Unlocking the Dark Academia: A Guide to Fashion & Outfit Ideas title=

Unlocking the Dark Academia: A Guide to Fashion & Outfit Ideas

Posted by Magnificent Medusa on Feb 21, 2023

Literature lovers and fashionistas, welcome to the ultimate dark academia aesthetic guide you've been looking for! If you're a young enthusiast drawn to the mysterious and alluring world of academia, you've come to the right place. In this blog, I have chosen dark academia aesthetic to guide you with its key points, values, colors, books, and movies. I'm here to explore the key elements of the dark academia aesthetic and show you how you can incorporate this trend into your personal fashion style. I've got you covered if you're a fan of vintage and antique pieces or prefer a more modern and edgy look. So, buckle up and join me on a journey into the dark world of academia. You will find answers to many questions, such as what the academia aesthetic is, what the most popular subgenres of academia aesthetic are, what distinguishes dark academia from other academia aesthetics, and how to become a dark academian, etc.

I am leaving a dark academia playlist suggestion for accompanying while you enjoy reading this blog with pleasure.

What is the Academia Aesthetic?

Academia aesthetic is a fashion movement that became famous in the mid-2010s. Its unique points are characterized by vintage elements, such as libraries, formal clothing, dimly lit rooms, and classical/gothic architecture. The general aim of academia is to do research and to be very knowledgeable and cultured, and so is the academia aesthetic. Academia has different subgenres including the most popular ones -dark, and light academia- as well as romantic, art, chaotic, and horror academia. Every name before academia creates different aesthetic movements by further customizing it. For the reference, dark academia is the aesthetic that pursues academic values as well as embracing a darker manner than the light academia.

What are the Most Popular Subgenres of Academia Aesthetic?

There are vast amounts of subgenres of academia aesthetic, including dark academia, light academia, STEM academia, cottagecore academia, art academia, and romantic academia. This aesthetic and its subgenres have gained popularity because they embrace the intellectual and curious side of people and allow them to express themselves uniquely. The most researched subgenres of academia aesthetic movement are:

  1. Dark Academia
  2. Light Academia
  3. The Darkest/Horror Academia
  4. Parisian Romantic Academia
  5. Chaotic Academia

Dark Academia

The key points of dark academia aesthetic can be divided into four parts:

  • Values: Learning, wisdom, self-discovery.
  • Motifs: Old books, dusty libraries, gothic architecture.
  • Colors: Muted, earthy colors, beige, brown.
  • Makeup: Minimal, understated makeup with subtle eyeliner, and neutral-toned lipstick.

Dark academia is a subgenre combining elements of mystery, gothic and classic literature with a vintage-inspired fashion aesthetic to create a stylish, prestigious look. This subgenre draws inspiration from gothic architecture, literature, history, and the arts. It is characterized by dark, moody color schemes and a preoccupation with the unearthly, the unearthly, and the darker aspects of human nature. Dark academia lovers often wear black or deep-colored clothing and embrace old-world accessories like leather-bound books, fountain pens, and wax seals.

Light Academia

If we are to break the key points of light academia down into four parts:

  • Values: Learning, wisdom, minimalism.
  • Motifs: Quills, books, classic literature.
  • Colors: Pastel colors and shades.
  • Makeup: Natural makeup, dewy complexion.

Light academia is a chic, preppy style influenced by classical education and art, characterized by muted colors, natural fabrics, and clean, timeless lines in fashion. It is a whimsical subgenre characterized by soft, dreamy color schemes and a focus on beauty, romance, and the pursuit of knowledge. It's about exploring the light side of academia with pastel-colored clothing, floral patterns, and a love of art and music. Light academia fans embrace vintage clothing, soft lighting, and beautiful landscapes.

The Darkest/Horror Academia

The key points of horror academia can be divided into four:

  • Values: Emphasis on knowledge, darkness, fascination with the unearthly, and the wizardry.
  • Motifs: Books, ravens, skulls, Victorian or the Renaissance era.
  • Colors: Dark shades, black, navy, burgundy.
  • Makeup: Bold eyeliner, dark lipstick, smoky eyeshadow.

