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What is Cottagecore Aesthetic?

Also known as farmcore, countrycore, or teacore, cottagecore is a trendy aesthetic that embraces simple, self-sufficient living in rural areas. It’s deeply connected with nature and already has thousands of posts on TikTok. Anyone who likes cottages, wildflowers, gardens, traditional skills, or being eco-friendly can be cottagecore. If you are interested in agricultural life, you had better read this article carefully. Because there is a chance that you may find your aesthetic. This fashion is romantic, calm, and nostalgic. You know what we mean if you watched the Netflix series “Anne with an E”. Besides, it’s eco-friendly and supports sustainability and that explains why we all need to know about it. To be a cottagecore, you should be productive instead of spending your time doing consumption. For example, instead of the fast-fashion, you can sew your own clothes at home. They’ll be unique, ecological, and economic. Also, cook your own healthy food at home. We’re sure it’ll be fresh and delicious. There are many more things that you can easily do in your home or garden. Here is the list of the cottagecore activities that you can do:

  • Knitting and embroidery.
  • Cooking.
  • Baking.
  • Gardening and yardwork.
  • Reading books about love.
  • Having a cozy drink, especially a cup of herbal tea.
  • Walking in nature.
  • Picking flowers.
  • Having a picnic.
  • Watching the stars.
  • Painting your own walls.
  • Building birdhouses.
  • Taking nature-themed photos and posting them on Instagram.


How do you Dress for Cottagecore Aesthetic?

Cottagecore aesthetic includes shades of green, beige, baby pink, yellow, orange, brown, cream, and white colors. If you have pastel or neon tones in your wardrobe, get rid of them. As such colors don’t remind us of calmness, we won’t use them. Since this aesthetic has so many activities outside, you need to wear comfortable clothes instead of skinny ones. You need to be comfy and feminine at the same time. Start with buying a floral long dress. It shouldn’t be skinny. Then, get a corset. Yes, corsets are in! We know that they’re super feminine and it’s easy to show your belly thinner with them. If you don’t want to wear a dress, try a peasant-style blouse with puffy sleeves. And you can have a high waist mesh skirt. Then, get a pair of sandals. Put some flowers on your long, wavy hair. Don’t forget your dandelion pendant. It will remind you that you belong to the cottage.

Cottagecore Aesthetic Outfits Tips

Cottagecore aesthetic has so many specific details that you should know. Therefore, our expert team at Cosmique Studio has prepared some tips for you. Let’s begin with the patterns. You need to have some floral printed or embroidered patterned outfits. Dresses and skirts that you choose must be long or at the middle length. It would be easier for you to wear while doing gardening. You also should have a straw hat as you’ll be outside under the sun most of the time. Instead of skinny clothes, loose ones will make you feel more comfortable.  Knit your own outfits or have them from second hands or thrift shops because it’ll be eco-friendlier.

Cottagecore Aesthetic Tops

  • Crop tops: Square neck, ruffle, backless, lace collared, and floral crop tops.
  • Sweaters: Flower printed, embroidery, and lantern sleeve sweaters.
  • Dresses: Maxi dresses with flower motifs on, puffy sleeves, and peasant-style dresses.
  • Sweatshirts: Turtle neck, knitted, flower printed, and fleece sweatshirts. 
  • Jackets: Capes, chore-coats, and cloaks.
  • Hoodies: Loose, knitted, and Baja hoodies.
  • Shirts: Short sleeve floral shirts, flared, loose, and smock shirts.

Cottagecore Aesthetic Bottoms

  • Skirts: High waist, mesh, and ruffle skirts.
  • Pants: Overalls, corduroy, palazzo, harem pants, and wide-leg pants.
  • Shorts: High waist, embroidered, and upcycled shorts.

Cottagecore Aesthetic Accessories

  • Glasses: Classic round, Lenny frames, and wings glasses.
  • Shoes: Embroidery flat shoes, sandals, Mary Janes, cowboy boots.
  • Socks: Woolen, knitted, embroidery socks.
  • Necklaces: Flower resin, terrarium necklaces, and dandelion pendants.
  • Hair clips: Putting flowers in your hair, bandanas and flower crowns.
  • Belts: Ariat belts with floral buckles and rope belts.
  • Bags: Straw and rattan bags to carry flowers and tote bags.

