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What is Soft Girl?

Being a soft girl has been so popular among Gen Z recently. You can see many posts on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok about it. Think about a girl who is cute, sweet, and fashionable at the same time. Sounds beautiful, right? They're adorable, emotional, and vulnerable. Spending time caring for their skin and hanging out with their friends is vital. Plush soft toys are their favorite. There are so many unique things about softies. Such as using the plushies as accessories and looking innocent anytime they want. To be one, you have to be feminine, chill, cute, and trendy at the same time. It's not everyone's cup of tea.

What is Soft Girl Aesthetic?

Pink, white, baby blue, and cream… Yes! We're talking about your favorites, soft girls. Mix your favorite colors with the trendiest outfits, and here it is, Soft girl aesthetic. "Do you have this in pink?" It's the most frequent question between you, right? We know you have fluffy dresses, mini plaid skirts, cardigans, and nostalgic accessories in your wardrobe. We also have some suggestions to make it more fashionable. Girls, choose the prettiest top with a cute bottom. They can be any soft or pastel color that you like. Maybe a cream top and a high waist fluffy skirt could be well. Keep in mind that the pieces should be feminine. Shop for some cute shoes such as tennis shoes or ribbon flats. Don't forget your heart-eye sunglasses and hair clips. Get your hair and makeup according to your mood. Pastel-colored pieces would be lovely to look more energetic. Being cute and also comfy is not a dream for soft girls. You can be the most fabulous girl around by wearing the trendiest clothes of creamy tones. Enchant others with your taste in fashion. Blend the elegance with cuteness, and be the prettiest girl around. Take a look at our suggestions and create your unique style!

Soft Girl Aesthetic Outfits Tips

If you’re wondering how to be a soft girl aesthetic, we have some tips for you. Have some soft tones in your wardrobe such as pink, baby blue, cream, or white. The tops that you choose can be buttoned crops, polar jackets, mini dresses, or oversize hoodies. They all should look sweet and cute.  For the bottoms, you can wear high waist pants or skirts to make your belly look thinner. Also, you need lots of accessories. Especially heart-shaped motifs will give you a cute look. For more tips, take a look at our list below that our professional team in Cosmique Studio prepared for you. 


  • Crop tops: Buttoned, square, or collar neck tops.
  • Sweaters: V-necks, oversize, and knitted ones.
  • Dresses: Knitted, striped, mini dresses.
  • Sweatshirts: Turtleneck, knitted, or furry ones.
  • Jackets: Polar, teddy long ones, or fur jackets.
  • Hoodies: Crop hoodies, plush, or oversize ones.
  • Shirts: V-necks, flared ones, and loose shirts.


  • Skirts: High waist, ruffled, and miniskirts.
  • Pants: Sweat pants, jumpsuits, or skinny jeans.
  • Shorts: Embroidered, pleated, and paperbag shorts.


  • Glasses: Cat eyes, heart-shaped ones, or oversized glasses.
  • Shoes: Mary Janes, platform shoes, and chunky sneakers.
  • Socks: Thigh-high socks, lace stockings, and fishnet tights.
  • Necklaces: Colorful necklaces with beads.
  • Hair clips: Snap clips, pearl hair clips, or studded ones.
  • Belts: Leather belts with pearls, and rhinestone ones.
  • Bags: Cute, mini bags or a crossbody one.

What is Soft Girl Makeup?

Soft girl makeup consists of an innocent look with creamy tones. The key elements are highlighters, pink lip glosses, curling mascara, winged eyeliner, and pink blushes. You can also draw heart shapes and butterflies on your cheeks to show your cuteness. Add some fake freckles on your face to look more natural. An exaggerated makeup is not for softies. Nude, pink, or peachy lipsticks are ideal. Creamy or peachy eyeshadows are perfect. Avoid using neon or pastel tones. Using a little highlighter on your nose will make you look fresher. Trust us!

How do you do Soft Girl Hair?

The hairstyle of a softie is absolutely feminine. You have to match the color of your hair with your clothes, makeup, and accessories. So you need to use different colors for every occasion. Using various kinds of hair accessories will make you look more fashionable. Ribbons, hair clips, and headbands are soft girls' most commonly used accessories. For short hair, a classic bob cut or braided pigtails are ideal. Bangs, aka fringe, and blowouts will be perfect for medium-length. And the ones who like long hair, a hime cut or odango, aka pigtail buns, or the layered cuts will be nice. Of course, you can select the best haircut for your face shape. The point here is to make it look feminine and cute simultaneously.

