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What is Edgy Aesthetic?

Think about a girl that is fashionable, sexy, and rebellious at the same time. Sounds cool, right? Edgy girls have distinctive fashion styles which get all the attention wherever they are. Although edgy aesthetic looks like grunge and e-girl at the first sight, there are some differences. For instance, it doesn’t have a specific music genre. Lyrics have more significance than sound. Explicit language, cursing, and slang are more exciting for an edgy teenager than the sound. They’re commonly introverts. Instead of spending time with friends, being the lone wolf is common. These people are actually nice to others. Their jokes may not be preferable, but still, they try to have fun though feeling depressed most of the time. Edgy girls and boys have no limits when it comes to their passions. If they really want something, they get it. They’re not afraid to speak their mind and have no fear of being frozen out. Having such a well-set-up character, it’s a must for edgy people to have a rebellious style.

How do you Dress Edgy?

Let’s start with a false fact about edgy aesthetic outfits. You may hear people saying “edgy girls wear only black.” What a misinterpretation! Having fun spending time alone doesn’t mean that you have a dark soul at all. You can wear any color you wish. Edgy colors can be literally anything, especially the dark ones most of the time. Keep in mind that edgy style is cool, sexy, and unexpected. So, you can use whichever color you like while creating your looks. Also, you can blend the other aesthetics with your clothes, makeup, and accessories. Get grunge outfits, soft girl makeup, and indie jewelry. Feels weird, but, why not? One more thing: Minimalist tattoos. Choose a perfect tattoo that shows inside your soul. It must be personal and minimal. Then, wear the most fashionable edgy outfits from Cosmique Studio. If you need some inspo, listen carefully: A knitted sweater, zip-up hoodie, skorts, opaque pantyhose, and chunky sneakers are fashionable for school. In the special occasions, you can show everyone the edginess inside you. Wear a chained mini dress, fishnet tights, platform shoes, fire flame sunglasses, layered silver chain necklaces, and studded mini bags. Imagine how different you’ll be! For a daily use, a leather jacket, transparent crop top, and ripped out jean shorts are perfect. Don’t forget the accessories: Get at least one piece of necklace, a bag, and hairclips. Edgy fashion is more about accessories rather than the specific clothes.

Edgy Aesthetic Outfits Tips

It’s vital to have edgy clothes and accessories to have an edgy look. Our professional team in Cosmique Studio has prepared the perfect pieces for you. For example, tie-necks, chained, and halter tops are essential. Also, you need pleated, checkered, transparent, and bandage clothes in your wardrobe. You should at least have a pair of platform shoes. Skeleton hand faux leather belts and bat wings backpacks will make you look edgier. Shop for those pieces and combine them carefully. You’ll have a perfect look. Check out our suggestions below if you need more edgy outfits inspo

Edgy Tops

  • Crop tops: Tie-neck, knitted, halter, zipper, transparent, or lace tops.
  • Sweaters: Turtleneck, knitted, or oversize ones.
  • Dresses: Chained mini dresses, puff sleeves, or turtleneck maxi dresses.
  • Sweatshirts: Half zips and knitted sweatshirts.
  • Jackets: Leather, plaid, and biker-style cropped jackets.
  • Hoodies: Printed, turtleneck, and zip-up ones.
  • Shirts: Bandage shirts, down collars, and stripe printed ones.

Edgy Bottoms

  • Skirts: Pleated mini buckle shorts skirts and lace-up ones.
  • Pants: High waist bandage, cargo, and loose pants
  • Shorts: Ripped out jean shorts, skorts, chain buckle denim ones, and strip design patchwork shorts.

Edgy Accessories

  • Glasses: Cat eyes, round ones, and fire flame sunglasses.
  • Shoes: Platform open-toe shoes, wedges high heels, or chunky sneakers.
  • Socks: Fishnet tights, opaque pantyhose, and over-knee patchwork ones.
  • Necklaces: Chokers, layered chain necklaces, and barbed wires.
  • Hair clips: Bat hair clips, crescent moon hair barrettes, and skull embellished ones.
  • Belts: Skeleton hand faux leather belts, flame print ones, and belts with rings and chains on.
  • Bags: Bat wings backpacks, studded mini bags, or skull crossbody bags.