Horror academia is a creepy, unearthly fashion style. Horror movies and dark academic settings inspire it. It mainly uses unconventional and gothic-inspired pieces, such as ragged plaids, layered blacks, and dark accessories. It is characterized by a dark and spooky atmosphere, often featuring unearthly artwork, mysterious artifacts, and gothic architecture. Typically, horror academia aesthetic employs a color palette of black and white shades and vivid hues such as red or bold colors to create a feeling of ominousness.

Horror academia fans often enjoy exploring the darker side of history and science, such as studying the history of witchcraft or the science of decomposition. They may also be fans of horror literature, such as the works of Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, or Stephen King.

If you are into horror academia, and do not know where to start, horror academia aesthetic guide can help you find the way through the fashion sense of Wednesday Addams!

Parisian Romantic Academia

The essential points of romantic academia can be divided into four:

  • Values: Romanticism, femininity, elegance.
  • Motifs: Roses, bows, frills, lace.
  • Colors: Soft pastels, pink, lavender, blue.
  • Makeup: Light, natural makeup with rosy cheeks.

Parisian romantic academia is a dreamy, feminine style. The romance and charm of Paris and classical education inspire it. It features delicate lace, ruffled blouses, pastel colors, and effortless yet elegant pieces in fashion. This subgenre blends the aesthetics of classic Parisian style with a love of literature, art, and all things romantic. Accessories like berets, scarves, and leather gloves are expected, as well as vintage-style jewelry like lockets and cameos in Parisian romantic academia aesthetic clothing.

Parisian romantic academia fans may also embrace the idea of the "flâneur" - a person who strolls aimlessly through the streets, taking in the sights and sounds of the city. It's all about the joy of discovery and exploration, which makes this aesthetic unique.

Art Academia

If we were to divide art academia into four main points:

  • Values: Creativity, individuality, self-expression.
  • Motifs: Bold patterns, eclectic combinations of textures.
  • Colors: Bright and vibrant hues, fuchsia, sunny yellow, etc.
  • Makeup: Bold and graphic makeup.

Art academia is a bold and eclectic fashion style inspired by art and academia, characterized by abstract prints, statement pieces, unexpected color combinations, and a mix of vintage and modern elements. It often features a minimalist aesthetic focusing on color theory and composition. And it is characterized by a love of minimalism, focusing on simple, clean lines and a vivid color palette.

Art academia fans often visit art galleries, attend lectures, and take classes to continue learning about the visual arts. They admire specific art movements, such as Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism, or Minimalism. And they may wear clothing inspired by artists, such as smocks, loose-fitting tops, and relaxed pants. They may also wear accessories like glasses or berets reminiscent of famous artists like Picasso or Frida Kahlo.

Chaotic Academia

Chaotic academia is a bold and unruly fashion style that embraces unpredictability and rebellion, featuring eclectic layering, oversized silhouettes, an eclectic mix of patterns, and a DIY aesthetic. This subgenre is characterized by an admiration of books and learning and a rejection of traditional academic norms and rules. Chaotic academia followers admire the avant-garde and experimental. They may incorporate elements of Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, or other artistic movements into their styles. Besides, they are often interested in more unconventional fields of study, such as cryptozoology or conspiracy theories. It's all about embracing the unexpected, which makes it so rad! Alright, so what are the central motifs of chaotic academia? Let's take a look.

  • Values: Rebellion, freedom of expression, individuality.
  • Motifs: Leather, studs, chains.
  • Colors: Dark and pale colors.
  • Makeup: Smoky eyes, dark lip colors.

If you are familiar with aesthetic styles, I am sure you’ve recognized the similarities between chaotic academia and grunge aesthetic. Here is a grunge aesthetic guide for further reading to get into the realm of grunge.