How do you do Cottagecore Aesthetic Makeup?

Just like the outfits, cottagecore aesthetic makeup is natural and has an innocent look. Therefore, you should avoid using pastel tones. Instead, have peach tones for your skin. They’re perfect for all skin types so you don’t have to worry. If you use peach-toned blush, it’ll give you a sun-kissed look. Yellow, brown, peach, pink, and grey are all ideal for eyeshadows. Have a generous mascara to make your eyes more attractive. Choose soft nudes for your lipstick. Remember that you want to look natural so don’t even look at the vampire red. Put it in your drawer. You can also have fake freckles. They’ll give you a look as if you’re under the sun most of the time. Besides, you can draw flowers on your face if you have an artistic soul. It’s a trend recently and we’re sure that everyone’s going to like it on your Instagram and TikTok accounts!

How do you do Cottagecore Aesthetic Hair?

You need to shape your hair carefully if you want to have a cottagecore aesthetic hairstyle. The key point is it has to look natural. So, pastel tones cannot be even a matter of discussion. Yes, you might like dying your hair in such tones. However, if you do it then what’s the point of looking natural? Now we can discuss the shape of your hair if you have decided on the color. Long hair is the ideal length because it’s easier to shape it in a natural way. You can try balayage waves, unraveled braids, or loose curls. For girls with medium-length hair, we suggest you have a wavy pony, V-cut layers, or an ombre shag with a middle part. For short hair, it’s a great idea to choose one of these: Short hair with bangs, side-swept long layered pixie, or layered bob style. You’ll look fresh, fashionable, and effortless with these hairstyles. Choose the one which is suitable for your face. Get all the attention.

What are Cottagecore Accessories and Items?

There are some key points of cottagecore accessories and items. All the things you wear must have a piece from nature. For example, instead of buying hair clips, you can put some flowers on your hair or get a flower crown. You’ll look effortless and amazing! Also, straw hats can be great to avoid the harm of the sun. As you’ll spend so much time under the sun, you’ll definitely need a hat. If you know how to use resin, you can make your DIY accessories by yourself. Terrarium necklaces are one of the trendiest items recently. You can even have a dandelion pendant of your own. You know, crafting is one of the activities of the cottagecore style. There are so many choices when it comes the earrings. Cherries, mushrooms, leaves, blueberries, deer, and whatever comes to your mind can be great with earrings. And you can have them all with your crafty hands. Just use your imagination and see what you can do!

What is the Difference Between Cottagecore and Goblincore?

At first glance, cottagecore and goblincore may appear to be very similar to one another. However, there is simply too much that sets them apart from each other. The cottagecore aesthetic is heavily influenced by rural life in the West and Western country music. Alternatively, the horrific, mischievous, and devious goblins that live in the deep, dark forests are the primary source of inspiration for the goblincore aesthetic. In addition to this, the greedcore mentality places a greater emphasis on experiencing new things. On the other hand, cottagecore is more concerned with the pursuit of tranquility, peace, and serenity. Moreover, the emphasis placed on imperfection is another way to characterize goblincore. However, cottagecore places a significant emphasis on retaining a modern sound. Despite the fact that they are very different, both of these styles have recently become popular, particularly among members of Generation Z.

Where can you Buy Cottagecore Aesthetic Outfits?

We know that there are a lot of people asking where to buy cottagecore aesthetic clothes and accessories. They’re not quite easy to find though. Cottagecore fashion is getting more and more popular every day. So if you want to find unique products, you better hurry. Our expert team in Cosmique Studio has prepared this category for you to have the latest fashion cottagecore outfits. You’ll find the highest quality aesthetic clothes and accessories in our store. We expand our online store each day to offer you one-of-a-kind items at affordable prices. Make your selections regarding your size and favorite color available, add them to your cart, and have them in a few days. It’s literally as simple as that! You deserve nothing less than the best, so let us provide you with the best shopping experience possible.

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