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What is Goblincore Aesthetic?

Also known as greedcore and gremlincore, goblincore aesthetic emerged for the first time in the 1910s. It gained popularity in the 2010s, and it's drawing attention more and more every day. This aesthetic takes its name from ugly, dirty, and unpredictable goblins. These fictional small creatures live in the dark deep forest. They're evil and mischievous. The best thing they do is craftsmanship. Just like the goblins, DIY stuff is vital for goblincore aesthetic. This style is also known for being eco-friendly. As a result of the growing acceptance of sustainability, this trend has gained the attention of the concept of environmental responsibility. Goblincore fashion emphasizes thrifting and secondhand shopping to help the environment. Also, this aesthetic creates a way to break free from the pressure social media puts on us to appear "perfect". According to goblincore, you are unique. And you shouldn't feel the need to strive for a flawless appearance in terms of your body, skin, or clothing. You should be aware of the inner beauty that resides within you. You should also be mindful of your freedom to be who you want to be. Besides, goblincore aesthetic has a deep connection with nature. To be a goblincore, you should spend time in the woods and connect to nature. Here are some activities of goblincore:

  • Bone hunting.
  • Doing embroidery.
  • Collecting shiny rocks, buttons, and mushrooms. 
  • Making DIY accessories.
  • Spending time in the woods.
  • Laying on the grass. 


How do you Dress for Goblincore Aesthetic?

Goblincore aesthetic fashion has its own unique style rather than society's unrealistic beauty standards. So, instead of buying new stuff, getting them from second hands and thrift shops is ideal. If you still want the most perfect pieces, you should be careful about a few things. Used, thrifted, and tattered clothes are essential for the goblincore outfits. You should buy dark, messy, spooky, cozy, dirty, and accessible products. Wearing expensive, customized, shiny, and all-clean clothes isn't really suitable for this style. Also, you should be careful about the colors. Light brown, dark green, dark lime, dark brown, and navy blue are perfect goblincore colors. Remember that you're free to dress however you like, as long as it makes you feel comfortable. Witch hats, oversized cozy clothes, knitted tops, dirty boots, velvet lace dresses, dark flannel shirts, and rompers are the most fashionable goblincore clothes. Remember, the critical element is to feel free, so wear whatever you want as long as you feel cozy!

Goblincore Aesthetic Outfits Tips

We have some suggestions if you're wondering how to be a goblincore. You should have at least a few knitted pieces in your wardrobe. You don't have to buy them, do it yourself! Believe us, it's not that hard. Also, instead of mini pieces, you should have long ones such as long skirts and dresses. The key element of this aesthetic is to feel cozy and comfortable inside your clothes. Loose shirts, V-neck crops, oversized hoodies, and rompers are ideal for that. You should also have lots of accessories as goblins love them. Green quartz crystals, bandanas, mushroom chokers, and round glasses can be perfect. If you need more suggestions, check out the list below that our professional team in Cosmique Studio prepared for you. Have fun!

Goblincore Aesthetic Tops

  • Crop tops: Buttoned, argyle, and V-neck tops.
  • Sweaters: Knitted, oversize, and argyle sweaters. 
  • Dresses: Velvet lace and dark floral midi or long dresses. 
  • Sweatshirts: Knitted, argyle, and loose ones. 
  • Jackets: Embroidered, plaid wool, and baggy corduroy jackets. 
  • Hoodies: Oversize, patterned, and solid color hoodies with mushroom patterns.
  • Shirts: Dark flannels, mock necks, embroidered shirts.  

Goblincore Aesthetic Bottoms

  • Skirts: High waist, long, and dark floral or mushroom printed skirts. 
  • Pants: Baggy corduroy, harem pants, rompers, and sweatpants. 
  • Shorts: High waist, embroidered, and paperbag shorts.

