A Beginner’s Guide To Edgy Style: Everything You Need To Know title=

A Beginner’s Guide To Edgy Style: Everything You Need To Know

Posted by Magnificent Medusa on Aug 25, 2022

Hi pals! If you are looking for ideas on how to get edgy and embrace the edgy aesthetic at heart, you are always welcome here!

People want to have a style that fits their identity. They try many things until the search for identity, which starts at a young age, reaches a conclusion. Some solve MBTI tests while others memorize their birth charts deeply. They want a place in society, even if they know they cannot find it. This search for identity, which started with many ideological studies, is eventually reflected in one's style. Either they get a place in a community or form their own community. These people describe themselves as "social outcasts."

So who are these people? Maybe the person who is reading this, perhaps a curious cat. These are the people who set their hearts on the edgy style. If you think you belong to this community, let's get started.

After reading this blog, you will have the following information:

»What is the meaning of edgy aesthetic?

»What are the basics for edgy style?

»Key points of edgy style.

»What does it mean if someone calls you edgy?

»How can a girl look edgy?

»5 edgy aesthetic outfit ideas.

What is the Meaning of Edgy Aesthetic?

Edgy aesthetic means being on edge, confident, not afraid of showing authority, and wearing clothes that quickly grasp attention. Those clothes are mainly black, reflecting the edgy person's "otherness" or the dark side. When black absorbs light, the dark becomes visible. If you're attracted to the edgy aesthetic, you might be interested in joining a gang. You should have seen motorcycle clubs. They have strict rules of appearance and a leadership ideal.

Edgy people are social outcasts, like the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (OMGs). Edgy people are obsessed with expressing their style distinctly, just like bikers.

Definition of edgy aesthetic culture, biker gang, feminine edgy style

What are the Key Points for Edgy Style? 

•Makeup: Black eyeshadow, bold eyeliner, dark shades of lipstick.

•Accessories: Metal chains, biker skull rings, leather belts, black sunglasses.

•Essential Clothes: Leather jackets, leather platform boots, band t-shirts, crop tops.

•Values: Dice with death!

•Colors: Black and violet.

With the help of these edgy style keywords, you can also search for Pinterest edgy aesthetic clothes.

Key points of edgy aesthetic makeup, accessories, key colors, key values, key clothes, edgy anime pfp

What does it Mean if Someone Calls you Edgy?

Sometimes, edgy is used as an insult. However, it is a compliment to the outcasts of society. If someone calls you edgy, you have strict rules, a confident appearance, and a standout style. Sometimes edgy is referred to as being anxious or being on edge. But, this is not the case anymore. So, do not get offended, and embrace your provocative aesthetic. Because if you are edgy, you are fabulous!

What does it mean when someone calls you edgy, being called edgy quotes

How can a Girl Look Edgy?

If you are wondering how a girl can look edgy, there are many factors we need to discuss. We will begin with Statement.

A specific style is not just about wearing clothes that belong to that aesthetic. You also have a particular ideology that your clothes reflect. So it's always a plus to have a style where you don't look like someone you're not.

Anyone interested in edgy fashion should also support their mindset and rugged look and be able to maintain it under all circumstances. When you enter a new environment, you must be able to attract attention; sometimes, you may even seem intimidating with a resting b**** face.

What is edgy aesthetic flowchart information board with example

The Mystery of Black

Another critical factor is the mysterious color black. Black is always an excellent option to attract attention and be mysterious simultaneously. Because bizarre characters attract attention, as do those with edgy aesthetics, black must be in the center and foreground of your style. They say combining black is easy, but the opposite is the case. Of course, it is not true that everything black suits the edgy aesthetic. That's why finding the right pieces that fit you and fit your edgy style is so critical. Besides, you can add dark color accessories and pieces in different tones to your outfit. As I said before, wearing all black does not mean being edgy. It would help if you also used various techniques to highlight black and your serious style. Dark red, burgundy, and gray and their tones are among the colors you can choose in your closet.

The Importance of Fit

Styling an outfit does not consist of wearing random pieces with a specific color. Fit is also important to consider while dressing up. Choosing only skinny or oversize clothing can completely change the image. But how about mixing them?

Wearing tight-fitting edgy-style clothes is not a big deal. It would be best if you preferred contrasts instead: wearing baggy pants under a crop top or wearing an oversize jacket over skinny jeans. It's all up to you.

In Leather We Trust!

