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What is Pastel Goth Aesthetic?

Pastel Goth aesthetic is a fashion that emerged in the 2010s on Tumblr. It was so breathtaking that have had many followers since then. Inspired by the kawaii fashion, it’s also called kawaii goth, soft grunge, pastel grunge, nu goth, and spooky kawaii. This style is actually a mixture of kawaii aesthetic, grunge, and goth culture. That means, it’s cute but kind of has a scary side. You can imagine this aesthetic with an image of black and pastel colors. Even if pastel goth girls and boys have a dark side, they show the cuteness inside them with their outfits and hair colors. They’re also called creepy cute and pastel goth lolita for this reason. You can see these people on Instagram and TikTok sharing their makeup, outfits, and hairstyle with goth images, skulls, inverted crosses with bowties, and so on. They like posting their photos and videos on social media and getting many likes. Even if grunge aesthetic lovers look down on this aesthetic, it is still a culture that many people like.

How to Be a Pastel Goth

To be a pastel goth, first, you should dye your hair in pastel tones. It can be any color but surely should grab attention. Then, you need a wardrobe that includes black and pastel color clothes and accessories.  The pieces that you wear might be different from other people, but it’s OK because that’s the point of this aesthetic: Being unique. You can show your uniqueness not only with clothes but also with your attitude. You shouldn’t care about what people think about you. Be cool and independent. Besides, spend your time with your appearance, because looking cute and fashionable takes time. You don’t have to be super dark or super pastel at once, just think about how you feel for that specific day and dress up for it. That’s the beauty of pastel goth, you can express what’s in your mind with your look. One day you may look dark as hell and the other day pinky like candy. It’s all up to you!

How do you Dress for Pastel Goth Aesthetic?

How to dress pastel goth is a frequently asked question among Gen Z. Although it’s one of the most popular aesthetics of all time, finding the right pieces isn’t that easy. First, you should start with the colors. Black, red, and any pastel tones are suitable for this fashion. If you combine them well, you can create a unique look with the right black pieces and pastel color outfits. Also, you should be very careful about cuteness as well. The ultimate goal must be being cute and sexy simultaneously with the right choices of clothes and accessories. For example, uniforms are perfect for this purpose. Also, they are easy to wear and ideal for a capsule wardrobe. You can also have dyed denim vests, oversize tees, leather corsets, leather pants, loose cardigans, cross necklaces, flower crowns, lace ankle socks, leather garters, and platform boots. Nothing really different than you have in your wardrobe, right? All you need to do is to combine them well. Need any help? Read the tips below and you’ll find the answers that you’re looking for!

Pastel Goth Aesthetic Outfits Tips

To wear pastel goth clothes, first, you should decide on your hair color. As this aesthetic mainly focuses on hair colors, so you must decide on what you’re going to wear according to it. Pastel goth aesthetic doesn’t have a certain color code except for black and any pastel tones. So, you should choose the colors of your clothes and accessories carefully to make your look flawless. Another issue you should care about is cuteness. Being cute and sexy is the main theme of this fashion just like kawaii. So, whatever you wear, add some cute pieces of your combinations. Moreover, asymmetric pieces, cropped and ruched clothes, transparent blouses, teddy items, and ribbed shirts are among the most popular products for pastel goth aesthetic fashion. You can also faux fur have leg warmers, buckle platform boots, and spiked headbands in your pastel goth wardrobe.

Pastel Goth Aesthetic Tops

  • Crop tops: Ruched, mesh, striped, cut-out, shredded, plaid, and corset tops.
  • Sweaters: Oversized, V-neck, distressed, zip-up, and crop sweaters.
  • Dresses: Bowknot, multilayer, plaid, vinyl, mini, and corset dresses.
  • Sweatshirts: Loose, printed, striped, collar, tie-dye, crewnecks, or crop sweatshirts.
  • Jackets: Leather, cropped, loose, color-block, teddy jackets.
  • Hoodies: Spiked, graphic, chained, patchwork, and reflective hoodies.
  • Shirts: Striped, Harajuku, transparent, bandage, buckle, lace-up, and ribbed shirts.

Pastel Goth Aesthetic Bottoms

  • Skirts: Plaid, pleated, flared, ruffled, layered, cargo, chiffon, and miniskirts.
  • Pants: Flare, ruched, graphic, checkered, cargo, plaid, leather, lace, and cut-out pants.
  • Shorts: Lace-up, distressed, denim, fringe, checkered, and line lounge shorts.

Pastel Goth Aesthetic Accessories

  • Glasses: Classic round, cat eyes, goggles, flame, and mirrored glasses.
  • Shoes: Buckle platforms, mid-calf wedges, chunky sneakers, traitor boots, platform Mary Janes, and thigh-high combat boots.
  • Socks: Mesh tights, fishnet thigh highs, faux fur leg warmers, long, and striped stockings.
  • Necklaces: Layered chokers, bolo ties, barbed wire necklaces, and metal chains.
  • Hair clips: Spiked headbands, rhinestone tiaras, bunny ears, bat hair bows, butterfly hair clips.
  • Belts: Chain, rhinestone, studded, velvet, and corset belts.
  • Bags: Leg garter bags, fanny packs, and studded chain handbags.

