Cottagecore Aesthetic Clothes

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What is cottagecore aesthetic? 

Cottagecore is an aesthetic that praises western rural life, it is all about nature, self-sufficiency. Cottagecore is about living simply in harmony with nature. It romanticizes agricultural life with all of it’s benefits. The important thing in cottagecore aesthetic is to give more than you take to nature. Cottagecore has a natural colour palette, it inspires colours from trees, sunsets, golden-hour, flowers and gardens

What is cottagecore fashion?

Cottagecore fashion consists mostly of feminine dresses in its colour palette. Sometimes dresses remind historic peasant dresses. You can find every type of cottagecore dress on Cosmique Studio. Also, overalls are perfect for cottagecore aesthetics too. Because this aesthetic also has elements of joy, there isn’t an outfit that is more joyous than an overall with a ponytail. 

What aesthetics are similar to cottagecore? 

In terms of style and colour fairycore and angelcore are pretty similar to cottagecore. Their clothing style is usually parallel with each other. The difference is the things that they stand for. Cottagecore is all about living with nature on a farm and helping others. But since the colour scheme is the same you can blend these aesthetics together very well. 

How do you become a cottagecore girl? 

It depends on how much you want to become a cottagecore girl. For example, you live on urban sides of the city then you need to move to rural sides! You need to embrace its aim and start a natural life. You can bake banana cakes all day or take care of a garden, whatever you want. And of course, you need to dress properly for cottagecore aesthetic. You can wear these tones; brown, olive green, baby-pink, light yellow, ivory. You need to choose more natural fabrics like cotton and linen. Also wearing almost no makeup and letting your hair natural is important in cottagecore. You can start to create your dream cottagecore aesthetic wardrobe from Cosmique Studio! 


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