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What is Dark Academia Aesthetic?

The dark academia aesthetic was inspired by Greek art and literature and the manner of 19th-century upper-class aristocrats. This style emphasizes the significance of education, particularly reading and writing. Dark academia aesthetic is actually a subculture of grunge. It has a moody, cynical, pessimistic, and depressing impact. People interested in this aesthetic are keen on literacy, poetry, academia, research, art, historical studies, classics, old buildings, and cultures, and have a passion for intelligence and learning. They like reading lots of books, watching documentaries, and solving problems. Values of this aesthetic are education, curiosity, intelligence, knowledge, and wisdom. Instead of hanging out with friends, spending time alone in a museum or library is better for these people. Going out and having fun is a wasted time for them. The popularity of this style increases with the opening of schools every year. 

How do you Dress for Dark Academia Aesthetic?

Listen well, bookworms. The intellectual details of the dark academia aesthetic can also be seen in the clothing. Dark academia fashion includes more fall tones like brown, forest green, dark orange, and black palettes instead of brilliant, pastel colors. Knitted pieces take an important place in this aesthetic. At least one piece of your outfits must be knitted. Also, wearing blazers and long trench coats will make you feel confident and chic. You can have classic round glasses and pearls to look knowledgeable and trendy at the same time. You can also have uniforms, blazers, and checkered shirts for an effortless, plain, but stylish look. As for bottoms, choose high-waisted ones. Have a leather belt around your cigarette pants or flat-front shorts. You can wear preppy-style skirts to have a feminine look.

Dark Academia Aesthetic Outfits Tips

Dark academia aesthetic outfits tips are quite limited but practical. For tops, you can have button-ups and puffed sleeves to have a professional look. Bottoms should be long or mid-length. Mini dresses and skirts aren’t preferable for this style. Collars, turtlenecks, and ruffles are important details to look more fashionable. Also, classic loafer styles, knitted, pieces and uniforms are essential. Classic round glasses and pearl necklaces, bracelets, and hair clips are must-have accessories. As you see it’s not so hard to find dark academia aesthetic clothes and accessories. For more inspo, check out the suggestions below that our professional team in Cosmique Studio has prepared for you. 

Dark Academia Aesthetic Tops

  • Crop tops: Buttoned, knitter, and checkered tops.
  • Sweaters: Turtleneck, knitted, and loose sweaters. 
  • Dresses: Uniform mini, shoulder design, and college-style dresses.
  • Sweatshirts: V-necks, collared, or knitted ones.
  • Jackets: Blazers, wool coats, or long trench coats. 
  • Hoodies: Oversize, zip up, and knit hoodies. 
  • Shirts: Flared, lace, and checkered shirts.

Dark Academia Aesthetic Bottoms

  • Skirts: Preppy style, high waist pleated or school skirts.
  • Pants: Cigarette pants, high-waisted, and flat-front trousers.
  • Shorts: Chino, pleated, or flat front shorts.

Dark Academia Aesthetic Accessories

  • Glasses: Classic round glasses, oval frames, and half rims. 
  • Shoes: Oxford shoes, classic loafer styles, and thigh boots. 
  • Socks: Retro style, wool, or white or black thigh-high stockings. 
  • Necklaces: Pearls, station necklaces, and locket ones. 
  • Hair clips: Claw hair clips, bobby pins, and pearl hair clips. 
  • Belts: Leather, no buckle or fabric belts. 
  • Bags: Messenger, envelope, or laptop bags.

How do you do Dark Academia Aesthetic Makeup?

Dark academia aesthetic makeup basically consists of natural tones. You can choose nude shades for a fresh and natural look for lipstick. Nude lipsticks will give your lips a matte look. And you know, it’s the color of classy and sophisticated women. If you want to look darker and moody, get dark lipstick. But remember, you should keep your face pale like a vampire. Lots of powders will help. Instead of colorful or dark eyeshadows, you should use earth or nude tones. Brown smokey eyes have a powerful effect on the face when used with nude lipstick. Instead of glittery or shimmery ones, choose matte tones. Add fake freckles to look more natural. Use bronzers according to your skin tone to have a warm glow on your face. The only thing that may look artificial is to be your winged eyeliner. Believe us, it has a massive impact on drawing attention. Making your eyes attention-grabbing by using only nude tones sounds complicated, but you can do it! 

How do you do Dark Academia Aesthetic Hair?

