Soft Girl Clothes

How do you make a girl soft?

Making a girl look soft is actually pretty easy. It is all about the colour scheme and her makeup. A soft girl must look delicate and sensitive. She should wear pastel-toned clothes with natural-looking makeup that looks pale and her lips glossy. 

Are soft girls still a thing?

Soft girls are definitely still a thing and they keep growing. Also, they expand their style to other styles or inspire other aesthetics like e-girl, Vsco and Kawai styles. Because it is a base style that doesn’t have specifications. It just turns around looking cute and girly in a pastel aesthetic

What does a softie wear?

A softie can actually wear a great range of clothes. They can wear anything that fits their pastel wardrobe. They can look sexy, girly, feminine, and cute. You can check Cosmique Studio’s soft girl collection to perfect your soft girl wardrobe. There are amazing crop tops, skirts and dresses for a soft girl. 

How can I look cute and soft? 

You should start by buying clothes that fit each other. You can wear cute crop tops and miniskirts to achieve the best softie style. You need to do your hair and makeup in a natural way to highlight your pure face. Don’t forget about pretty nails and complete your look with silver accessories rather than gold! 

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