What are Soft Girl Accessories and Items?

Hair clips are the main accessories for soft girls. You can get pearls or rhinestone clips on a particular day and snap clips for daily use. Wanna put your hair up? Buy scrunchies. Get a flower crown to look more innocent. Take your plushies with you wherever you go. You can use them as key holders or bag accessories. Don't forget the heart eye sunglasses or your cat eyes. Buy a few gold or silver necklaces and bracelets. They can be layered. Ring sets are also popular. They can be rose or gold. Soft girl shoes are one of the essential accessories. Tennis shoes and chunky white sneakers are perfect for hanging out with your friends outside. At school, loafers are fashionable enough. Soft plush furry open-toe slippers are ideal at home. In winter, you'll feel cozy in white fur boots. Pink rubber rain boots are excellent for autumn as well. You can also wear high-top canvas shoes and sock-knitted vulcanized shoes to feel comfy; ribbon flats, and Mary Janes to be elegant.

What is Soft Baddie?

Think about a mix of a baddie and a soft girl. Wouldn't it be a badass? Soft baddies are hot and sweet at the same time. It's so hard to find the balance between both. They are so sweet to people around them but can be cold fish to others. The more you know them, the more you'll realize that they're not an ice-queen like NANA in the anime series. They like to wear pastel colors and nude tones at the same time. Being passionate and sweet at the same time is their motto. To be a soft baddie, you need to have luxurious clothes. Buy ultra-hot crop tops, miniskirts, and high heels. Golden and rose necklaces, mini bags, and ring sets are also a must. Have a long, diamond nail design. Get your hair done like you were in the hairdresser five minutes ago.

How do you Become a Softboy?

Softboys prefer being alone most of the time. They like listening slow tempo songs. Having an active life with friends is not their first choice. They have only a few close friends. Sharing secrets is not for them. They don't like speaking a lot, only with the special ones. Parties, meetings, and celebrations are not in their interest. Spending time alone, working for hours, and finally being successful is their focus. Wanna be a softboy? You have to dress specifically first. Wear cozy and comfortable clothes in darker tones. Oversize sweaters, long trench coats, loose T-shirts, cargo pants, denim shorts, chunky sneakers, and wayfarers are perfect.

What is Dark Softgirl?

Blending the grunge and soft girl, dark softgirl aesthetic has come up. Dark softgirls are sweet but don't prefer everyone to see their cute soul. They like spending time at home or in the street alone. Their hobbies are listening to soft music, hanging out outside with the air pods on, reading books, and taking care of the plants. You can identify them with their dark hair, makeup, and clothes. The fashion of this aesthetic consists of basic outfits, such as turtlenecks, trench coats, cargo pants, striped dresses, and platform shoes. If you want to be a dark softgirl, you can buy your clothes and accessories from thrift shops or second hands. Sustainability is crucial for them. Basic necklaces, chokers, silver bracelets, snap clips, and retro sunglasses are the best choice of accessories.

What is Oceanboy Style?

Also known as Oce-boys, these guys have an easy-going characteristic. They like traveling, spending time with friends on the beach, and singing songs. Being social is essential for them to be happy. Besides, they can't live without seeing the sea or the ocean. Blue is their favorite color, and they try to wear it for every occasion. Hoodies with blue stripes, shirts with blue dots, denim, white air forces, and wayfarers are their favorite outfits. Being comfy is vital for them, so they wear cozy clothes. They keep up with the fashion, so they always wear trendy clothes.

Where can you Buy Soft Girl Clothes?

Girls, we know that looking gorgeous takes time and a large amount of money. Besides, it's hard to find the best items of good quality. Still, there are ways to do it in an affordable way: Online shopping from Cosmique Studio! We offer you the highest quality soft girl aesthetic clothes on a budget. You can shop from home, workplace, school, and wherever you wish! Click on the soft girl aesthetic button and see many trendiest clothes and accessories. You can get your favorite sweaters, dresses, jackets, hoodies, accessories, and so on with just a click. By combining your favorite pieces, you'll be fashionable and unique at the same time. You can also buy shoes, underwear, and accessories to look like a million dollars. Get ready for the best shopping experience with us!

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