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What Does Aesthetic Mean?

Ready for the most fabulous fashion of all times? Aesthetic clothing is one of the most popular trends recently. People all around the world are wondering what aesthetics is. Especially for Gen Z, it's a kind of a non-spoken language. People who share the same lifestyles can recognize each other thanks to their style. It’s not just about fashion. You can also decorate your room, or all of your house according to your favorite aesthetic. Even your lifestyle can shape your idea of aesthetics. When it comes to fashion, there are so many different types of aesthetics. You can choose whichever you want according to your taste. Combine your tops with the most fashionable bottoms, then get your accessories. Don't forget the makeup and the shape of your hair! Need some pieces? Buy the highest-quality items from Cosmique Studio on a budget. If you're wondering what aesthetic means, we, as Cosmique Studio, will help you find your aesthetic.

What is my Aesthetic?

Choosing your aesthetic isn’t that easy. Your aesthetic is dependent on your mood, lifestyle, and so on. There are so many different styles. It’s so hard to choose, right? We suggest you embrace a style according to your personality. You have no limitations while doing that. Have a look at the outfit ideas that we prepared for you. Or, you can be original and create a unique look. We're sure it's gonna look good on you as long as you use your imagination. No matter your gender, finding the best aesthetic is vital. For some, you can have anything you want in life if you dress for it. Thus, fashion is an important issue. Feeling free, cozy, and fun while dressing up is also important. Think about how you feel for a while. Are you in a happy mood? Try indie. Feeling like a photographer? Give a chance to VSCO. Wanna be cute? Kawaii is your style. Decide what you want to wear with our guide below and dress up. Don't forget: You only live once!

What is Aesthetic Clothing?

There are no rules while dressing up for a specific type of aesthetic. Open your wardrobe, and choose the best tops and bottoms for your taste. Then you'll realize that you already have a style! Don't forget the accessories and shoes to create the perfect look. We'll help you with the essential tips: It's vital to have top-quality items that can last for many years. We, as Cosmique Studio, will help you at that point. All of our products are of high quality. Also, it would help if you had different aesthetic shoes for every occasion. Remember, shoes are the essential pieces for your style. You can check our shoe section for it. After wearing the tops, bottoms, and shoes, there are accessories. Choose the best ones to show your uniqueness. Then put on your makeup according to your style. It can be shiny or gloomy, whatever you wish. One more thing: Aesthetic hairstyles. We promise it will not take a long time. Shape your hair for your face shape and style. You're ready to rock!

What is Aesthetic Makeup?

You may want to know about what aesthetic makeup is. It’s a style, created by yourself, for yourself. Aesthetic makeup must be personal, creative, and unique. It is a way of using your imagination. You don't have to follow one specific path to do it. It can be shiny or gloomy, quirky or messy. The most important thing is to do it your own way. The best part of it is that you can switch it any time you wish. Also, aesthetic makeup is so trendy recently on Instagram. After putting it on, you can post it on social media such as TikTok, Pinterest, or YouTube. We have some suggestions for you: Keep your face clean. Choose your foundation, concealer, and blushes according to your skin type. Don’t hesitate to use fake freckles. Remember, no one can be like you anyway. Read our blogs to have more info.  

How do you do Aesthetic Hair?

Girls, your hair is your crown. So you should take good care of it. An aesthetic cannot be thought apart from the hair. You can even define some just by the hairstyle. For example, grunge hair is a bit messy, cottagecore is more like with braids, and so on. You can have an original look by shaping your hair. First, decide which size you want. It can be on the ear, shoulder, tailbone length, or even buzz cut. It’s all up to you. You shouldn’t forget that your hairstyle should match your face shape. Then, decide on the color. You can choose dark, pastel, or mixed! After that, select a style for the aesthetic you’re into. Here are some suggestions: Long wavy hair for the soft girl, a bob cut for vintage, ponytails for fairy grunge, natural-up for dark academia. Or you can create a new look with pastel hair. Now, think about your favorite cut and get ready to be the most fashionable girl around!

What are Aesthetic Accessories?

Each piece of accessory is vital when it comes to aesthetics. You can create a unique taste by adding accessories. Knowing how to use them as a part of your style is essential. Combining your bag and belt may not seem so crucial, but it actually is. Each aesthetic has its own vital items. Learning about accessories is a must if you want to look aesthetic. If you want to buy them on a budget, you're at the right place. We, as Cosmique Studio, offer affordable products for your unique taste. Check out our accessories section to choose the perfect pieces for you and your friends! You can find more info about the aesthetic accessories in our blog section. 

  • Shoes
  • Necklaces 
  • Ankle bracelets
  • Rings
  • Phone cases
  • Hats
  • Bags
  • Glasses
  • Belts
  • Watches
  • Pins

23 Types of Aesthetics + Outfit Ideas

It takes quite a long time to choose the perfect pieces. You have to select the best tops with bottoms and add the accessories. Then put your ideal makeup on and shape your aesthetic hair. We have prepared a list of the basics of each aesthetic style. Here we have tops, bottoms, accessories, and shoe ideas. If you need top-quality outfits on a budget, check out our store. We are ready for you whenever you need help! 

