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The Aesthetic Style You Should Wear According to Your Zodiac Sign

Posted by Magnificent Medusa on Nov 20, 2022

Hello fellas, again! After many guide blogs, here is entirely different content: zodiac signs and the aesthetics they are related to, which you need to try even once in your life. Even someone who claims not to believe in horoscopes will find this blog interesting. Because human beings are drawn to things that are connected/relevant to them. This is the law of nature. No doubt that you will find yourself in this blog. So, it would help if you gave it a chance before prejudging.

Besides, all the aesthetic trends are based on specific data. They are matched with signs according to the generally accepted characteristics of the zodiac. However, it is recommended that you may rely on something other than your sun sign while reading the blog. It would help if you also looked at the zodiac sign that you think has the most impact on your character in your birth chart and the aesthetic that they are matched with. 

What Type of Aesthetic is Pisces? (February 19-March 20)

Since Neptune rules Pisces people, they are artistic, imaginative people, so they should wear the art-hoe aesthetic, which loves art and creation. Pisces are emotionally and spiritually aware, artistically minded, and intensely empathetic. Contrary to the fact that you value others' feelings too much, you are careless regarding social norms. And, of course, the fact that you are careless is definitely reflected in your style and appearance. As a Pisces, you value comfort in terms of fashion, but this comfort comes from your comfort zone. Meaning that you wear what you like regardless of what others think. You create your own sense of style, combining different pieces and colors. 

Thus, with your artistic inclination and disposition against social standards, as a Pisces you should wear art-hoe aesthetic outfits. As the name suggests, art hoe is an aesthetic known for its fondness for art and nature. Even though people sometimes see you very introverted, you have a vast and colorful universe inside your mind. People can see you drawing or scribbling something in the back row in class. You tend to go the way you want rather than what the system imposes on you. As a Pisces, you do not obey the system's dictates and do not generally accept the mainstream. Thus, we may see the most different and unusual clothes, jewelry, and even make-up on art-hoe Pisces. Art-hoes are also known for being creative, just like Pisces. Therefore, it is a must for those of you ruled by Neptune to try on art-hoe clothes even once in your lives. 

Some art-hoe aesthetic clothes are overalls, graphic tees, striped shirts, Kanken bags, mom jeans, DIY-painted sweatpants, and canvas sneakers. And anything associated with art culture or things printed with artists are the key points and clothes of this aesthetic. In addition, art-hoe hairstyles for Pisces, such as messy buns, bob cuts, bangs, ponytails, and pigtails decorated with colorful hairclips, are perfect examples to complete your art-hoe look. Finally, you can also choose retro and vintage clothes for Pisces outfits. These will also fit your style perfectly.

The key points of art hoe aesthetic associated with Pisces sign including creativity, high culture, color palettes, polaroid pictures, graphic tees, etc.

What Type of Aesthetic is Aries? (March 21-April 19)

As they are ruled by their childlike nature and the fire energy of Mars, Aries people should wear the kidcore aesthetic, which is known for its childhood values. Aries people are known as the children of the zodiac since it is the first sign of the twelve others. Because you are childlike, you have an exciting nature. You are immediately affected by the dynamics and energy around you. You are courageous and adventurous, too. Therefore, as an Aries, you can also be a good leader. Of course, besides these, you may be impatient like children and live your emotions intensely. However, the people around you know that there is no evil in your heart.

Aries' childlike features are reflected in their appearance, obviously. As a result of long research, Aries people should wear kidcore clothes at least once in their lives. Kidcore's key points are toys, rainbows, bright colors, and living childhood, and these traits fit well with Aries, the sign of vibrant colors. In this style, children's toys or cartoons are at the forefront. Cartoon-printed clothing is what stands out most in kidcore style. For example, a Scooby Doo printed crop top, a patchwork shirt, and rainbow-striped long sleeves are great options for Aries outfits for kidcore clothing. Or, preferably short denim overalls, stockings, puffy sleeves, and pajamas are the pieces we can come across in kidcore aesthetic outfits. Everything you wore as kids is kidcore fit. In fact, friendship necklaces or bracelets, stuffed animals or plushies, stickers, etc., add richness to your kidcore look. Use your Aries confidence and consider wearing these if you want to complete your kidcore appearance.

The key points of kidcore aesthetic associated with Aries sign including toys, rainbows, cartoons, bright colors, stuffed animals, suspenders, etc.