If we’d like to describe dark academia aesthetic hair, the first word would be “classy”. This style isn’t concerned with being a fashionista. It has its own specific hairstyles; believe us, this fact won’t change soon. So, here are our tips for you: Shape your hair in such a way that it won’t disturb your reading. Besides, it’s so important to have an effortless style. You prefer researching instead of standing in front of the mirror for hours. The hair color must be in natural or dark tones. Pastel colors may distract the others in the library or museum. Simple hair accessories such as claw hair clips, bobby pins, and pearl hair clips will give you a trendy but classy look. Also, you can have a ribbon on your hair to have a more elegant look. Low buns, easy twisty, wrapped buns, messy buns, French twists, and braids are perfect hairstyles for you to look chic and smart at the same time!

What are Dark Academia Accessories and Items?

You’re lucky because there are lots of dark academia accessories. For instance, we know that you read many books as a bookworm. So you’re probably in need of glasses. You have several choices in this aesthetic. Especially classic round ones are the trendiest ones among writers. Think about what item you use most of the time you take notes. As a writer of your own story, a quill pen is perfect. Don’t wanna romanticize it? Choose fountain pens. Both are also ideal as presents for special days! We know you prefer spending time in libraries, old buildings, and museums. You should choose your dark academia aesthetic shoes according to where you will go. Wearing platform boots wouldn’t be a good idea in a library. Therefore, Oxford shoes and classic loafer styles are suitable for these places. In daily life, you can prefer thigh leather boots or sling-back kitten heels. Absolutely elegant. Adding pearl details will also make you feel more sophisticated. If you want to draw attention, use pearl necklaces, bracelets, or hair clips. You’ll be spotted easily by anyone around you. Remember, girls, intelligence will never stop being beautiful! 

18 Popular Types of Academia Aesthetic

  • Art Academia: It is basically based on art, photography, calligraphy, and their place in academics. 
  • Ballet Academia: Consisting of ballet, classic dance figures, and classical music, ballet academia is mainly about the passion for studying a specific dance culture.
  • Chaotic Academia: It involves banned literature, messy traits, and a passion for study. 
  • Classic Academia: Blending everything in academics, classic academia is the core of the other academia subgenres.
  • Cryptid Academia: Mystery, books, and cryptids. These three items describe this trendy aesthetic style very well.
  • Dark Paradise: It represents darkness, serenity, and peace. Easy to spot on Lana Del Rey songs. 
  • Darkest Academia: It’s also known as gothic academia or goth academia. It consists of the mysterious beauty in abandoned places.
  • English Major: It’s all about people with a degree in studying English. These people like spending time on linguistics and writing.
  • Fairy Academia: The mixture of the fairycore aesthetic and the academia style, fairy academia is one of the most feminine trends of all time. 
  • Green Academia: It focuses on studies including green, such as biology or Botanics. Also has similarities with goblincore.
  • Japanese High School: This aesthetic mainly focuses on school life, friendship, learning, and academic studies in Japan. 
  • Light Academia: Light academia has a happier and more hopeful mood compared to dark academia. White, creams, and beiges are the main colors.
  • Musical Academia: Art, music, and academics... Learning the sound of the world is not for everyone!
  • Pastel Academia: Contrary to the dark and pessimistic side of academia, pastel academia is more colorful, vivid, and optimistic.
  • Romantic Academia: As is also understood from its name, this aesthetic involves love, passion, and many romance books. 
  • Studyblr: This aesthetic mainly focuses on studying by taking notes. Also helps students to get motivated. 
  • Theatre Academia: It’s mainly concerned with theatres, drama, culture, and studying in these fields.
  • Writer Academia: This aesthetic is for those who are passionate about writing. They’re curious, introverted, and hardworking.

Where can you Buy Dark Academia Aesthetic Clothes?

We know that many of you wonder about where to buy dark academia aesthetic clothes. Dear readers, you don’t have to worry about that. We, as Cosmique Studio, have top-quality clothes and accessories at affordable prices. Our skilled team in Cosmique Studio prepares the most fashionable and high-quality dark academia aesthetic outfits for you. In addition, we offer tens of thousands of aesthetic products so you can combine a look that is exclusively yours. You can get your favorite clothes online in a few minutes in our online store. We are the biggest online store of fashionable aesthetic outfits. If you need inspiration, read our articles, buy unique items, and create your own one-of-a-kind style. Simply select the dark academia aesthetic section and choose what you want to buy in a second. Depending on your preferences, our store offers a wide variety of aesthetic clothes and accessories. You can mix and match anything you like to create your perfect look!

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