Overall, the academia aesthetic has gained immense popularity in recent years, especially on social media platforms such as Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest. While the overall aesthetic emphasizes the intellectual and academic aspects of academia, several subgenres cater to specific preferences, as you can see above. Each subgenre has unique characteristics, such as color schemes, clothing styles, and visual elements, that attract diverse individuals. However, I will specifically share the dark academia aesthetic with you in this blog. Let's keep reading and learn about the differences of dark academia.

What is Dark Academia?

Dark academia, coming out as a literary movement, is an aesthetic and a subgenre. It concerns academic education, arts and literature, and their idealized, romanticized, darker versions. Although it has become an aesthetic clothing trend, dark academia is a movement that pursues wisdom, especially the dark realms of knowledge, including the afterworld. Because of this intelligence and fascination with mystery, presumptuousness is celebrated in the dark academia community. The romanticization of education and life moments related to the college experience is a core attraction of the aesthetic, with grandiose statements and wishes for success being frequent themes of textual contributions.

“Learn for learning’s sake.”

What is Dark Academia Aesthetic?

Dark academia aesthetic is a life and fashion style adopted by the followers of dark academia culture. Every aesthetic movement has its aesthetic style, and so does the dark academia movement. Dark academia aesthetic is also an aesthetic style in which people who have the values of dark academia formally harmonize their clothes with dark brown and its tones. The world and its atmosphere are reflected and visualized in the lives of dark academia enthusiasts. Of course, it is not an aesthetic movement that might be limited to color only. Proper diction, an elevated vocabulary, and a cultural accumulation are also essential traits of dark academia aesthetic. The dark academia aesthetic people also referred to as elitists, can even be sarcastic and annoying with their obsession with being cultured and knowledgeable.

You will not see the followers of this aesthetic in a rock bar or disco. The dark academia aesthetic people are either in the library, museum, or vintage book club tavern. Dark academia aesthetic is also associated with the elements of the classical period. Therefore, sculptures, famous paintings, and compositions by classical artists are the key motifs of this aesthetic.

For some reason, people associated dark academia with the gothic aesthetic. However, although it is related to gothic architecture, the thing about dark academia is that it prefers more traditional clothes. By traditional, Oxbridge uniform styles are meant. Higher education is the central concept of dark academia, so college uniforms are central to dark academia aesthetic style.

What are the Characteristics of Dark Academia?

You can be a dark academia aesthetic -aka dark academian- by following a few steps and prioritizing them in your daily life. There are a few priorities to joining the dark academia aesthetic community. Here are some tips to have a dark academia aesthetic:

  • Research and exploration.
  • Familiarity with cult movies and books.
  • Admiration for the rainy, gloomy autumn weather.
  • Learning a poetic or a dead language.
  • Mastering the history and mythology of the ancient culture.
  • Being the favorite of teachers.
  • Listening to classical music.
  • Being a member of a reading club.
  • Specialization in a field.
  • Wearing dark academia clothes.

“Follow nature, follow ancients.”

A list of characteristics associated with the Dark Academia aesthetic.

How to Dress Dark Academia

Dark academia clothing is a version of Oxbridge universities' uniforms adapted to civilian life. In terms of clothing, dark academia aesthetic draws inspiration from the 19 th and early 20th centuries, specifically from the Victorian period. Beige tones, which became fashionable at the end of the 2010s, contributed to the emergence -or the revival- of the dark academia style. This style, adopted mainly by men initially, has become an aesthetic movement. Long coats, plaid/tweed pants, Oxford shoes, high-necked blouses, elegant gowns, which are still popular today, started to be worn regardless of gender.

Nowadays, there are many different alternative dark academia style outfit combinations. Masculine, feminine, cute, gloomy, bohemian, or formal dark academia outfit styles can be examples. Let's continue piece by piece to expand this information.

Dark Academia Tops

Dark academia tops should be elegant and sophisticated pieces that add layers to the outfit, such as blouses, sweaters, button-ups, long-sleeves, and turtlenecks. Tulle/mesh blouses, and thin bodysuits can be added to these. Let's take a closer look at the pieces of this aesthetic.

