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Who is Wednesday Addams?

Wednesday Addams is probably the most popular character on Netflix these days. Pronounced as /wenzdei/, her name is on any billboard all around the world. The show is so famous that even now, people are asking, “When is Wednesday coming out” for season 2. Jenna Ortega plays Wednesday Addams by taking you inside the series. If we have a quick look at the story, we can say that its roots are actually from the past. Wednesday is based on the character of the Addams family, created as an American supernatural black comedy in 1991. Being the daughter of Morticia Gomez Addams, she also has a brother named Pugsley and a crazy uncle named Fester. Addams family is known for being scary and creepy. However, Wednesday is more sweet-natured but in her own unique way. If we look deeply at her story, we can see a brave, smart girl trying to cope with the expectations of her family, balance her relationships with others, and live her own life by being herself. She is actually a one-of-a-kind girl who likes writing, playing her violin, reading, and spending time alone. Her best friend is “Thing” who is a former family member. Even though Wednesday looks creepy as hell, many people from the Nevermore Academy like her unique fashion style.

What is the Style of Wednesday Addams?

Wednesday’s outfits are dark-colored and more like uniforms. We can see that she likes wearing black and white together. Her look is striking, and she always draws attention wherever she goes. Long sleeve dresses with collars, oversize hoodies, striped shirts, checkered cardigans, turtleneck sweaters, spotty dresses, opaque stockings, uniforms, long skirts, striped jackets, over-the-knee socks, and velvet chokers are some of the outfits that Wednesday would wear at school. Especially, she’d prefer wearing skeleton caps and knitted wool kitty ears hats in winter. Of course, dressing up in that style won’t be enough if you don’t have the attitude. Wednesday is highly intelligent and, therefore, witty. Also, she doesn’t care what people think about her and speaks up for herself and others’ rights. Imagine wearing a signature black dress of dark academia on Wednesday and speaking up. You’d be the most striking girl at school. Also, Wednesday clothing is perfect for Halloween. If you want to look creepy and gorgeous at the same time, take a look at these suggestions above and create your personal Wednesday aesthetic.

How can you Look Like Wednesday Addams?

How to dress for Wednesday Addams fashion might look relatively easy as it looks all black and white at first sight, but it is actually hard. You need to have specific clothes and accessories to have her style. Also, you should have a particular type of hairstyle and makeup. Combining them all and having the Wednesday attitude will make you look perfect. Wednesday look is kind of a mixture of dark academia, horror academia, and the gothic style. What you wear should look chic and gloomy at the same time. Mini dresses, maxi skirts, blazer jackets, long coats, knitted pieces, striped jumpers, lace-up clothes, leather jackets and gloves, checkered crops, neckties, and flat chunky sneakers are the main outfits you should wear. If you want to have Wednesday Addams wardrobe, select a few essential pieces among them or buy them all if you have a chance. Because all these pieces are easy to combine thanks to the color of black and white. If you need more Wednesday Addams outfit ideas, look at our specific collection and find unique pieces.

How do you do Wednesday Addams Makeup?

Wednesday Addams makeup style is gaining popularity daily on Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube. Many people are searching for makeup tutorials of Wednesday aesthetic. We have some suggestions for you. Here are some of them: You need to have a goth look. So, vampy lipsticks, black liquid eyeliner, black or dark blue eyeshadow, and powder will be perfect to look feminine and a little bit scary. If you want to use this style of Halloween makeup, you can draw some scary shapes like skulls on your face. Avoid using any highlighter. Because Wednesday doesn’t want to draw attention to her face, she prefers to do it with her personality. So, your makeup must be minimal but goth. You can also have dark brown or black contact lenses for a more intense look. Don’t forget to polish your nails black or have spooky nail art.

What are Wednesday Addams Accessories and Items?

Wednesday accessories consist of dark and studded pieces which are pretty limited. Leather gloves, white collars, black and white striped tights, black umbrellas, and neckties are the most used materials by Wednesday. She likes plain but chic pieces for her styles, such as a black necktie or a satchel backpack. Wednesday aesthetic shoes are also quite stylish but simple. Black chunky lace-up shoes, platform sneakers, Mary Jane flats, and Oxfords are exactly the types of shoes she likes to wear at school. Also, you can have spider web necklaces, Nevermore Academy phone cases, black studded earrings, and studded belts. Furthermore, you can decorate your Wednesday Addams room with replica human skulls, magic bottles, cosplay “Thing” hands, crystal balls, chandeliers, antique clocks, vintage nixie tubes, and typewriters. Painting your window with spider webs is also a good idea to show everyone that you’re a Wednesday aesthetic.

How do you do Wednesday Addams Hair?

Wednesday Addams prefer having braids with bangs most of the time. If you want to use her hairstyle, first, you need to have long hair. Wigs or hair extensions are the easiest solution if you have a short haircut. The colors you should use must be black and shades of brown. No matter what style you want, make sure it looks natural and effortless. Wednesday aesthetic is mostly about spending time with education and literature instead of beauty skills. Looking at the mirror for hours is not ideal for this style. So, having a fishtail, loose plaits, or classic braids is perfect for Wednesday style in an everyday look. For special occasions, you can also have crown braids, ponytail braids, or milkmaid braids. Use them with or without bangs. They’ll look amazing on you if you match your makeup with the shape of your hair.

Where can you Buy Wednesday Aesthetic Outfits?

Where to buy Wednesday Addams costumes and outfits has been frequently asked by Gen Z recently. As Netflix’s series Wednesday is getting more popular every day, many people want to have her unique clothing style. When we think of Jenna Ortega’s signature fashion style in these series, we can say that it’s quite normal to have such an idea. Being the biggest aesthetic clothes store online, Cosmique Studio has a Wednesday aesthetic category, which includes many different and unique outfits. Our expert team in Cosmique Studio chose and organized the trendiest and top-quality Wednesday clothes and accessories list for you. From cropped blazer jackets to mini dresses, you can find more than 2500 aesthetic outfits in our online store. All you have to do is to select the Wednesday clothes category, choose whichever pieces you like, decide on the size and color, and order them in a few minutes. Thanks to our selection, you won’t have to wear what everyone else has when you think of this specific aesthetic.  

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