Use of leather fabric in edgy style, leather jacket, leather skirt, leather boots, leather bag, leather pants collage

Leather offers both an expensive look and adds seriousness to the person. Any leather clothes you add to your outfit will get you closer to edgy. Even a piece like this edgy style sexy mini skirt will be enough to take advantage of the nobility of leather. If you want to move forward with simpler pieces, match a leather choker and this edgy style leather backpack.

What are the Edgy Accessories?

You know what they say, accessories are like vitamins to fashion. Accessories embellish and complete our edgy look. An edgy accessory also can completely change a classy outfit! So, what are those edgy accessories? You can wear silver chains and wrap them around your neck or belly. But if you want a total commitment to your aesthetic, there are different choices.

Edgy accessory inspiration collage, edgy necklace, edgy beanie, edgy sunglasses, edgy earrings


In addition to being highly effective in providing benefits in the first place and protecting the eyes from UV rays, glasses have also taken an essential place in the fashion industry over time. Sometimes it helps to hide celebrities from the paparazzi; sometimes, it can conceal tears at a funeral. In addition, trendy sunglasses designed in different styles can make you look like a style icon. Sunglasses or eyewear, which are now used in any event rather than protection from the sun, can be indispensable for you in edgy style.

First, even a pair of regular black sunglasses can change your look entirely. It also draws attention as it adds a mysterious atmosphere. But oversized framed sunglasses will perfectly suit your edgy aesthetic if you intend to be more marginal. 


If you like to wear a hat, you should wear a black fedora hat. Sheriff vibes; definitely a masculine and mysterious energy like, cuff me off already!

There are other options, such as caps, and beanies, as well. Hat + sunglasses combinations that's what an edgy girl should give a chance.


Wear as many rings as you can, girl! They can be either silver or gold. However, I choose silver ones. All fingers must be full of rings.

Even though it’s referred to as a “men’s ring,” I reject the norms and generally wear biker skull rings. They may be a little bit heavy to wear, though. :)

Besides rings, a multilayered silver necklace and a pair of silver earrings will complete the edgy look.


Using a belt is not only essential to prevent the pants from falling off, but it also adds a layer to your outfit for a richer look.

Wearing a belt makes a body look more shaped and curvy. Besides, it separates the top areas from the bottom areas and can make the legs appear longer.

Besides, a specific belt will enhance the edgy look and make it stand out more. What is this “specific” belt, then? Of course, the leather and the chained edgy straps! Keeping up with edgy aesthetic style comes with responsibilities such as carrying those heavy leathers and chains.

Don’t Be in Someone’s Shoes.

No doubt, it is the shoes that carry the whole outfit! Imagine wearing a pair of sandals under a suit. That would be a disastrous crime to walk around wearing those. Ugh. So, do not neglect the choice of shoes, especially as someone who cares about appearance. Then what should be the most suitable shoes for an edgy aesthetic? A pair of boots. Definitely! Bikers don't just wear boots to protect their feet. Since Dr. Martens was founded, boot-wear has become commonplace by officers, official business people, and even anti-system gangs. Boots have represented something throughout history. Wearing boots is inevitable for someone who reflects their ideology with their edgy aesthetic. You can get leather boots, chain-detailed platform boots, or combat boots according to your choice. As another ideologically representative shoe, a pair of black canvas sneakers can also easily suit your edgy style. I have tried to explain the edgy aesthetic style simply so far. I'm sure you already have tons of ideas in mind. However, I have still designed five different and complete edgy outfits for you to access affordable edgy aesthetic clothing and get inspiration quickly! <3

Edgy aesthetic shoes ideas flowchart outfit board with instructions

Edgy Outfit Inspiration #1

Edgy outfit inspiration with leather black pants, edgy black long sleeve crop top, leather black bag and leather black platform boots

Here is a complete design of our first edgy style outfit inspiration. This edgy double zipper crop top is a perfect example of edgy tops. It has chain and zipper details, adding extra layers to your edgy outlook.

As I said before, using contrasts in fit is a game changer. So, I preferred not skinny jeans but more classical fit leather black pants, making the outlook chic!

To complete the edgy aesthetic, you should keep these leather black platform boots and black leather bags to suit the pants.

Since the use of accessories is a rule of the edgy aesthetic, I have added various accessories to this outfit. But, you can add more and more as it’s not a crime. 

Edgy Outfit Inspiration #2

Edgy outfit inspiration with edgy wave design long sleeve gloves blue crop top, sexy egirl vintage black pants, a pair of black high heeled leather boots and heart-shaped necklaces

For this second outfit inspo, I chose more colorful pieces. I wanted it to give the idea of using different colors than black in the edgy style. I am sure you will be interested in this beautiful blue-white harmony of edgy wave design long-sleeve gloves and blue crop top. When you choose such a tight top, it will be better to wear baggy or regular-cut pants. Exactly as I mentioned above, contrast fitting attracts more attention in fashion.