What Type of Aesthetic is Taurus? (April 20-May 20)

Taurus people are identified with nature, so they should wear cottagecore aesthetic which admires nature and cottage life. Taurus are known for their motherly attitude, being down to earth and reliable, and being likened to mother nature. Taurus signs highly value the feelings of others. On the other hand, as a Taurus, you are compared to a stubborn bull. Possessive attitudes are also very prone to be perceived badly. You may be lazy if you are not happy in your environment or position.For this reason, as Taurus signs, you should accept that you are like Gaia, like mother nature, and live more in touch with nature. Although you can be stubborn and irritable in some matters, you can find yourself in nature's serenity. Thus, Taurus should wear cottagecore outfits.

Cottagecore aesthetic prefers to stay away from modernity and dislikes capitalism. Taurus signs are thought to be materialistic. But don't let this fool who does not know you. You actually like quality. So, you want originality and beauty rather than capitalism and fast fashion.

The prominent colors of the cottagecore aesthetic are green, brown, and sometimes yellow. Earth tones suit you, mothers of nature, very well. That's why you should wear cottagecore's key colors as a Taurus. To complete the cottagecore look for Taurus outfits, you can wear long, flowy dresses or skirts; overalls; lace detailed corsets or bodices; hand-crafted accessories like knitted hats, sweaters, or booties. As a representative of mother nature, you can choose brown and nude tones in your make-up. You can also let your cottagecore hair loose or braid it according to your taste.

The key points of cottagecore aesthetic associated with Taurus sign including cottages, farm animals, handicrafts, sewing, frilly dresses, floral patterns, etc.

What Type of Aesthetic is Gemini? (May 21-June 20)

Gemini people don't want to deal with too much chaos; they're in their fantasy world; that's why they should wear fairycore aesthetic which values nature's givings, away from daily difficulties. Gemini is the zodiac sign generally known to be excited and nosey people. As you are associated with air, it is thought that your mind is in the air. You are unpredictable most of the time because of your impatience. You are here and there and love to explore. You are young souls, you do not want to lose your enthusiasm, but you also give importance to reason and learning. And because, as a Gemini, you are friendly and charming like a fairy, you should wear fairycore aesthetic clothes. Fairies are fast and hardworking, and they're also here or there. That is why Gemini may resemble fairies. The fairycore aesthetic is intertwined with nature but in a more mystical and supernatural way. Gemini is like nature's mysteries, like a fairy.

The primary colors of the fairycore aesthetic are light tones. White and pastel tones are used more. Fairycore people want to dress according to fairy fantasy, so fairy wings, pixie dust, sparkles, and flowers are indispensable. Of course, it is not limited to just these. They also value tranquility and appreciate old folklore and fairytales. Because you, a Gemini, are also the jack of all trades, you tend to learn and grab a little bit of everything. Mythical and mystical things can also interest you, just like fairytales. Fairycore's visuals are the forest, swamps, streams or rivers, fairy wings, cute bugs, etc. Fairycore fashion consists of frilly dresses, glittery makeup, shiny jewelry, platinum or light hair, elf ears, high-knee socks, leg warmers, and platform shoes. If you want to explore fairycore as a Gemini, you should get these essential fairycore clothes.

The key points of fairycore aesthetic associated with Gemini sign including wings, sparkles, elf ears, light colors, old folklore, cozy cabins, puffy dresses, etc.

What Type of Aesthetic is Cancer? (June 21-July 22)

Cancer people have introverted, emotional, and literary personalities, that's why they should wear romantic academia aesthetic which romanticizes literature and life. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so you go with the flow and adore serenity. You have a maternal character. While you can be introverted, you can also be very active in environments where you feel comfortable. You care about the mood of everyone around you and are open to empathy. One of your negative traits is your over-sensitiveness; you expect the same approach from others as you are kind to everyone. You may get frustrated if you are approached differently.

Because of your romantic and literary nature, you should wear academia aesthetic clothes and turn them into romantic academia aesthetic by wearing dark pink tones and using pearly, minimalist accessories.

The key motifs of romantic academia are reading and writing, historical remnants, making love, etc. They admire both love and literature. They often appear introverted and quiet, like Cancer. The primary colors of romantic academia are beige tones, browns, and burgundy. Its visuals are flower bouquets, lipstick marks, teacups, mirrors, pearls, Greek statues, old books, typewriters, and more. The essentials of romantic academia fashion are corsets, bustiers, draped or lace blouses, pencil skirts, lacy ankle socks, trench coats, and cardigans. If you, as a Cancer, set your heart on romantic academia, the hairstyles you should try may be the Victorian ones. 