How do you do Edgy Makeup?

Edgy makeup has a distinctive style just like its fashion. As quite the opposite of the thinking that “black everything”, you can use any color you wish, and add some black. The crucial point here is to make it original and have a semi dramatic look. Try something different such as drawing stitches on you face with eyeliner. After doing these original details, get the must-haves done. First, wear heavy eyeliner. It should be bold. Using fake eyelashes will give you an intense look. Your eyeshadows can be red, burgundy, electric blue, or forest green. Remember, don’t make it all black. It won’t take attention as much as you wish. Dark lipstick is a must. A tip: Check your teeth before posting photos on Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and so on. We know that Edgy look is popular on social media, so make it perfect. Choose a matte lipstick, and don’t ever use glossy ones! Besides, get your nails done. They have to be long and well-shaped. It’s so trendy that there is a nail art named edgy acrylic nails! You can get black, white, pink, electric blue, and other colors with nail art. Try flames, smoke, chunky rhinestones, and pink, or silver French details. They’ll be freaking gorgeous!

What is Edgy Hair?

Edgy hairstyles are one-of-a-kind as edgy clothing. Let’s start with the hair colors first. It’s commonly black. If you want to be edgy, of course, you’re not limited to what the others prefer. Try red, blue, and grey highlights. A little shine won’t kill anybody. We know you like drawing attention so these highlights can be in neon colors. Do you want to have a signature hair? Get a “split dye hair” model. The harmony between black and white will make you look savage. And nobody will forget how brave you are by choosing such a distinctive look. While you’re thinking about the other alternatives, we can discuss the haircuts. An edgy look cannot be soft. So the cuts must be sharp, cropped, and effortless. Give a try to rocker shag, shaved side, and buzz cut for short hair. Especially the buzz cut for the courageous ones. For medium length, rainbow hair with shaved designs will be perfect, especially on edgy Instagram photos! Posting it will get you hundreds of followers who love your style. Also, an aquamarine edgy cut and unicorn braids will have the same impact. For the ones who fancy long hair, these suggestions for you: Dutch braid pompadour will be perfect for special occasions. Prismatic color on your straight or curly hair will give you a savage vibe. Trust us!

What are Edgy Accessories?

 There are a significant number of choices of edgy accessories. As edgy girls and boys like to exaggerate literally anything, accessories are the best tools to do that. For example, lace or leather gloves are ideal to bring attention to your hands. A pair of long, black leather gloves can be the most fashionable thing that you’ll wear. Trust us. Another trend that we suggest is chokers. They’re stylish and suit all types of outfits such as dresses, leather jackets, and tees. Edgy accessories will give you a sense of freedom. They’re unpredictable and stylish such as bat wings backpacks. Trendy, but one-of-a-kind, you see? Just like the edgy aesthetic shoes. Have you ever heard of heeled sandals? They’re perfect examples of this aesthetic. Chic but unpredictable. Also, wedges high heels, metallic red ankle boots, and metal chain chunky sneakers can be the best choices.

Where do you Buy Edgy Clothes?

Where to buy edgy clothing brands is one of the questions that is frequently asked by edgy girls and boys. We’re here to give you the answer: Cosmique Studio! Our online shop provides the most fashionable edgy clothes and accessories. Furthermore, we offer the highest quality products at affordable prices. We have a wide range of options in terms of size and colors. This is the spot if you’re looking for where to get the pieces of the latest fashion. Click on the edgy aesthetic clothes button and narrow down the list according to what items you want to buy. Then, select your size and preferred color. It’s just that easy! Dressing up in your favorite clothes is the perfect reflection of what’s on your mind. So, wear what you like, show the people around!

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