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What is Vintage?

Vintage means items from the past which are high-quality. They represent the best of their kind. Some people are into these nostalgic products such as old phones, cameras, vases, clothes, accessories, and so on. Even though its roots are from the past, before the 1980s mostly, vintage fashion is still trendy. You'll know what we mean if you search for #vintageaesthetic on TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram. If you want to have it, first, you should be able to answer this question: What does vintage mean? Vintage can be anything from the past that is still popular today. For example, stylish dresses produced in the 1950s, leather gloves from the 1960s, or even some good wine! You can find these items in thrift shops, second hands, charity shops, urban outfitters, auctions, craigslist posts, or in the biggest aesthetic stone online: Cosmique Studio! Besides being a lifestyle, Vintage is also an aesthetic fashion. The clothes and accessories which are old but still classic, functional, and fashionable are also called vintage outfits.

What is Vintage Aesthetic?

The vintage aesthetic is a collection of old, artistic, beautiful, and creative items and outfits. Many people like this aesthetic all around the world. The reason might be that this style represents the good old days. That is why these people like having unique vintage clothes and items in their wardrobes. Vintage aesthetic also includes nostalgic furniture, cars, jewelry, headphones, clothes, and many more. This style is so popular that some apps are creating vintage photos. Instead of buying a nostalgic polaroid camera, you can just download an app and have many vintage aesthetic photos and videos. Besides the items, the vintage aesthetic consists of dressing up for a specific fashion style, makeup, and hairstyles. Except for them, there are some vintage activities, also called old-fashion actions, that you can do to live like you're in the 60s. Here are some examples of them:

  • Jumping rope.
  • Roller skating. 
  • Patching.
  • Having cocktail parties. 
  • Knitting your clothes.
  • Drive-in theaters.
  • Doing aerobics.
  • Listening to Beatles.
  • Bike riding.

How to Be Vintage Aesthetic

How to have a vintage aesthetic has been a frequently asked question by Gen Z recently, we should tell. First, you should like doing the activities of old times. Besides, people at that time were fully aware of their political situation. So, you need to be mindful of your rights and be against the social norms, which include clothing. The outfits you wear can be different from the others. That will help you draw all the attention and prepare you to speak up for what you believe. The hippie style of those times was perfect for this aim. Hippies used to reflect their minds with their clothing. Knitted ponchos, long corduroy skirts, bandanas, flower crowns, peasant-type blouses, and flat shoes are ideal for dressing up for vintage aesthetic fashion style, especially for hippies. If you're interested in this aesthetic, you can take photos using the vintage filter and post them on TikTok and Instagram. We're sure you'll get many likes from people who're into this fashion. The more fashion styles change, the more vintage evolves. What is considered trendy today will likely be vintage after 30 or 40 years. We suggest you use your parents' or other older family members' clothes and accessories instead of buying new stuff. If they don't keep their old outfits, you can click on the vintage clothes section on our site and buy the prettiest pieces in a few minutes. 

How do you Dress for Vintage Aesthetic?

How to dress vintage aesthetic is a widespread issue among girls and boys these days. It can be pretty complex if you don't have enough knowledge. Our expert team in Cosmique Studio has prepared the vintage aesthetic category for you. There you can find the perfect clothes and accessories for this aesthetic. If you need some suggestions to dress up for this style, here are some: Start with the basics. Silk scarves, ring sets, suspenders, silver brooches, pearls, leather belts, pump shoes, and retro rings are the main accessories for the vintage aesthetic. If you use one or two pieces of these items with any of your clothes, you'll definitely have a retro vibe. Besides, they're easy to find in your parents' closet! This style can be challenging when it comes to clothing, though. You must buy specific outfits such as pencil, cargo, maxi skirts, waistcoats, classic trousers, and striped blazers. Acid-wash denim, neon Hawaiian shirts, and cargo shirts are also perfect for a vintage-themed party.

Vintage Aesthetic Outfits Tips

If you need some tips for vintage aesthetic clothing, you're at the right place. As the Cosmique Studio family, we suggest you take a look at our vintage aesthetic category first. There, you can have an overall idea of how to dress for the vintage aesthetic. You shouldn't forget that having a few vintage outfits isn't enough to look amazing. The vintage look is a whole style, including your makeup, hairstyle, and accessories. You need to combine them correctly. For example, a hooded raincoat, mom jeans, a corduroy top, chinch belts, and chunky sneakers might look exactly like the 80s. You can also shop for sweater vests, knitted cardigans, printed tees, mini dresses, plain T-shirts, trench coats, or faux fur coats. If you combine these pieces well, you'll have a timeless look. 

Vintage Aesthetic Tops

  • Crop tops: Bustier tops, lace, satin, wrap, and polka dot crops.
  • Sweaters: Knitted, striped, oversize, crewneck, and velvet sweaters.
  • Dresses: Floral patterns, puff sleeves, mini or maxi mesh, and sheath dresses.
  • Sweatshirts: Embroidery, plaid, argyle, and woolen sweatshirts. 
  • Jackets: Blazers, bombers, knits, button-ups, and crop jackets. 
  • Hoodies: Letter print, loose, Betty Boop printed, and turtleneck hoodies.
  • Shirts: Loose, corduroy tees, V-neck, peasant style, and polka dot shirts.

Vintage Aesthetic Bottoms

  • Skirts: Plaid, high-waist, denim, A-line, and circle skirts.
  • Pants: High-waist, straight, suspender pants, rompers, banana, and mom jeans.
  • Shorts: Bermuda, high-waist, denim, ruffle, plaid, and bike shorts. 