Here is an inspirational video on Victorian hairstyle ideas. No doubt that as a Cancer you will find the hairstyle that may suit you and your romantic academia aesthetic outfit. Especially this video by Bernadette Banner will expand your imagination to adapt the outcome to your own taste. Do not be afraid to try different romantic academia hairstyles by using your fancy. 

The key points of romantic academia aesthetic associated with Cancer sign including romance, emotions, historical remnants, art, roses, teacups, corsets, draped blouses, etc.

What Type of Aesthetic is Leo? (July 23-August 22)

The Sun's energy rules Leo people; you want to shine like it. You are outspoken and eye-catching; that's why you should wear baddie aesthetic which is the most absorbing style for its color choice. As it is known, Leo signs love to get attention in the environment. You don't like what everyone has; you want to be different. Not only do you want to, but you also manage to do it. Leo signs are creative and energetic people. Therefore, you may prefer something other than mediocrity. You can get along well with everyone and are extroverted, but you may still like everyone. You also know how to be frank when appropriate. You attract attention in the environment, which may show that you are egoistic. However, this is not 100% correct. Especially as a Leo woman, you are aware of your positive sides. Therefore, you can suppress your negative features and highlight the good ones. The best characteristic you should emphasize is your sexiness. Eye-catching colors, like red, suit you well. Thus, you should wear baddie aesthetic clothes.

The key value of the baddie style is self-confidence. Which is perfectly compatible with Leo people. You always give importance to appearance, especially since it is said by astrologers that your hair attracts attention at first sight. The baddie aesthetic has also been created precisely for the Leo sign. Because baddies love that every detail from head to toe is meticulous and in line with the fashion sense of the period. Baddies, also known as femme fatale, are notorious for their seductiveness. Therefore, the baddie style consists of tight and mini clothes with décolleté. Anything feminine is for baddies, but also for Leo women. If you want to wear baddie aesthetic clothes as a Leo for once in your life, crop tops, tight jeans, miniskirts -especially leather ones-fishnet stockings, and stilettos would be perfect choices. To complete the baddie look, you can wear hoop earrings, long acrylic nails, and glamorous bright red lipstick. Voila!

The key points of baddie aesthetic associated with Leo sign including femme fatale, confidence, wearing heavy makeup, high heels, mini skirts, long acrylic nails, etc.

What Type of Aesthetic is Virgo? (August 23-September 22)

Virgo people love to travel and explore; you are free spirits. That's why you should wear earthcore aesthetic which values traveling and protecting the wild life. Virgo is the most analytical zodiac sign among the earth signs. You like to observe, you are fond of logic. You also like to talk, as you are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. When you are focused on a certain goal, nothing can turn you from that path. This shows both your ambitious character and your stubborn nature. Since you may be generally picky, there are not many people in your close environment. Your friends are nature and animals. For this reason, you should wear earthcore aesthetic clothes.

You may not have heard of earthcore before. Maybe you are dressing in this aesthetic, and you are not aware of it. So, what is earthcore aesthetic?

Earthcore is also known as the "granola aesthetic" or “modern-day hippies”. What these people value most is protecting nature and wildlife, traveling, and exploring new places. These people can take their backpacks and travel from city to city by hitchhiking. As people who love nature so much, their favorite colors are the vivid colors such as blue, green, yellow, and orange that exist in nature. Some Virgo signs prefer formality in their clothing, while the majority prefer comfort. The clothes you can see on a Virgo, who is an Earthcore, are basically sportswear, animal patterned t-shirts and sweatshirts, hiking boots. Headbands, scrunchies, polaroid sunglasses can be given as earthcore accessories.

The key points of earthcore aesthetic associated with Virgo sign including nature-loving, earth tones, feeding local wildlife, gardening, camping, baggy cargo jeans, cardigans, trekking shoes, etc.

