Dark & Light Academia Aesthetic Clothes

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What is dark and light academia aesthetic?

Both dark and light academia aesthetics are a subculture of the academia aesthetic. This aesthetics takes its inspiration from schools like Oxford and Yale. Their main vibe takes inspiration from these schools and their surroundings. Both of the aesthetics is relevant to literary classics, historical studies, European cultures, museums and boarding schools. Hence being so intertwined these aesthetics are opposites of each other. Dark academia is normally involved dark and negative feelings, tragedies, heartbreak and moodiness hence wearing dark clothes, suits and accessories. Whereas light academia is all about positiveness, nature, optimism, sensitivity, joy and gratitude hence wearing light, pastel toned clothes with joyful details. But their main source and the sole come from the same place. In fashion, the only way to apart them is colour themes and tones

How do you get dark academia aesthetic? 

In order to achieve dark academia aesthetic, you need to feel and live its mood. You need to have a dark perspective of life. Dark academia is kinda like gothic school fashion but it is not messy like goth aesthetic. Looking dark academia is all about looking impeccable. This aesthetic is formal so it is not about being comfortable. Being classy is the key point of dark academia. You can check Cosmique Studio for the best blazers, dresses and classic pants

How do you dress light academia? 

Light academia is all about the colour palette. Its colours are light and earth tones like beige, brown, green, cream, rose, navy blue and burgundy.  The style is the same as the dark academia, clothes remind mostly schools uniforms but they are much more elite. You can find light academia clothes on Cosmique Studio as well. We have a grat amount of blazers, turtlenecks, vests, coats and more to fit your perfect light academia aesthetic.

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