Shirts and Blouses

Aesthetic blouses are a pretty big part of the look – especially the lace-detailed ones! They add a more prestigious and feminine look to the outfit and fit with the moody and atmospheric vibe of dark academia. You can pair them with other clothes, such as a blazer jacket or a soft cardigan, to add layers to your look.

Sweaters/sweater vests

Sweaters and sweater vests are perfect for creating a classic and sophisticated look that is compatible with the ideals of dark academia aesthetic. It is possible to combine them with turtleneck blouses or button-ups to add layers to the look.


Turtlenecks are perfect for layering an outfit. They can be combined with many clothing items, such as cardigans, flannel shirts, sweaters, etc. Besides, they are so cosy and elegant! They come in diverse colours, but cream or beige tones are preferable for dark academia.

Flannel shirts

Flannel shirts are worn and used in most aesthetic styles, so also in dark academia. They are the lifesavers in creating an elegant and effortless outfit. Combining them with tweed pants, high-waisted plaid skirts, or a cozy cardigan is possible.


A button-up shirt is a must-have item in dark academia since they look formal and rich. They can fit well when worn open over a turtleneck blouse or under a plaid blazer jacket.

Dark Academia Bottoms

Dark academia bottoms are stylish pants, skirts, and shorts that are all about the gloomy, intellectual look of the dark academia aesthetic. For Gen Z's who want to embrace this style, go for dress pants, plaid skirts and pants, tweed pants, or linen shorts that are perfect for creating a smart and sophisticated outfit. Whether paired with a blazer, sweater, or flannel shirt, these bottoms are the key to nailing the dark academia look. Let’s take a closer look.

Dress pants

Dress pants are a stylish and sophisticated type of pants that are perfect for formal events. In the world of dark academia, dress pants can be paired with a comfortable sweater, blazer, or collared shirt to create an outfit that is both elegant and stylish.

Plaid skirts/pants

The plaid pattern is associated with preppy academic style, which is the key point of dark academia. They can be paired with button-ups or turtlenecks.


Shorts are the most practical dark academia-style clothing to escape the heat of summer. Specifically, the linen shorts add class to the look. Beige and cream tones of color may be chosen.

Tweed pants

Dark academia fashion uses tweed pants in differently because of their fabric and form. They can be combined with any outfit.


Pinafore is a type of clothing often worn by Victorian women. It can be worn with turtlenecks and mesh blouses for a dark academia outfit.

Midi A-Line Skirts

Midi A-Line skirts offer a feminine and prestigious look that is appropriate for various occasions. They can be paired with a turtleneck sweater, or with a blouse in a neutral color.

Dark Academia Outerwear

Dark academia outerwear is mainly blazers, wool coats, trench coats, or cardigans. These items are added to outfits for extra warmth, and style. Whether going to a lecture, a museum or just grabbing a coffee, these items are the ideal way to show that you are a dark academian. Let’s delve deeper into these.

Blazers and Jackets

Dark academia blazers are classic-looking wool jackets that can be worn with dress pants, blouses, sweaters, and many more. Aesthetic blazers and jackets convey a sense of intellectualism, seriousness, and professionalism to the outfit.

Trench/Wool coats

Trench coats are long, stylish outerwear items mostly adapted to dark academia aesthetic. Dress pants, plaid skirts, and corduroy pants look harmonious with wool or trench coats.


Dark academia aesthetic cardigans can be used to add a touch of classic academic style to an outfit, while still maintaining a moody and mysterious vibe. They can be layered over a collared shirt, paired with a plaid skirt, or pants for a sophisticated look.

Dark Academia Shoes

Aesthetic shoes, including Dr. Martens, loafers, oxfords, and Mary Janes, are a must for a complete dark academia outfit, offering durability, comfort, and style with a touch of elegance and darkness. Curious for more information about these? Continue reading for an in-depth look.

Doc Martens

Doc Martens is the golden shot to complete the dark academia look. They can be combined with a chunky sweater over a button-up shirt, paired with corduroy pants and Dr. Martens for a cozy and stylish look.