Vintage Aesthetic Accessories

  • Glasses: Thin round, metallic frame, and round, square glasses.
  • Shoes: Flat sandals, ankle boots, Oxford pumps, and T-strap heels.
  • Socks: Curly edge, fuzzy crew socks, and crisscross patterned stockings.
  • Necklaces: Pearls, silver, gold, elegant necklaces, bolo ties, and beads.
  • Hair clips: Pearl clips, scrunchies, hair scarves, rhinestone hairclips, and crochet headbands. 
  • Belts: Leather belts with metallic buckles, cinch, rhinestones, and satin wrap belts. 
  • Bags: Denim bags, mini backpacks, tiny coin purses, envelopes, and fringe clutches.

How do you do Vintage Aesthetic Makeup?

Vintage aesthetic makeup changes according to the era. For example, the 20s makeup is kind of dark, like grunge. Heavy mascara, black eye pencils, pink blush, powder foundation, and red lipstick are the main products of that specific era. However, the vintage aesthetic makeup of the 30s was quite different. Instead of a dark look, natural tones and looking innocent rather than vamp were more popular. Pale foundation, colorful eyeshadows, thin eyebrows, rose blush, and pinky lipstick were the main product. 40s makeup style was natural as well. Well-manicured thin eyebrows, earth-tone eyeshadows, bright foundation, rose blush, and soft touch lipstick was popular.

The popular look from the 50s can be called classic. Especially with the incredible regard of Marilyn Monroe, the whole makeup style of the world has changed. If you want to have her so-called "sleepy bedroom eyes", you must use winged black eyeliner and white eyeliner together. Apply the white one to the lash line. If it's not enough for you, use blush for your nose, and choose bright eyeshadows. Your eyebrows should be thin and well-shaped. You can also use fake eyelashes if you want a more intense look. However, the 60s makeup look was far more different than Marilyn's style. Instead of a natural appearance, women chose a babydoll look. The main items used were winged eyeliner, fake eyelashes, and glitter eyeshadows. The makeup style in the 70s wasn't far more different than in the 60s. The only difference was the eyebrows. After that time, we started to see bold eyelashes. If you want to learn about the 80s and 90s makeup style, check out our 80s & 90s aesthetic category. Also, you can take a look at y2k makeup for the t-style of the 2000s. 

How do you do Vintage Aesthetic Hair?

Vintage aesthetic hair differentiates according to the various eras. We can say that natural hair colors such as blonde or black were popular until the 70s. Because not all people had a chance to get hair dyes. This situation changed significantly after the 80s. Colorful tones such as orange, blue, or purple took their place in the aesthetic photos of vintage girls. The haircuts also changed from time to time. For example, in the 1920s and 30s, shortcuts with finger waves were popular. Also, braids were used in the everyday look. 40s hairstyles were much more different. There were various choices. Pin curls, U-shapes, hair rolls, pageboys, and pompadours were that era's most popular vintage hairstyles. People also used to have scarves both as an accessory and to pull their hair up. The bouffant, the Hollywood pin-up, the ducktail, and the ponytail were the signature styles of the 50s. In the 60s, women used to have hairstyles called the beehive, bombshell, and the most known one: hippie hair. 70s vintage hair is known for the feathered bands, the mullet, and shaggy waves, which are all still trendy. You can check out our 80s & 90s category for more info. 

What are Vintage Aesthetic Accessories and Items?

Vintage accessories and items mirror the styles of the era they represent. You can understand in what timeline they were used if you have some knowledge of the vintage aesthetic. That is why the products you use are essential for this fashion. You can't use whatever you wish if you want to dress for a specific era. You need to be careful combining explicit items such as striped wallets, bronze hair clips, locket pendants, ethnic scarves, or antique barrettes. As these items are hard to find, wearing them requires excellent attention. Feel free to use accessories that can be found easily. Metallic hoop earrings, jelly beard necklaces, dragonfly hairclips, steel chains, leather cases, headphones, rings, handkerchiefs, or headbands are commonly popular items for the vintage fashion style. You can choose any of them and wear them with a vintage dress whenever you want to feel retro. 

What is Vintage Americana?

The Vintage Americana aesthetic is based on the femininity of American fashion. The main motifs are cherries, 50s movies, Coca-Cola, miniskirts, and picnics. You can find these details in Lana Del Rey's video clips. Uniforms, plaid dresses, sneakers, and floral patterns are the main clothes of this style. It's easy to find this aesthetic for vintage home décor ideas. Rugs, flags, sun catchers, posters, typewriters, and wooden carvings are the main vintage home décor items used. Vintage Americana girls prefer wearing mini dresses, plaid shirts, denim shorts, flag hats, and drinking coke. They love their countries and carry their flags wherever they go to take photos. 

Where can you Buy Vintage Aesthetic Outfits?

 Where to buy vintage aesthetic outfits has been a commonly asked question by Gen Z recently. The first place you can get these products is your parents' wardrobe. We're sure you can find at least one or two pieces that will work. The second place is the thrift shops. Also, second hands, charity shops, urban outfitters, auctions, and craigslist posts have many pieces you can use. If you're looking for unique vintage outfits, you should check out the vintage aesthetic category of our experienced team has prepared for you. As the Cosmique Studio family, we have more than 2500+ aesthetic products that you can choose from for any event. You can reflect your style at school or on a special occasion with the highest quality vintage clothes you can buy from our online store. Furthermore, you can have your orders with shipping worldwide! Get the perfect clothes and accessories for your personal style and order now from Cosmique Studio!

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