Edgy Aesthetic Clothes

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What clothes are edgy?

Edgy clothes are pretty easy to spot actually when you see something on someone and think like ‘’wow that is something different’’ or ‘’I wouldn’t dare to wear it’’ or ‘’how they find this kind of clothes’’ that means that person is wearing something edgy. There are no limits on edgy clothes they can have different laces, patches, rips, details, chains, slits anything you can think of. 

Where can I buy edgy-chic clothes?

Edgy-chic clothes are hard to find, if you really want to look chic in your edgy aesthetic. You need to shop carefully if you don’t want to look cheap. So, to wear the real deal edgy clothes then of course your first stop should be Cosmique Studio. We offer plenty of edgy chic clothes in our collection. You can swipe through and decide which fits your style. 

How can I look edgier? 

It starts with your attitude and confidence in yourself. You need to embrace what you wear and show your real identity. You can wear different types of crop tops, the ones that show your perfect body and have details of tulles and laces. You can check Cosmique Studio’s edgy jeans, the ones with slogans on legs and chains. There is nothing as too much in edgy clothes, you can show them whatever you want to show in ways that you want. 


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