink blushes, pink lipsticks, earthy-tone eyeshadows, and liquid eyeliners will be perfect. Wanna shine at a party? Add a little sparkle to your intense eyeshadows. Use body glitter, lots of blush, and colorful eyeliner. Or just don’t do any makeup at all. Remember, fairies like being natural. Use your natural beauty. Nobody will underestimate you.

What is a Fairycore Hair?

 For a fairycore hairstyle, you need to have naturally fair hair. Pastel or neon tones are not suitable as they look artificial. Sand Tropez, bright blonde, chunky highlights, and bronde balayage are the best natural tones. Also, long hair is more fashionable for the fairies instead of a short cut. Messy buns, quick braids, and tight curls are their favorite. You can also put flowers in your hair to look fascinating. Using simple tiny hair clips and ribbons is a good idea as well. Or, you can make your own flower crown. It will be perfect with your natural-look hair. 

What are Fairycore Accessories?

Wearing elf ears and fairy wings will make you look like you’re out of the movies. Put them on, take a photo, and post it on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. Then wait for the reactions. It will be amazing! Of course, you can make your fairycore style more elegant by adding some other accessories. Chokers, layered silver necklaces, ring sets, and earring sets will make you look like a real fairy! About fairycore shoes, there are so many choices. Open-toe shoes and sandals are OK. But you don’t have to wear them, especially while gardening. Feel free to wear knee or rain boots if it’s cold outside. Flip-flops, ballet flats, and sandals are ideal for daily use. Mary Jane platforms and peep toe heels are the best for special occasions. 

What is the Difference Between Fairycore and Cottagecore?

Although they both have common motifs, these aesthetics are actually different. Let’s talk about the similarities first and find the differences together. First, both of them have lots of flower motifs. In clothes, accessories, décor, and lifestyle, flowers have an important place. Also, they both are eco-friendly aesthetics. Fast fashion is not preferable. Traditional skills such as knitting and embroidery are the favorite hobbies of fairycore and cottagecore people. Their accessories also look alike. For example woven baskets, straw bags, and flower crowns. So, what motifs make them different? Here we have a table to make it more clear.


Soft pastels, green, cream white, earthy tones.

The most commonly used accessories are elf ears and fairy wings.

Spending time in the woods, pathways, or abandoned buildings.

Staying away from people.

Fantastic vibe, feminine outfits.


Faded earth colors, baby pink, rose pink, and yellow.

The most commonly used accessories are straw hats, baskets, and flower crowns.

Spending time in cottages, gardens, and rural areas.

Caring for people.

Modern versions of historical fashion.



What is Elfcore Aesthetic?

People with big ears, listen well: Your ears are about to be fashionable items! Yes, you didn’t hear wrong. Elf ears are getting more and more popular every day. Thanks to the elfcore aesthetic, a new trend has come up. Besides using them as accessories, there are people doing surgery to have a pair of them. Fantastic, right? Does having an operation worth it? Well, it’s open to discussion. Originating from Germanic mythology, elves have long been an issue of the fantasy world. You can see its reflection in the aesthetics such as goblincore, fairycore, and fairy grunge. They like to dance around a fire and hang around in rural areas. Beauty is not their priority. They like dirt and dust. So, their clothes are not the products of fast fashion. Buying outfits from second hands and thrift shops is acceptable. Cloaks, vests, long dresses, robes, elf ears, and multi-layered clothes are perfect for elfcore outfits.

Where can you Buy Fairycore Aesthetic Clothes?

We are aware that shopping in stores requires a significant amount of time and energy. Despite this, it does not fulfill all of your requirements. Finding the ideal pieces requires a considerable investment of both time and money. As the team of Cosmique Studio, we’re here to help you to find the perfect products at affordable prices. Click the fairycore aesthetic section. Simply select the items you want to buy. Get your ideal size and whichever available color you like. In our shop, you can choose a wide variety of fairycore outfits uniquely suited to your preferences. You can build the perfect look by combining the top-quality clothes you like. Pick the most comfortable shoes you can find, and add a few complementary accessories. Believe us; you’ll love it!

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