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What is Fairy Grunge Aesthetic?

If you’re wondering what fairy grunge aesthetic is, you’re at the right place. Blending the grunge, goblincore, and fairycore aesthetics, a new style has come up. It has become so popular that there are millions of posts about it on Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. Earthy tones, black, green, and brown are the most common colors that are used. People who’re into this aesthetic like spending time in the forest. They listen to songs by Avril Lavigne, t.A.T.u, and Nirvana. Such a mixture it would be! These people don’t support consumption. Instead of fast fashion, they prefer clothes built to last. Knitting their own clothes and doing embroidery might be fun for them. Some have more exciting hobbies, such as witchcraft and dark magic. They even do potions from plants! Instead of being on the street most of the time, they like calming places. Abandoned houses, woods, or walking pathways can be ideal for them. Do these places remind you of a book? Or should I say a movie? YES! Twilight saga has the elements of fairy grunge aesthetic. Think about the movie. The colors, outfits, songs, activities, and so on. It’s all fairy grunge.

How do you Dress like a Fairy Grunge?

It’s not easy to wear for fairy grunge aesthetic. You have to select all the pieces carefully. Each top, bottom, and accessory should give the fairy grunge vibe. The colors shouldn’t be too dark or too earthy tones. Layered clothes and accessories are perfect for this trend. For example, layered necklaces will make you look fashionable. While wearing this style, don’t hesitate to combine various pieces. For example, you can use a green scarf as a crop top by folding it. Use your imagination to create unique looks. Corsets, leather jackets, halter tops, and asymmetrical hoodies are the trendiest tops. You can try ruffle skirts, cut-off shorts, and rompers for bottoms. Thanks to the other fashions that impact this aesthetic, there are so many accessory options. Get a big rattan bag to put things you collect in the forest. Or use it to carry the colorful flowers you picked in the woods. Also, wearing knee-high socks with Converse shoes will make you look rebellious. You can look calm and rebellious at the same time by choosing the correct pieces. Here, as Cosmique Studio, we have some suggestions for you. Take a look!

Fairy Grunge Aesthetic Clothes Tips

It’s not easy to find fairy grunge aesthetic outfits, right? As it’s a relatively new aesthetic, it’s hard to find the ideal pieces and combine them. Luckily, you’re not alone. Our professional team in Cosmique Studio has prepared some key fairy grunge aesthetic clothes and accessories for you.  You can have striped, ripped, flower printed, and asymmetrical pieces for tops. Wearing at least one of them will be enough to have a fashionable look. Believe us. You can choose cut-off, checkered, or long pieces for the bottom. Simple and tiny details of your accessories are crucial for having a stylish appearance.  For more information, check out the list below and choose the perfect pieces for your style!

Fairy Grunge Tops

  • Crop tops: Hollow out tops, backless, and halter ones.
  • Sweaters: Striped and ripped sweaters with any earth tones.
  • Dresses: Long dresses, off shoulders, or a lace splice mini dress.
  • Sweatshirts: Flower or butterfly printed sweatshirts, plaid, or oversize ones.
  • Jackets: Leather jackets, caftans, and drape open front jackets.
  • Hoodies: Oversize, knitted, and asymmetrical hoodies.
  • Shirts: Smock shirts, plaid ones, and striped shirts.

Fairy Grunge Bottoms

  • Skirts: Denim, ruffle, and long skirts.
  • Pants: Rompers, ripped jeans, and cargo pants.
  • Shorts: Cut-off or low-rise ones and checkered shorts.

Fairy Grunge Accessories

  • Glasses: Round, fire flame, or butterfly glasses.
  • Shoes: Sandals, combat boots, Converse shoes, or platform boots.
  • Socks: Knee-high socks, fishnets, and leg warmers.
  • Necklaces: Long metal chains, chokers, and barbed wire necklaces.
  • Hair clips: Ribbons, skeleton snap clips, and flower crowns.
  • Belts: Lace, studded, leather belts, and metal chains.
  • Bags: Messenger bags, rattan or straw ones.

How do you do Fairy Grunge Makeup?

Fairy grunge aesthetic has no specific type of makeup. The fairycore side of the makeup has a natural and glittery look, but the grunge part has the opposite. A gloomy, dark style is the favorite of grunge girls. So we have to blend both carefully. We should mix vampire red lipsticks, earthy tone eyeshadows, and glitters altogether. A dark green liquid eyeliner might be a good idea. When people look into your eyes, they’ll feel like you’re a fairy from the deep forest. Don’t forget fake freckles! They’re like a signature of fairy grunge aesthetic. You can also add fake eyelashes to create a remarkable impact on your makeup.

How do you do Fairy Grunge Hair?

 Fairy grunge hair is known for being messy. Although fairycore aesthetic hairstyles are more natural, there is no rule for this one. Thanks to the impact of grunge, you can dye your hair any color you wish. Black as night or blood red, you’re all free! More than one color is OK, too. You can mix brown, pink, and red, everyone’s gonna get it as you’re fairy grunge. Instead of long hair, shoulder-length is more popular. Layered bangs, a long front short back haircut, French braids, or a lob hairstyle can be a good idea. Just like fairycore, you can put flowers in your hair to look fascinating. Adding highlights could make you look more fashionable. Using hair accessories will make you look amazing. Ribbons, skeleton snap clips, and flower crowns are our suggestions, but indeed you can create your own look. For example, you can use studded belts, hair bands, and chokers to look more rebellious. It’s all up to your mood. 

What are Fairy Grunge Accessories?

Fairy grunge accessories play a crucial role in the aesthetic. So we should pay utmost attention while using them. We definitely should have elf ears and fairy wings. It’s unimaginable to be a fairy without them. To add some grunge, chokers can be a good idea. Studded belts, hair bands, and clips also give the grunge vibe. Fire flames or butterfly sunglasses can complete your look. Of course, you shouldn’t forget to wear layered necklaces or barbed wire ones. Ring and earring sets must be silver. You can select earthy-tone accessories for your bracelets, shoes, and bags. For fairy grunge aesthetic shoes, there are so many options. Combat or platform shoes can be good for cold weather. And it’s perfect for wearing sandals, flip-flops, and Converse shoes for daily use. At school, you can wear loafers, Vans and Mary Janes. Platform shoes and peep toe heels are ideal for special occasions to look more elegant.

What is the Difference Between Fairy Grunge and Fairycore?

Fairy Grunge

Darker colors and earthy tones.

Layered clothes.

Messy hair.

Combat boots.

Dirt and dust.


Bright colors and earthy tones.

Feminine clothes.

Natural hair.

Open-toe shoes.

Lots of glitter.


Where can you Buy Fairy Grunge Clothes?

We have a feeling that you are thinking about where to find fairy grunge aesthetic clothing. Imagine a shop that sells anything and everything related to aesthetics. Also, think about that store has the highest quality products. Yes, we’re talking about our online store, Cosmique Studio. We offer the most fashionable fairy grunge clothes and accessories at an affordable price. You have an opportunity to select any size you desire in any available color. Buying things from our online store will provide you with the most accessible and convenient access to such items. Find the most stylish items on the market at wallet-friendly prices from all over the world. Check out our site and choose the most comfortable top-quality fairy grunge aesthetic clothes. And complete your look with the accessories that go well with them. You deserve the best!

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