Ultimate Guide to Baddie Aesthetic: Everything You Need to Know[2024] title=

Ultimate Guide to Baddie Aesthetic: Everything You Need to Know[2024]

Posted by Yamourii on Mar 02, 2022

As the baddie aesthetic style is taking the world by storm, we, as the Cosmique Studio team, prepared an ultimate guide for you to discover this fashion in-depth. Hope you'll see if this fashion is your personal aesthetic or not. In either situation, we're sure that you'll have fun!

While aesthetic styles are spreading rapidly around the world, we envy Gen Z's instant adaptation to all these aesthetic outfits. Of course, the Instagram realm is the pioneer of the aesthetic fashion that emerged so quickly. It has become a matter of time to embrace a style that takes its place among the trends on social media. We are delighted with it; in fact, all aesthetic sub-cultures continue to inspire us, even with slight differences or significant changes.

Recently, we have seen it in the clothes of many celebrities and influencers, not just Gen Zs, which emerged with the combination of effortless elegance and extra glamour. Let's take a closer look at this style called baddie.

ariana grande and a baddie girl posing and there is an inspirational quote for baddie girls saying know your worth than add tax

What to learn in this blog

  • How do I look baddie?
  • How to do baddie makeup
  • How do I dress like a baddie on a budget?
  • What accessories does every baddie need?
  • What are the baddie aesthetic sub-genres?

Then let's get started! Let's see which baddie aesthetic is right for you and what steps we need to pay attention to be a baddie girl.

What is a Baddie?

A baddie is a confident girl looks beautiful and likes doing makeup. Baddie girls look like Barbie in real life. They're pretty attractive and know how to take aesthetic photos and videos. That makes them the real influencers. Baddie girls are pretty popular and have many followers on social media. If you check out Kardashians, you see what we mean. They're pure baddies with their style, beauty, followers, and attitude. Baddie girls draw attention with their looks. That's what everyone knows. But the point of being one of them isn't just their look. It's also the attitude. They're always confident, stand up for what they believe in, and draw attention wherever they go. See? Beauty isn't just about looking good. It's also about feeling good.

What is Baddie Aesthetic?

Baddie aesthetic is the aesthetic style of well-groomed and self-confident people who create a style by combining comfortable and stylish clothes. It's a freestyle where every brave, confident, and successful person, regardless of gender, can find themselves and wear whatever they think suits them. Although the baddie aesthetic is considered the style of disrespectful, humiliating, and self-centered people, on the contrary, it is the style of brave people who are respectful and sensitive but never compromise themselves.

If you're asking, "am I a baddie aesthetic" listen well: The Baddie aesthetic style includes the most liberated aesthetic outfits. Baddie girls are so self-confident that no one can say that this outfit does not suit them because they always wear the pieces that fit them best with the right combinations! To summarize it first, the baddie aesthetic is for girls who like being brave, speaking up for what they believe, and always wearing fashionable outfits.

Multiple Inpirational Baddie Aesthetic Photos Collage

How to Be a Baddie Aesthetic

How to be a baddie aesthetic has been a commonly asked question by Gen Z recently. You are ready to enter this style if you feel you fit the baddie character. We promise to prepare you for the baddie look in just a few steps. We can gather the baddie style under three big headings. The most important stages are the baddie fashion, makeup, and accessories. In this blog, you'll find an in-depth guide for these items. We can say that being a baddie is a blend of having the right attitude and dressing up correctly. Have the latest fashion baddie aesthetic clothes, put the perfect makeup on, and get ready for the best pieces of advice from Cosmique Studio. Here are some baddie characteristics that you might like to check on:

  • Have self-confidence.
  • Always be hot, classy, and attractive.
  • Take a stand for your values.
  • Be feminine.
  • Show off your look.
  • Never be jealous.
  • Be the center of attention.
  • Pick the path of the bad girls instead of the good ones.
  • Keep up with the latest fashion.
  • Take selfies and use photoshop.
  • Be super-active on social media.
  • Always wear sunglasses.
  • Be independent.
  • Wear aesthetic clothes.
  • Exercise and eat right to keep your shape.