Loafers/Oxfords/Mary Janes

These types of shoes add more feminine touch that can fit well with cardigans, plaid skirts, sweaters, blazers, etc. It’s all up to you.

Converse Sneakers

Sometimes sneakers can also add a touch of casual style to a dark academia outfit. You can simply pair them with pleated skirts, casual-looking blazers, or cozy cardigans.

Dark Academia Accessories

Adding Dark academia accessories to your outfit is a great way to showcase your love for classic style and intellectual interests. From antique books to stylish pens, there are countless options for you to express yourself and make your look truly unique.


Besides their advantages that help you define your waist; stylish belts also elevate the outfit if the materials are chosen wisely as well. A brown leather belt has a potential to enrich the dark formal look of the aesthetic.


Dark academia outfits can be enhanced with the addition of chunky knit scarves for a cozy feel, while also bringing in a vintage touch.


Adding small accessories like cute pins can give your outfit a personalized touch and bring some personality to the look.


Briefcases are mostly preferred in dark academia as they look professional. They might be the main accessory for someone who aims to climb the ladder of academy.


Although our lives are filled with smart watches and phones, no accessories can replace the elegant stance of the classic watches. Since the most important motif of the dark academia is the classic look, you can put the smart watches on the shelf and get a classic one.

Horn-rimmed glasses

I don't think there is anyone who doesn't think that glasses make a person look smart and cultured. If you have prescription glasses that you refuse to use, immediately pick them up where you left off and put them on. Because being a dark academian comes with requirements. A pair of aesthetic glasses have the potential to help you look smart.

As you can see, dark academia clothing is easy to embody by gathering clothes like tweed pants, plaid skirts, cardigans, wool coats, and many others. Whether you prefer tailored blazers, cable-knit sweaters, or vintage-inspired suits, there are endless outfit options to explore within this aesthetic. If you're looking for where to buy dark academia clothing online, check out the dark academia aesthetic clothes section. It offers a wide selection of apparel and accessories inspired by this trend. With the right pieces and a little creativity, you can easily incorporate the dark academia aesthetic into your wardrobe and elevate your style to the next level.

What is the Difference Between Dark Academia and Other Academia Aesthetics?

If you're someone who loves the academia aesthetic, you may have come across various sub-genres that have evolved over time. From the dreamy, ethereal light academia to the vibrant and eclectic chaotic academia, and the hauntingly beautiful horror academia to the avant-garde art academia, there is a range of aesthetics to choose from. Now it's time to explore the differences between dark academia and other academia aesthetics to find out what sets them apart.

Light Academia vs Dark Academia

Light academia mainly focuses on values like optimism, sensitivity, joy, gratitude, friendship, motivation, and happy endings. In contrast, dark academia deals with heavy topics, such as literary tragedy, existentialism, heartbreak, oppression, depression, and magic. In terms of color, light academia features creams and beiges, while dark academia prefers muted colors, brown, and shades.

Chaotic Academia vs Dark Academia

Chaotic academia emphasizes unpredictability, rebellion, and individuality. In contrast, dark academia is characterized by a focus on mystery, tradition, and unearthly. Chaotic academia is where the lines between academia and everyday life are blurry. There are no tidy classrooms, and texts are filled with notes and personal experiences. This approach is about embracing life's messiness and learning whatever interests you. In contrast, dark academia values tidiness, order, and elaboration.

Horror Academia vs Dark Academia

Horror academia is focused on frightening, spooky, and eerie themes. In contrast, dark academia has a gothic, eerie atmosphere but also includes tradition, history, and knowledge elements. Key colors of horror academia are burgundy, navy, and dark greys, while dark academia uses lighter colors in style.

Art Academia vs Dark Academia

Art academia values creativity, self-expression, and the arts and often incorporates bright and bold colors. Dark academia, on the other hand, values tradition and mystery and often incorporates muted colors like brown, beige, and cream.