How do you do Pastel Goth Aesthetic Makeup?

How to do pastel goth aesthetic makeup is a commonly asked question. To put your flawless makeup on, you should first need to have smooth skin. Just like you’re an anime girl. Start with a moisturizer to smooth your face skin. Get a water-based or cream foundation that is suitable for your skin’s undertones. Apply it with a foundation brush to have a smooth surface on your face. Then, use powder so that your makeup can last long. If you have some pimples, you can use concealers. After that, apply a pinky blush to have a cute look. Time for the eyebrows! Shape and color your eyebrows with any color you wish. Remember, exaggerating is a part of pastel goth. So you can match the color of your eyebrows with your hair color. Then, choose a pastel-shade eyeshadow. It can be any neon tone. It’s up to your taste. After that, use thick, winged eyeliner. It’s perfect for the photos, trust us. Then use generous mascara, and decide on the color of your lipstick. Purple, border, black, or vampire red, it doesn’t matter. All you have to do is to add some dark shades to your makeup. You can use it as eyeshadow or lipstick. If you follow these steps, you’ll have a cute but dark look, which is ideal for pastel goth aesthetic makeup.

How do you do Pastel Goth Aesthetic Hair?

Pastel goth aesthetic hair is all about changing the color of your hair with your mood of the day. You can choose any color you wish from black to any pastel tones. You can even dye it in multiple colors. To do that, you need to section your hair first, then, apply the dye. If you want to do that at home, we recommend you be careful, especially using bleach. There are many different and attractive options when it comes to haircuts. For short hair, we suggest you have shaggy bangs, a wolf cut, or a spiked-up pixie. For medium hair, you can have flirty waves, high-low style, or short bangs. There are also many options for long haircuts. A straight cut, U cut, or choppy layers can be ideal for pastel goth aesthetic hair. Also, you should use some trendy pastel goth hair accessories to be unique and stylish. You need super cute hairpins as well as goth ones. Bat hair clips, demon horns, pentagrams, and skeleton hands are perfect for the goth side of this aesthetic. For the kawaii side, you can have cute bunny hair clips, lovely barrettes, gummy bear clips, and hair bows.

What are Pastel Goth Accessories and Items?

Pastel goth aesthetic accessories include a variety of items such as cute pieces and goth products. Apparently, the most popular ones are the hairclips as this aesthetic is mainly based on hair colors. Spiked headbands, citrus fruit hair clips, bunny or bear ears, bat hair bows, tooth fairy hair clips, cat shape scrunchies are some fashionable hair accessories. Also, studded leather backpacks and tote bags are commonly used. Of course, we cannot forget about socks if we’re talking about pastel goth accessories. Striped thigh-high socks, fishnet stockings, and over-the-knee socks with satin bows are quite popular recently. Careful choosing your socks, they must be suitable for your shoes. Pastel goth aesthetic shoes are suitable for every occasion. You can have chunky block heels and Cape Robin radioactive platform boots when you’re hanging out with your friends. At school, Mary Jane shoes and loafers are fashionable enough. Also, you can wear lace-up zipper combat boots and holographic platform boots for cold days. For special occasions, round-toe chunky heel platform shoes are just fine. 

What is the Difference Between Goth and Pastel Goth?

The main difference between goth and pastel goth is the color choice. While black is the most preferable color in the goth culture, the pastel goth aesthetic commonly uses black with other pastel tones. Also, pastel goths aren’t really interested in goth music. Besides, for some people, the pastel goth aesthetic doesn’t represent goths but uses its name for popularity. Moreover, whilst goth outfits are mostly second-hand or thrifted, pastel goths are obsessed with brand-new clothes and expensive accessories. They dress in a certain way and for some people, that’s the only thing they do. Even though some are angry with pastel goths and don’t accept them, others don’t care about labels. No matter what they say, you shouldn’t forget that all you have to do is be yourself to find your personal aesthetic. It’s pretty natural to want to be in a particular community. They might look like each other a lot such as goth and pastel goth. So you should search for them very well before buying new outfits.

Where can you Buy Pastel Goth Outfits?

Where to buy pastel goth clothes and accessories is a frequently asked question. There are many people who like cute and dark things, but the buying options are limited because of the other popular trends. Even if you find pastel goth outfits, it’s quite likely that you might see the same product on someone. For this reason, our expert team in Cosmique Studio created a pastel goth aesthetic outfits category for you. As the largest online supplier of aesthetic clothing, we have a wide selection of unique items to suit your taste. With only one click, you may have the precise size and color of the products you want. Discover the highest quality aesthetic outfits at affordable prices in our online store. For all of our more than 2000 products, we provide shipping worldwide. Check out our offerings and enjoy shopping!

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