What Type of Aesthetic is Libra? (September 23-October 22)

Venus rules Libra people; you are people of aesthetics and have high feminine energies. That's why you should wear dollette aesthetic which is known for its feminine and luxury values. Libra, the favorite of air signs, is also known as the daughters of Venus. The beauty of Aphrodite is reflected in your faces and handicrafts. As a Libra, in general, you stand out with your competencies in every field. It can be said that you are the only zodiac sign that both can be polite and outspoken at the same time. You are also prone to diplomacy and rationalism, as you are represented by the symbol of the scales of justice. Besides your rational side, romance and thoughtfulness are other key things you value the most. You do not forget even the smallest favor. Likewise, you may hold grudges for many years against the evil done to you. Meaning that you have sophisticated, feminine, and art-loving nature, thus, you should wear dollette aesthetic clothes.

Dollette, aka coquette, are aesthetics known for their values of hyperfeminity, romance and luxury. The most important motifs of dollette aesthetic are floral fragrances, pastel tones, makeup in nude tones. Tulle and lace detailed garments are the main parts of dollette clothing. You can also read our coquette guide blog for more detailed information.

The key points of dollette aesthetic associated with Libra sign including pastel tones, luxury, feminine values, lace details, pleated skirts, fluffy hairstyles, etc.

What Type of Aesthetic is Scorpio? (October 23-November 21)

Scorpio people have both mysterious personalities and intellectuals. That's why you should wear horror academia aesthetic which focuses on horror fiction and intellectuality. The mysterious characters of the water signs are Scorpio. You experience all your emotions within yourselves. You don't like to show much outside. You may be overly sensitive to your mostly loved ones, though. You try to protect them at any cost. You are disciplined, even if you may seem to let the water flow, you do not get a wink of sleep until you get what you want. Because of your idealistic personalities, you are also mingled with books so much. People must have witnessed that you are especially interested in horror fictions. Scorpio signs love mystery, darkness and the unsolved. As a Scorpio, you are often associated with darkness. This is exactly why you should wear horror academia aesthetic clothes.

If you haven't heard of this aesthetic, which includes both academia and horror, let us give you some information. Horror academia both loves knowledge and learning and is concerned with mystical subjects. Therefore, they are interested in information on mystical subjects, horror fiction. A dark and dusty library is exactly the favorite place of horror academia. At the same time, it is an aesthetic clothing that consists of combining academia aesthetics, and gothic elements. It's easy to see that the ideal aesthetic of Scorpio is the horror academia. The key colors of this aesthetic are black, brown, dusty, and pale tones. Its visuals are dusty books, cracked glasses, black coffee, cobwebs, etc. When we look at Horror academia clothing, we see gothic, worn and dark colored clothes. Ripped black jeans, tattered skirts, old backpacks, oversize sweaters, baggy pajamas can complete your horror academia look.

The key points of horror academia aesthetic associated with Scorpio sign including darkness, the unknown, research, books, desaturated colors, black coffee, cobwebs, ripped black jeans, oversize sweaters, horror fiction, etc.

What Type of Aesthetic is Sagittarius? (November 22-December 21)

Jupiter, the planet of abundance, rules Sagittarius people. You have independent characteristics. That's why you should wear indie aesthetic which values independence most. Sagittarius are generally reckless types. Because of your attitudes, people may think you don't care what others think. Maybe you care inside, but prefer not to show it outwardly. You may be quick tempered, but you do not hold grudges easily. Even though you may be dogmatic sometimes, you do not like to be interfered or advised by others. Independence is the key value for you. That’s the main reason Sagittarius signs should try indie aesthetic clothes.

Indie, which is the abbreviation for independent, is a person who has a free soul. Indie aesthetic people love to experience everything without anyone gets in their way. They mostly listen to indie bands like The Smiths, REM, Pixies. As they do not go to a certain restriction in terms of color, they appear in more vivid colors with the influence of TikTok in recent years. Since they do not care about others’ opinions, indie clothing is bohemian, close to grunge. Of course, this has changed with TikTok, from loose sweaters to crop tops. Colorful necklaces and neon accessories took over the simpler accessories. Indie aesthetic approached more to kidcore than grunge. For this reason, motifs such as smiley faces and rainbows began to be used frequently.

The suitability of this for Sagittarius can also be attributed to your being a fire sign. In general, as fire signs, you have high energy, you can be very loud when you talk, and say "I'm here" in a way. Therefore, it is natural for Sagittarius to say "I am here" by wearing vibrant colors in clothes that most people would not prefer to wear.

The key points of indie kid aesthetic associated with Sagittarius sign including bright and vivid colors, independence, freedom, symbols like smileys, childlike graphics, band tees, cardigans, skateboards, etc.