The most significant difference of dark academia is that it is in-between with other academia aesthetics. It is neither as gloomy and scary as the darkest, fashion indifferent as the chaotic nor as hopeful as the light academia. Dark academians are blended with the dark, lovers of dusty shelves; they adore learning and exploring and care about clothing to reflect their taste. They enjoy gothic architecture and art but do not fully embrace its grotesque aesthetic style.

Although the color scale does not change much between academia aesthetics, dark academia is neither white as light nor black as the darkest academia. The key colors are brown and gray. Trace amounts of white and black can also be added to the outfit. For example, the art academia uses rainbow colors as well as gold. It is possible to see burgundy and red colors in the darkest academia. It is also common for light academia to see primarily white and creams. You can learn the difference between dark academia and other academia aesthetics more clearly from the comparison chart below.

An introduction to the different sub-genres within the Academia aesthetic, including Light Academia, Chaotic Academia, Dark Academia, and Parisian Romantic Academia.

Dark Academia Aesthetic Outfit Inspiration for Men

Dark academia is a popular style for guys that's all about being smart and stylish at the same time. If you're looking for some outfit inspiration to help you achieve this look, then you're at the right place! The key to nailing the dark academia aesthetic is to mix classic pieces with a hint of creativity and individuality. From tweed jackets to horn-rimmed glasses, there are plenty of ways to make this style your own. So, let's get started and see how you can upgrade your wardrobe with a touch of dark academia essence!

Classy Dark Academia Men Outfit Idea for Cold Weather

Hey there, boi! Are you looking for some stylish outfit inspiration that's perfect for the dark academia aesthetic? I've got you covered with a great outfit idea that you'll love!

Start off by adding some scholarly vibes with a pair of horn-rimmed glasses, which will make you look both smart and fashionable. Next, choose a light brown casual sweatshirt and some brown plaid pants for a comfortable yet sophisticated outfit.

For accessories, I suggest the black tote bag to show off your unique style, an aesthetic phone case to show off your artistic side, and an elegant wristwatch to add a touch of class to your outfit.

To finish off the look, add a pair of black flat chunky shoes for a comfortable and chic touch, and don't forget to layer up with a long wool coat to keep warm during chilly weather.

This outfit is perfect for anyone who wants to look stylish and embrace the dark academia aesthetic. With this practical and polished outfit, you're sure to turn heads and impress everyone you meet!

A description of a men's dark academia outfit, including horn-rimmed glasses, a light brown casual sweatshirt, brown plaid pants, a black tote bag, an aesthetic phone case, an elegant wristwatch, black flat chunky shoes, and a long wool coat.

Classic Dark Academia Outfit for Men

Hey there, handsome! Are you looking for a classic and timeless outfit idea that will make you look stylish and put-together? Well, I've got the perfect dark academia-inspired combination for you!

Start with a plaid shirt, paired with some elegant office pants for a polished look. To add some extra warmth and style, layer on a long wool coat in beige, which will make you look refined.

Accessorize with a vintage school bag and some sleek ankle boots. And, for an extra touch of vintage-inspired flair, don't forget to wear some retro-style socks. These socks will add a unique and personal touch to the outfit, while also keeping your feet comfortable and cozy.

This outfit is perfect for a day of classes, studying at the library, or even a casual coffee date. So, why not embrace the timeless style of dark academia while still staying comfortable and practical? Trust me, with this outfit, you'll turn heads and look dapper no matter where you go.

An outfit description for the dark academia aesthetic, including a plaid shirt, elegant office pants, a long beige wool coat, vintage school bag, sleek ankle boots, and retro-style socks.

Elegant Dark Academia Office Outfit for Men

Oh, I’m sure you’ll absolutely love the outfit combination I’ve put together! It's the perfect blend of classic and modern, and I think it would look amazing on any guy. Let me break it down for you.

Starting from the top, the white button-up shirt is a staple in any wardrobe, and it's perfect for dressing up or down. In this case, it provides a crisp, clean base for the rest of the outfit. The beige sweater vest adds some texture and warmth, while also giving the outfit a bit of a preppy vibe. And the bowtie adds a hint of individuality and refinement.