I chose Cosmique's sexy e-girl vintage black pants as a great example and complementary piece. These flare pants will provide you with a stylish stance and comfort. After all, the clothes we wear should be not only chic but also comfortable.

And, of course, as strong women who can stand on their own feet, I leave an excellent shoe recommendation here. Leather black high-platform boots will suit the flare cut of these pants very well.

Edgy Outfit Inspiration #3

Edgy outfit inspiration collage with grunge aesthetic ankle boots, edgy aesthetic tie neck regular fit grey crop top and edgy high waist bandage pants

Let's come to our third edgy outfit inspo. Again, I came to give an idea with an outfit where black is in the center, but other tones support dark pale gray. Top first! I saw this edgy aesthetic crop top and fell in love with it all of a sudden!

I combined these edgy aesthetic bandage pants with matching this crop top with tie details. In this edgy aesthetic outfit example, I also compiled a fit contrast where the bottom is looser, and the top is tighter. Because why not?

I preferred flat-soled grunge aesthetic ankle boots under these pants because they offer a more sporty and casual look. Of course, you can choose to wear heels as well. I leave the choice entirely to your imagination and your sense of edgy aesthetic.

I chose leather for the shoulder bag to match the pattern of the boots. You may prefer any leather edgy bag. Make sure the type of fabric is compatible with other pieces, though.

Edgy Outfit Inspiration #4 

Edgy outfit inspiration with sleeveless leather black jacket, a pair of leather black platform boots, edgy black mesh sleeves crop top and sexy egirl pu leather pants

Here is the outfit that fits my everyday style too! An outfit that is too flashy and will attract attention. If you think you’re not quite ready to be in the spotlight, I guess I’ll have to give you a little more self-confidence.

The standout part of this outfit, the centerpiece, is this mesh sleeves edgy crop top. Look at the chain details! Screaming, “I’m here and ready to get your attention.”

Okay, please don’t come at me. This edgy outfit would not be complete if I didn’t add a leather detail to it, which is indispensable for edgy. I also like baggy pants as I chose baggy PU leather pants again. So what? It will look better on you; I know that!

Did we put an edgy leather belt on these pants? Everything is edgy enough. A silver chain to match this crop top would look great on your waist.

Shall I tell you my favorite part of this outfit? Sleeveless leather jacket, of course! But it’s a secret, shh. A sleeveless leather jacket is the most suitable piece to add to a long-sleeved blouse.

Edgy Outfit Inspiration #5

Edgy outfit inspiration collage with black fedora hat, leather black platform boots, leather black heart-detailed shoulder bag, edgy long sleeve crop sweatshirt, black solid sexy leather river zipper mini skirt

Where are my skirt-lover homies at? I chose a feminine, edgy look for this fifth and final outfit. If you want to look both edgy and feminine, this outfit is definitely for you!

Along with the edgy long sleeve crop sweatshirt, this sexy leather mini skirt has the potential to both make you look feminine and to keep up with any event or occasion. You can be as sweet as the cat in the design. :)

Just so you don’t come at me, I wanted to add something other than leather, so I chose the suede fedora hat. In addition, I combined a large framed black pair of sunglasses I mentioned in the accessories section.

You can always add more, whatever your current mood demands. You can use many rings, earrings, piercings, and nail art; they can look very nice too! If you have tattoos, you can choose accessories that make them stand out. Choosing dark, edgy makeup to look tougher will make the edgy look solid.

I leave a edgy style tutorial below that you can apply to yourself. I had a lot of fun watching it; I hope it will teach you while entertaining you. 

These were the main topics I could tell about “ How Can A Girl Look Edgy” Starting from somewhere, you can have the edgy girl look that you attribute more to yourself over time.

You can get these affordable edgy aesthetic outfits and more on Cosmique Studio! If you want to look at different styles and get inspired by them, follow Cosmique Studio on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, and Pinterest! You are always welcome to our blog, which will attract you to its colorful and different world.

And before leaving for checking out other fulfilling blogs about different aesthetic styles, leave us a comment below on what you think about edgy style. Does this style appeal to you? Which one of the outfit ideas grasped your attention the most? Do you find the information in this blog sufficient as an edgy aesthetic guide? We humbly request your recommendations to develop our later contents.

Best wishes,



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