What Type of Aesthetic is Capricorn? (December 22-January 19)

Saturn, the planet of responsibility, rules Capricorn people. Thus, they attach great importance to time management and think that time is money. Capricorn people should wear old money aesthetic as they also attract attention with their quality. Capricorn is the most materialistic zodiac sign among other earth signs. So, you, a Capricorn, may be inclined to act less flexibly. You want to live in luxury, and you work hard to achieve it. Capricorns also gain success by being disciplined and loyal to their work. Thus, you may be too focused on your job, which can cause you to overthink. But overthinking is unimportant to you if there's a very good prize at the end. And this award is usually luxury itself. Thus, the aesthetic style that Capricorn, such an idealist and luxury-loving zodiac sign, should wear is the old money aesthetic vintage clothes.

What old money aesthetic value is wealth, tradition, sophistication. Capricorns can also be fond of their traditions and habits. So, you can be associated with this value of old money aesthetic. In general, old money is represented as a feminine aesthetic. This is because it is the aesthetic of strong women who earn their own money. The literal meaning of old money is inherited money. So, these people are naturally rich, just like a Capricorn.

Old money fashion basically consists of navy blazers, tailored suits, turtlenecks, trench coats, oxford shoes, and skirt-jacket sets. Fabric selections are also meticulous in this fashion as well. Fabrics such as silk, satin, velvet, cachet are preferred in general. In addition, accessories are the most important complementary pieces for an old money aesthetic look. After the fabric, the jewelry they wear determines the luxury that a person experiences. Pearl set of jewelry, designer handbags, antique brooches, signet rings, leather or tulle gloves, cashmere scarves are a real move to show your prosperity. Capricorn signs can also love the key colors of old money clothing. Brown, beige, black, white, pastel, and nude tones will be very compatible for you.

The key points of old money aesthetic associated with Capricorn sign including tennis courts, antique cars, country clubs, wealth and etiquette, navy blazers, trench coats, high culture elements, etc.

What Type of Aesthetic is Aquarius? (January 20-February 18)

Uranus, the planet of innovation, rules Aquarius people. You are also innovative and calm; you don't like chaos and complexity. That's why you should wear hippie aesthetic which loves creation, innovation and a chill life. You are included in air signs. Like other air signs, you give so much importance to intellectuality. You love to learn, read, explore. In addition, you are idealistic people. You may like to be alone sometimes, but you are humane as well. In addition to your bohemian, unique and creative attitude, you are innovative and creative. That's why hippie aesthetic can suit Aquarius signs very well.

Hippies are known for being both peaceful and humanistic. They are often involved in politics; in a way, they like to be the opposition. They enjoy learning about other cultures, just as an Aquarius might. Hippies are chill people who enjoy making music with their friends. They tend to prefer veganism regarding animal rights as they are also interested in activism.

If we look at the hippie aesthetic clothing, patterns such as tie die, paisley, and spirals may catch our eye. Long loose skirts or trousers are indispensable for hippie outfits. Hippies prefer handmade accessories; colored, round sunglasses, big fedora hats, and long scarfs. And this hippie look is complemented by a pair of sandals.

The key points of hippie aesthetic associated with Aquarius sign including symbols like peace sign, flowers, harem pants, tank tops, sandals, circle frame sunglasses, etc.

We have come to the end of another blog. We have provided you with basic information about the aesthetics that we associate with the zodiac signs. As we mentioned at the beginning, this blog does not present a hundred percent truth. We recommend that you look at the sign of the planet that has the most influence on your character and get different ideas. Thanks for reading the blog and don't forget to share it with your friends! Thanks also to Aesthetics Wiki, the site we benefited from while writing this blog. If you like this blog, don't forget to take a look at other colorful blogs on the site that have the potential to give you excellent clothing inspiration! Especially, we highly recommend you to look at our 12 Types of Aesthetics blog, which includes guides and outfit ideas of twelve different aesthetic types. 

Last but not least, do not miss to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, and Pinterest platforms. You should definitely check out the great content that have been prepared for you. Otherwise, you're missing out on a lot.

Before you check out our other blogs, leave us a comment on what you think about this blog along with your zodiac sign. Do you agree with these zodiac signs-aesthetic styles pairings? Which aesthetic style appeals to you more? Let us know, and stay tuned until the next blog,



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