Moving down to the bottom half of the outfit, the suede calf-skin shoes and the belt are the perfect match, tying the whole look together. And the office pants in a rich, elegant brown are just the right touch of formality without feeling too stuffy. And finally, the light brown wool coat is the perfect finishing touch, providing both style and warmth.

In sum, this outfit is a perfect combination of classic pieces and modern styling. It's perfect for a day at the office, a fancy dinner, or any other occasion where you want to look your best. I think any guy would look absolutely dashing in this ensemble.

A dark academia-inspired office outfit for men including a white button-up shirt, beige sweater vest, brown office pants, and light brown wool coat. The outfit is completed with suede calf-skin shoes, a matching belt, and a bowtie for a refined touch.

Modern Dark Academia Men's Outfit

My dear, here’s a perfect mix of classic and modern dark academia fit that would look absolutely stunning on any man.

Starting from the top, the long wool coat is the epitome of dark academia style. It's warm, stylish, and effortlessly chic. The flat pants and suede belt create a sleek silhouette, while the wristwatch adds a touch of poise. The button-up shirt provides a crisp, clean base for the outfit, while the turtleneck blouse adds some extra warmth and texture.

The vintage bag and cozy socks are the perfect finishing touches, adding a touch of nostalgia and personality to the outfit. And let's not forget the newsboy hat, which completes the look with its classic, old-world charm. Altogether, this outfit is a perfect representation of the dark academia aesthetic, with its blend of classic and modern elements.

An outfit idea for a dark academia aesthetic man, including long wool coat, flat pants, and suede belt, a button-up shirt and turtleneck blouse, a vintage bag, cosy socks, and newsboy hat.

Dark Academia Aesthetic Outfit Inspiration for Women

Dark academia aesthetic is an excellent choice for women who want to show off their unique sense of style and ideals of academic success. You can wear plaid preppy-style skirts and chunky knit sweaters and accessorize them with a vintage backpack and a pair of Oxford shoes. Let's get going and find out how you can add a dark academia vibe to your wardrobe!

Chic and Vintage Dark Academia Outfit Idea for Women

Luv, if you're looking for a stylish way to express your admiration for dark academia, then you should consider wearing this outfit. The dark academia fashion trend has been gaining a lot of popularity lately, and this outfit idea offers a unique and feminine take on the style. With an oversize sweater and high-waisted corduroy pants, you'll feel comfortable and cozy while looking effortlessly chic.

To add some dimension and sophistication to the look, layer on a plaid blazer jacket and a turtleneck bodysuit in cream. These pieces add a touch of elegance that's perfect for any occasion. The flat brown chunky shoes and horn-rimmed brown glasses add a vintage touch that's totally on-trend, making this outfit both stylish and practical.

And then accessorize with a cloth bag, an aesthetic phone case, and some aesthetic brooches to really elevate the outfit to the next level. These art-inspired accessories showcase your passion for art and poetry in a unique way. With this outfit, you'll feel confident, stylish, and totally on-trend. Whether you're headed to class, the library, or out for a coffee date, this outfit is perfect for any occasion. So go ahead and try the outfit featured by the model Sarah Mantelin out for yourself and see how it makes you feel!

A dark academia aesthetic woman's outfit featuring an oversized sweater, high-waisted corduroy pants, plaid blazer jacket, cream turtleneck bodysuit, brown chunky shoes, and brown glasses. Accessorized with a cloth bag, an aesthetic phone case, and art-inspired brooches.

Feminine and Cute Dark Academia Outfit

Hey gal! Are you looking for a cute and stylish outfit idea? I have the perfect combination for you! Start with a mini woolen skirt, paired with turtleneck brown bodysuit. To add some texture and depth to the look, layer on a cropped beige cardigan and a windbreaker long coat. This will not only keep you warm but also add a chic and sophisticated element to the outfit.

