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What is Sanriocore?

Sanriocore is a vibrant subculture that combines the cute and colorful character designs of the Japanese company Sanrio with punk, goth, and other alternative aesthetics. This subculture has gained significant popularity with the rise of internet communities and social media platforms that allow fans to share and connect over their love for Sanrio characters and alternative fashion. Sanriocore enthusiasts create their own handmade or customized accessories, clothing, and home decor inspired by Sanrio characters, and integrate them into their alternative fashion styles. Sanriocore has also influenced the music and art scenes, with some artists incorporating Sanrio-inspired imagery and themes into their work. As a result, Sanriocore continues to evolve and inspire creativity and self-expression among its followers.

List of Sanrio Characters

Here are some of the most popular Sanrio characters:

  • Hello Kitty - A white cat with a pink bow and no mouth.
  • Kuromi - A mischievous, dark-colored bunny with a skull bow.
  • My Melody - A pink bunny with a hood.
  • Little Twin Stars - Two fairies named Kiki and Lala.
  • Cinnamoroll - A white puppy with long ears and a curly tail.
  • Pompompurin - A golden retriever with a brown beret.
  • Gudetama - A lazy, egg-shaped character.
  • Keroppi - A green frog with big eyes and a smile.
  • Badtz-Maru - A mischievous black and white penguin.
  • Tuxedosam - A penguin with a distinctive red bow tie.

These characters have gained a massive following worldwide and have appeared on a wide range of products, including clothing, accessories, stationery, toys, and household items. Fans of these characters often collect merchandise featuring their favorite Sanrio character and incorporate them into their personal style and everyday life.


Kuromi is a popular character created by the Japanese company Sanrio, known for its colorful and cute characters. Kuromi was introduced in 2005 and has since gained a significant following among fans of Sanrio's characters.

While most Sanrio characters are cute and colorful, Kuromi represents the dark side of the Sanrio world, giving her a complex and nuanced view of the world. It's no surprise that fans of alternative culture are drawn to her unique character. Kuromi's popularity has given rise to a wide range of products featuring her edgy and rebellious style, including clothing, accessories, and stationery. Fans of Kuromi love to incorporate her character into their personal style, using her merchandise to showcase their love for her unique and edgy personality.

In short, Kuromi's style is an extension of her character, showcasing her punk and goth fashion choices that make her stand out from the rest of the Sanrio gang. Her popularity among fans of alternative fashion is a testament to her one-of-a-kind and compelling style that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is a well-known character created by the Japanese company Sanrio in 1974. She is one of the most popular Sanrio characters and has a significant global following.

Hello Kitty's style is often described as cute and feminine, with a touch of nostalgia. She is often seen wearing a red or pink bow on her left ear, a dress, and a matching pair of shoes. Her clothing and accessories typically feature pastel colors, hearts, flowers, and other cute and playful designs. Hello Kitty's style has been described as a part of the kawaii culture in Japan, which translates to "cuteness" in English. The kawaii culture emphasizes childlike innocence, playfulness, and cuteness in fashion, design, and everyday life. However, Hello Kitty's style has also been adapted and influenced by other fashion subcultures, including streetwear, punk, and even high-end designer collaborations. Her image has been used on a wide range of products, from casual t-shirts and hoodies to more formal dresses and handbags.

Overall, Hello Kitty's style is diverse and adaptable, with a wide range of fashion options to suit different tastes and preferences. Her enduring popularity is a testament to her iconic design and her ability to appeal to a wide range of people around the world.

My Melody

My Melody is a popular Sanrio character created by the Japanese company Sanrio in 1975. She is a pink bunny with a hood, and her design is inspired by Little Red Riding Hood.

My Melody style is often described as cute, sweet, and vintage-inspired. It is characterized by pastel colors, floral patterns, and a focus on feminine clothing and accessories. Her iconic pink hood and flower ear accessory are symbols of her charming and innocent aesthetic, which is beloved by fans of all ages. My Melody's design is often inspired by the fairytale character Little Red Riding Hood, and her clothing and accessories reflect this vintage-inspired theme. The My Melody aesthetic style is often incorporated into merchandise, such as clothing, accessories, and home decor, which feature her image and design. Fans of My Melody often use her aesthetic style to express their love for this cute and endearing character.