Goblincore Aesthetic Accessories

  • Glasses: Classic round, oval frame, or green wayfarers.
  • Shoes: Combat boots with floral motifs, Vans, and Mary Janes.
  • Socks: Over-the-knee socks with lower and mushroom motifs on and frilly socks.
  • Necklaces: Green quartz crystals, tiny terrarium bottle necklaces, and mushroom chokers.
  • Hair clips: Frog hair pins, green bandanas, and tooth hair clips.
  • Belts: Fabric belts, rope, and drawstrings. 
  • Bags: Cork backpacks, fanny packs, and tote bags.


How do you do Goblincore Aesthetic Makeup?

Goblincore aesthetic makeup is pretty much natural. As we consider this aesthetics' key motifs, it's entirely appropriate. To make goblincore makeup, you should do it so carefully to display nature's beauty on your face. Use green eyeshadows to brighten up your eyes. This color has been highly trendy recently. For blushes, select peachy tones. It's perfect for especially the fair skin. You can have both dark and soft tones for your lipstick. According to the occasion, select peachy tones, caramel nude, fade or emerald green, or sepia brown. All are ideal for this aesthetic. Add fake freckles on your face. Remember that you're a goblin while putting your makeup on. Neither you have to be perfect nor your makeup. 

How do you do Goblincore Aesthetic Hair?

The hairstyle of a goblincore is absolutely colorful. Whether you have green or blue, it has to be neon. If you want to exaggerate it, match your hair with your outfits. People around you will love it! As a goblincore, you are curious and imperfect. Therefore, it's a must for you to try different hair colors. Also, have lots of fashionable hair pins and bandanas to draw more attention. For short hair, shaved sides, quaff, and a pixie cut could be perfect to have an effortless look. Curly bangs, retro curls, and a blunt cut can be ideal for medium-length hair. Try wispy fringe, beach waves, or space buns for long hair. You can use your imagination and try other styles according to your hair type and face shape. 

What are Goblincore Accessories and Items?

Accessories and items are vital for a goblincore. This aesthetic is basically created based on the accessories. You can make your own DIY items to be eco-friendly. Knitted gloves and embroidered witch hats are ideal for making at home. Also, you can buy terrarium bottle necklaces with mushrooms inside to feel the nature around you. Wearing green quartz crystals will bring you luck and fortune because of their color. You can also have cork backpacks and fanny packs to put the items you collect while wandering around the woods. Choose your glasses classic round to look like goblins more. Have long socks with mushroom motifs, and get combat boots to walk easily in the forest. You can use rope belts instead of leather ones. Even your hair pins must be different from other people. As sweet and cute stuff is not your style, have dirty-looking frog hair pins or tooth hair clips. 

What is the Difference Between Goblincore and Cottagecore?

Goblincore and cottagecore can look quite similar at first sight. However, they're actually too different from each other. Goblincore aesthetic is inspired by the grotesque, mischievous, and evil goblins that exist in the deep, dark forests. Whereas cottagecore aesthetic is influenced by the Western country and farm-like lifestyle. In addition, greedcore is more concerned with exploring new things. However, cottagecore focuses more on finding peace, serenity, and calmness. Also, goblincore can be defined by a focus on imperfection. On the contrary, cottagecore places a significant emphasis on maintaining a contemporary sound. Despite many differences, they have been both trendy styles recently, especially among the Gen Z population.

Where can you Buy Goblincore Aesthetic Clothes?

Goblincore girls and boys, we know you're wondering where to get goblincore outfits. As it's pretty new for most people, it's hard to find goblincore aesthetic stores. Even if you find one, it takes too much time and a large amount of money to get the perfect pieces. Lucky you discover the biggest goblincore aesthetic clothing store online: Cosmique Studio. We have the highest quality goblincore clothes and accessories at affordable prices. Besides, we have thousands of products that you can create your unique look. Expanding our store every day, you'll find the most fashionable goblincore products if you take a look. Choose your size and favorite color, get your product in the cart, and have your product in a few days. You won't have to wait in lines for hours in crowded places. It's just that easy! You deserve the best, so experience the best shopping experience with us! 

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