Accessorize with a gorgeous pearl heart necklace and a set of gold rings for a touch of femininity and elegance. Complete the look with a stylish cloth bag and a pair of vintage knitted socks to keep your feet cozy and fashionable. And to add a bit of an academic vibe, finish the look with a pair of transparent glasses.

For the final touch, slip on a pair of cute leather ankle boots. This outfit is perfect for any young gal who wants to look stylish and put-together. So why not try it out and show off your fashion sense?

A dark academia aesthetic outfit consisting of a plaid mini skirt, turtleneck bodysuit, beige cardigan, windbreaker long coat, pearl heart necklace, gold rings, cloth bag, vintage knitted socks, transparent glasses, and leather ankle boots.

Preppy Chic with a Playful Twist - A Dark Academia School Girl’s Outfit Idea

Hey guys! Check out this dark academia outfit combo that you won't want to miss! First up, we have a total must-have for the colder months: a belted trench coat! It's the ultimate classic piece that never goes out of style. Next, there’s a high collar mesh blouse that'll give your outfit a modern edge with its sleek design. And who can forget the cozy bear cardigan? You'll be cozy and cute with its bear detail all day long!

Now, let's move on to the plaid preppy mini skirt, which is a must-have for any dark academia wardrobe. The skirt has a classic, vintage-inspired design. Paired with the brown socks and brown Mary Jane shoes, this outfit has a subtle schoolgirl charm. The funny cat pin adds a pop of color and personality to the outfit, making it a perfect choice for you if you want to add a little bit of ✨spice✨.

Yasss, let's talk accessories! You can't go wrong with a brown leather school bag, it's a total must-have for that dark academia vibe. And the minimalistic phone case is the cherry on top - it's inspired by classical art and will totally add some sophistication and creativity to your look. So, are you down to wear it or what? Let me know in the comments!

Also, if you like to wear cute clothes, and want to get cuter, you are always welcome to the coquette aesthetic guide which is about embracing your femininity, being confident, and especially wearing all the pastel/pink tones with confidence!

A trendy dark academia outfit featuring a belted trench coat, high collar mesh blouse, cosy bear cardigan, plaid mini skirt, brown socks, and Mary Jane shoes with a brown leather school bag, cat pin, and minimalistic phone case for accessorizing.

Dark Academia & Old Money Outfit

Here is another super cute outfit idea that's perfect for a day out or even a cozy dark academia date night.

Starting off with the basics, we have a brown sweater vest paired with a chic beige satin button-up shirt. These pieces are a perfect match! To add some personality, we've got a beautiful pearl cross detailed necklace and a stylish elegant brown wristwatch. The accessories add a little something extra to the outfit, making it look put together and classy.

Now, let's talk about the bottom half. We've got a Korean style plaid mini skirt that's giving off major Clueless vibes and paired it with some adorable floral print cream socks and cream ankle boots. To finish the look, we've got a minimalist cloth bag. This outfit is perfect for any girl who wants to embrace the dark academia ideals with a little bit of edge.

Wrap it up, ladies! This outfit is the ultimate choice for any dark academia-loving gal out there. It's chic, elegant, and has everything you need to make a statement. So go ahead and mix things up by adding different textures, prints, and styles to create a look that's uniquely YOU. Fashion is all about having fun and expressing yourself, so don't hold back! With dark academia, you have endless possibilities to make a statement and show off your style.

A dark academia women outfit idea including a brown sweater vest paired with a beige satin button-up shirt, completed with a pearl cross detailed necklace and a wristwatch. A plaid mini skirt is paired with floral print cream socks and cream ankle boots. A minimalist cloth bag completes the look.

In this blog, I have covered the academia universe and subgenres of academia as much as possible. Mainly, I conveyed the dark academia, the aesthetic of the dark academia, how to be a dark academia enthusiast, the attitude of the dark academia in the clothing field, and the pieces that should be worn. And as a bonus, I prepared and presented various dark academia outfit styles to you. For further information and inspiration, you can follow the dark academia clothes pinboard on Pinterest and do research on Fandom to find out what is the origin of dark academia.

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