Overall, My Melody's aesthetic style is a reflection of her character and values, which emphasize friendship, kindness, and compassion. Her sweet and charming design has made her a beloved character and fashion icon among fans of Sanrio's characters.


Cinnamoroll was created by the Japanese company Sanrio in 2001. He was designed by the artist Chisato Seki and was originally introduced as part of a line of characters known as the "Cinnamon" series, which included characters like Cinnamoroll's friends Mocha and Chiffon. Cinnamoroll quickly became one of the most popular characters in the series, and his cute and playful design has since captured the hearts of fans all over the world!

Cinnamoroll's fashion is all about pastel colors, polka dots, and playful designs. His signature blue polka-dot bow adds a fun touch to any outfit, and his casual clothing perfectly reflects his friendly and upbeat personality. This pup's style isn't just about looking cute - it's a reflection of his values. Cinnamoroll believes in the importance of friendship, fun, and playfulness, and his design is meant to evoke warm and nostalgic feelings in everyone who sees him. No wonder he's so beloved by fans of all ages! Cinnamoroll's popularity has led to a ton of merchandise featuring his adorable image, including clothing, accessories, and even home decor. Fans love incorporating his cute and playful design into their own personal style, using his merchandise to show off their love for this lovable pup.

All in all, Cinnamoroll's style perfectly represents his character and values. His cute and playful design has captured the hearts of fans of all ages, and his enduring popularity is a testament to the universal themes of friendship, fun, and playfulness that he embodies. So next time you see Cinnamoroll, give him a wink and a smile - after all, he's one pup you just can't resist!


Pompompurin is a beloved character created by Sanrio in 1996. This cute golden retriever with a brown beret is named after his favorite dessert: pudding!

With his laid-back personality, Pompompurin has stolen the hearts of fans of all ages. He loves to sleep, eat, and spend time with his friends, which makes him an easygoing and friendly character. Pompompurin's fashion style is adorable and relaxed, with a vintage touch. His signature brown beret is the perfect accessory for this cute pup. He loves pastel colors, polka dots, and playful designs. You'll often see him wearing comfortable clothes like t-shirts and hoodies, which reflect his chill personality. Pompompurin's design aims to bring warmth and nostalgia, and it's a reflection of his values. He reminds us of the importance of rest, relaxation, and spending time with loved ones. Thanks to his popularity, Pompompurin has a wide range of merchandise, including clothing, accessories, and home decor. Fans love to incorporate his style into their personal look.

Pompompurin's cute and laid-back style is a perfect reflection of his character and values. It's no wonder he's a fan favorite among Sanrio's characters!


Awww, meet Pochacco, the pawpular Sanrio pup who stole the hearts of fans around the world! Created by the Japanese company Sanrio in 1989, Pochacco is a white and black dog with the cutest floppy ears and a bobtail. His style is sporty, casual, and full of playfulness that matches his energetic and adventurous personality!

One of Pochacco's signature fashion accessories is a red and blue cap, which he wears on his head with style. His clothing and accessories feature bold colors and designs, reflecting his love for physical activity, exploration, and most importantly, having fun! Pochacco's wardrobe consists of comfortable and functional clothes like t-shirts, shorts, and sneakers that are perfect for any adventure. Pochacco's charming style has won the hearts of fans worldwide, leading to a wide range of merchandise featuring his image, including clothing, accessories, and home decor. Fans adore incorporating his character into their personal style and using his merchandise to express their love for his sporty and playful design.

Overall, Pochacco's sporty and playful style perfectly reflects his character and the values he represents, making him a beloved character among Sanrio's fans of all ages. If you're a fan of physical activity, exploration, and having fun, then Pochacco is the perfect pup to add to your collection!

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