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What is Angelcore Aesthetic?

Angelcore aesthetic is inspired by angels and cherubs. It is strongly connected with mythology. The symbols of this aesthetic are also inspiring: Wings, doves, swans, halos, airiness, innocence, and purity might be the best representations. This fashion may look like the soft girl or kawaii at first, but it has distinctive features. People who choose this style are into beauty, purity, and tranquility. They like spending time alone, under the stars. Instead of hanging out with their friends, they prefer daydreaming. If you dream a lot, like meditating, or doing yoga to relax your mind, then you might be an angelcore. This fashion is not just about clothing; on the contrary, it’s a lifestyle. Angelcore houses, bedrooms, and even activities are pretty famous on TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube platforms. If you take a quick look, you’ll realize that this aesthetic has many details. Believe us; you have to hurry because it’s getting increasingly popular every day!

How do you Dress for Angelcore Aesthetic?

If you wonder how to dress angelcore aesthetic, you must start with the core of this aesthetic: The angelcore color palette. The primary color used for this fashion is white. To give an innocent and pure vibe, white is the best choice. Besides that, light pink, silver, turquoise, yellow, light blue, gold, and light yellow are also ideal. They are all soft tones and give the image of tranquility. You need to look like you just fell from heaven, so stay away from dirty clothes. Angelcore outfits should always look clean, well-shaped, and elegant. Maxi dresses, white mesh tops, ruffle skirts, ballet shoes, and pendants are ideal for an angelcore style. Your hair color, hairstyle, and makeup should look natural.

Angelcore Aesthetic Outfits Tips

Small details can make a big difference, especially in the angelcore aesthetic fashion. That is why our expert team in Cosmique Studio has some suggestions for you. First, have a few white outfits in your wardrobe: white crops, sweatpants, rompers, knitted cardigans, or skirts. You should have one or two of these key clothes. Otherwise, it might be too hard to combine all the other pieces. Second, you need to have long pieces such as thigh-high socks, long skirts, maxi dresses, and more. These products help you to look angelic. Third, transparent clothes have a huge impact to look heavenly. Buy two or three transparent angelcore aesthetic clothes. You’ll look perfect! Take a look at our list below for more suggestions.

Angelcore Aesthetic Tops

  • Crop tops: Knitted, mesh, tie-dye, and furry crop tops.
  • Sweaters: Floral patterned, knitted, and cardigans.
  • Dresses: Lace mini, ruffle, maxi, and puff sleeve dresses.
  • Sweatshirts: Tunic sweatshirts, furry, or knitted ones.
  • Jackets: Tie-dye, cropped, polar, and fur jackets.
  • Hoodies: Crop, plush, and loose hoodies.
  • Shirts: Flare sleeves, transparent, and ripped shirts.

Angelcore Aesthetic Bottoms

  • Skirts: Lace-up, ruffle, and irregular mini or long skirts.
  • Pants: Sweatpants, mom jeans, or palazzos.
  • Shorts: Irregular denim, wide leg, ripped, and high waist shorts.

Angelcore Aesthetic Accessories

  • Glasses: Angel wings sunglasses, heart-shaped, butterfly, and round colored glasses.
  • Shoes: Ballet shoes, sandals, chunky white sneakers, soft plush furry open-toe slippers.
  • Socks: Extra-long white, lace-trim socks, and fishnet tights.
  • Necklaces: Shiny chokers, silver butterfly necklaces, or turquoise pendants.
  • Hair clips: Pack pearl hair clips, flower crowns, bandanas, and silver stick barrettes.
  • Belts: Waist chains, faux pearl, and sash belts.
  • Bags: Tote bags, carryall pouches, and mini ones.

How do you do Angelcore Aesthetic Makeup?

To have heavenly angelcore makeup, you don’t need to have expert skills. Your makeup has to look natural to give a pure vibe. Choose petal pink, pale mauve, or rose gold tones for subtle lips. Or just use lip gloss; both are fine. Stay away from glitters; they’re too shiny for this aesthetic. Remember, you need to look natural. Apply oyster white, dusty grey, tan, serpentine, or blue stone eyeshadows. Be careful, your eyeshadow has to match your skin. Also, use liquid eyeliner to have an intense look. You can choose gold, aqua, silver, or grey tones. You know, colorful eyeliners are the new trend lately. Use peachy pink with golden shimmer or sheer golden apricot tones for the blush shade. These shades will give you a naturally flushed look. Lastly, you’re all free to draw shapes of your face, such as butterflies, clouds, hearts, daisies, and so on. This fashion is so popular, especially for eyeshadows. Try to do it with your eyeliner. Just do some practice, and you’ll be able to draw perfect art pieces soon!

How do you do Angelcore Aesthetic Hair?

The angelcore aesthetic hair is entirely natural and feminine. Before deciding on the shape of your hair, you need to be clear about the color. Instead of pastel tones, you should choose natural tones such as black, scarlet, chestnut, caramel, blonde, brown, orange, grey, or white. You can dye your hair in these shades or just use your natural hair. When it comes to its length, long hair is the most appropriate because it gives an angelic look quickly. Subtle layers, layered locks, or tapered ends can be ideal for your look. Have it wavy, curly, or straight, all these cuts will look perfect on you. You must choose an excellent haircut according to your face shape. Search it quickly on the internet, and get ready to post your photos on Instagram and TikTok! Your followers are going to love your angelic look! If you want more impact, wear soma hair accessories such as flower crowns, pearl hair clips, or bandanas. You’ll look fantastic.

What are Angelcore Accessories and Items?

We need to decide on how many we’ll use because there are so many angelcore accessories and items! The first thing you need to have is angel wings. All angels have wings; then why don’t you have a pair? They should be made of feathers. You’ll look like you just fell from heaven when you wear them. If you want to decorate your Angelcore room, we suggest you have statues. They’re classic and look perfect in the photos. You can also have some of Michelangelo or Raphael’s painted works on your wall. They’re actual art pieces and give the mysterious vibe of the angels. Instead of classic mirrors, use vintage hand mirrors. You need to be an Angelcore from top to toe. Wear heart-shaped or angel-wings sunglasses when you go out. Have sandals, not platform shoes. They look so unnatural. To carry your stuff, you can choose carryall pouches. They’re stylish and have a large capacity. Two birds with one stone! For necklaces and earrings, you can use shiny silver jewelry. There is no harm in a few shiny stuff, right?

Where can you Buy Angelcore Aesthetic Outfits?

There are so many people looking for a store to buy angelcore aesthetic outfits. As it’s kind of a new aesthetic, there are not many stores to sell these pieces. In this situation, buying unique angelcore clothes is quite hard. Also, it takes so much time and a large amount of money to find high-quality and unique products. To deal with all these problems, our expert team in Cosmique Studio has prepared this category for you. Cosmique Studio is the biggest angelcore outfits clothing store, and it’s expanding every day. Our online store can easily find top-quality aesthetic clothes and accessories on a budget. All you need to do is to click on the Angelcore aesthetic button and find the most fashionable outfits from all over the world. We have all the pieces from A to Z: Crop tops, sweatpants, dresses, hoodies, sweatshirts, skirts, shorts, necklaces, bags, and many more. You deserve the best shopping experience!

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