  • Indie aesthetic: A cow pattern jacket, a collared sweatshirt, wide-leg pants, beanies, and chunky sneakers.  
  • Y2k aesthetic: A tube top, low waist jeans, a mini baguette bag, candy-colored sunglasses, and platform trainers.
  • Baddie aesthetic: A mini dress, a silk scarf, a mini bag, hoop earrings, shiny sunglasses, and high-heeled stilettos. 
  • VSCO aesthetic: A collage sweatshirt, mom jeans, a bucket hat, a shell necklace, friendship bracelets, and Birkenstocks.
  • 80s 90s aesthetic: A patchwork coat, a knitted sweater, high waist jeans, retro sunglasses, and pump sneakers.
  • Soft girl aesthetic: A crop top, a high waist skirt, white air forces, colorful hair clips, and heart-eye sunglasses.
  • Kawaii aesthetic: A mini dress, a balloon skirt, over-the-knee socks, platform trainers, and a ribbon on your hair.
  • Vintage aesthetic: A knitted cardigan, a striped sweatshirt, mom jeans, a shoulder bag, and lace-up shoes.
  • Korean aesthetic: A uniform, over-the-knee socks, a long belt, a crossbody bag, ring sets, and sneakers.
  • Tumblr aesthetic: A plaid jacket, crop top, a high waist skirt, ring sets, a chain belt, and Converse shoes. 
  • Art hoe aesthetic: An artsy kimono, a printed crop top, high waist pants, ankle bracelets, ring sets, and sneakers.
  • Grunge aesthetic: A plaid t-shirt, ripped jeans, a choker, a chain belt, stud bracelets, and combat boots. 
  • E-girl aesthetic: A striped long-sleeved shirt, a plaid high-waisted skirt, a choker, a chain belt, and combat boots. 
  • Pastel goth aesthetic: A dyed denim vest, tattoo print tights, round sunglasses, studded headbands, and platform boots. 
  • Fairy grunge aesthetic: A long dress, a corset, a choker, earrings with feathers, and open-toe shoes.
  • Dark & Light academia aesthetic: A long trench coat, a t-shirt, cigarette pants, a watch, glasses, and Oxford shoes.
  • Edgy aesthetic: A leather jacket, a black crop top, black leather pants, studded bracelets, a choker, and combat boots. 
  • Cottagecore aesthetic: A long dress with flower motifs, a laced corset, a straw bag, a flower crown, and rope sandals. 
  • Angelcore aesthetic: A transparent shirt, a lace-up mini skirt, ring sets, a pearls necklace, and platform shoes.
  • Grandmacore aesthetic: A knitted sweater, plaid pants, a crossbody bag, a leather belt, round glasses, and Birkenstocks.
  • Fairycore aesthetic: A long dress, a corset, shiny necklaces, a ribbon on your hair, and open-toe shoes. 
  • Kidcore aesthetic: A patchwork coat, puffed sleeves, denim shorts, friendship necklaces, and old sneakers. 
  • Goblincore aesthetic: A knitted sneaker, high waist jeans, knitted gloves, a witch hat, green socks, and dirty boots.

How can I Be Cute and Aesthetic?

First, you must know that being cute is easy with the perfect pieces. You need to get the outfits as well as cute behavior. Smile all the time. Then, choose the prettiest clothes. Give our kawaii and soft girl collections a try. Or you can write “cute” into our search bar. You’ll find tops, bottoms, and accessories to suit your taste. Use soft tones for your outfits. Pink, baby blue, and white will be perfect. Use different soft colors together. For example, a white crop top with a pink mini skirt or a baby blue mini dress with white sneakers. Shaping your hair is also important to be cute. Try a wavy milk tea beige lob or mid-length hair with airy blunt bangs. Use soft tones for your makeup as well. Have an innocent look with pink blushes, lip glosses, liquid eyeliners, and a light concealer. You’ll be the cutest girl around. And remember, pure beauty lies in being your unique self.

Where can you Buy Aesthetic Clothes?

If you're wondering where to buy the most fashionable aesthetic clothes, you're at the right place. We know that finding your favorite pieces is time-consuming already. By shopping online, we offer you the best items at wallet-friendly prices. So, as Cosmique Studio, we provide the trendiest and most unique items with free worldwide shipping. Shop from us for the highest quality aesthetic outfits at affordable prices. You won't have to wait in long queues with online shopping from us. Also, you'll know about the discounts. Getting your favorite aesthetic clothes on a budget will be a piece of cake! First, choose your favorites from our thousands of products. Second, decide on the color variants and your size. One last thing: Buy them with just a click. Shopping online has never been so easy and fun.

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