Y2k Aesthetic Clothes

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What is the y2k aesthetic?

Y2K is an aesthetic that is inspired by the early 2000s and late 1990s. It has such unique items like futuristic and retro details. It is about being shinier, more colourful and looking more bright. Y2K aesthetic kinda looks like you are going to a rave but on a normal day. So you shouldn’t care about what people might say because it is the style. And if it is your style or aesthetic you can check Cosmique Studio’s Y2K products

What is a y2k girl? 

Y2K girl is someone who wears pleated skirts, crop tees and baguette bags all day long. A Y2K girl adores being looked at to her and to her perfect outfit. She doesn’t afraid to be extra about her makeup and accessories. Y2K fashion loves metallic details and a good shiny puffer jacket. Also, tie front tops are a very important piece of Y2K fashion, without a bra under it, but of course, it is your choice. You can look through Cosmique Studio’s Y2K section and chose yourself perfect denim pieces, oversize sweaters, tees, mini skirts and colourful pants! Everything you need to be a Y2K girl is right here. 

Why is Y2K fashion back?

Because fashion loves to repeat itself just like history. With gen-z’s consumption hunger it is no surprise that Y2K is back, gen-z loves old and quirky stuff and Y2K has many elements of it. But we can proudly say that nowadays Y2K fashion is better than the original. It is cosier, more comfortable and has harmony in itself. 

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