What is Baddie Fashion?

Baddie fashion is about being chic and elegant all the time. Of course, your preferences for baddie aesthetic clothing are significant. By combining the right colors with the right outfits, you can become the envy of everyone. If we're going to start with colors, our first stop should be pink! Pink baddie outfits are always one of the most popular. Some of you ask why boujee pink is the most popular color. Of course, the symbol of your femininity is the cute and girly color that comes to mind first.

Since girls also have a slight fondness for barbies, nothing is natural about it! Baddie outfits are most practical when a masculine outfit combines with femininity; Think of a pink blazer suit; it's both bold, feminine, and stylish! Of course, we can find other similar examples. Lilac tracksuits, baby blue oversize tees, and much more.

Next up, there is something we want to remind you before we talk about other popular and preferred cute baddie outfits! Aesthetic baddie girls are trendsetters. So no matter how much we tell you about the rules and give advice about aesthetic clothing, it is you who will decide what suits baddie aesthetics! Let's take a closer look at the clothes that are frequently preferred and become a part of daily life, which are compatible with baddie aesthetics.

A Baddie Girl Posing in Vintage Separate Knitted Sleeves Green Mini Dress and surrounded by different baddie aesthetic accessories

Must-Have Outfits for Baddie Aesthetic

Must-have outfits for the baddie aesthetic are crop tops, tube tops, tracksuits, sunglasses, faux-leather boots, platform shoes, leather skirts, and lots of shining jewelry. Even if you have these pieces, it doesn't mean you're a baddie if you don't combine them well and choose the right colors and sizes for your body shape. If you want to learn more, here are some examples of what pieces you need to be a baddie and how to combine them. Have fun reading!

Crop Tops

Baddie crop tops, also known as mini baby tees, are indispensable for this style. All models in different colors and fabrics are beautiful; combining them is just as fun. Instead of hiding her body, as a part of self-confidence, open-bell models or crop tops with decollate are among the favorites. If you need inspo, check out Kylie Jenner's insta. We're pretty sure you'll find some fantastic ideas.

Skinny Pants

Skinny pants, especially skinny jeans, are still a thing in this era! Although flare or wide-leg jeans have been trendy in the last few seasons, the baddie aesthetic on Instagram and TikTok, a jean that reveals the most body curves and tightly hugs the hips, is always included in the outfits as a savior.

Matching Sets

Matching sets, as we mentioned before, matching tracksuits, tights, bras, and blazers are always a priority for baddie aesthetic fashion. You should make room in your closet for matching outfits for a simple, effortless, stylish look. Top-down color or pattern-matched suits will make your job easier. You will not waste hours in front of your closet and can wear the most trendy clothes. This is an excellent option to complete your style with tiny touches. Whether in summer baddie outfits, at your baddie birthday style, or even in baddie club clothes, you can reflect elegance non-stop!


Hoddies are so popular among baddie women. Although the baddie style is all about sexiness and dominant characters, the most worn outfit in this style has always been casual oversize hoodies. One of the biggest reasons for this is the desire to be comfortable and to prove to others how stylish and the center of attention you can be, even wearing a hoodie.

A blondie wearing Y2K Aesthetic Side Zipper Pants and surrounded by different baddie accesories

How can you Do Baddie Aesthetic Makeup?

Baddie makeup is the most popular style in this era, as you all know. When it comes to glam makeup, of course, we push the limits! Perfect skin, almond eyes, full lips, and lots of contours and highlights are the favorites of the baddies. Perfect makeup is essential for a self-confident and high-ego look. To make it more interesting, we can say that smooth skin is shaped with contours and highlighting and slightly plump lips with a bit of lip gloss. Also, eye makeup-based eyeshadow and eyeliner make them look more extensive and complete with extra-long false eyelashes and bold eyebrows. Color preferences can be very diverse; natural earth tones that suit the person or colored headlights that match the outfit can be chosen. In fact, limiting makeup only to facial details would not be correct.

What are the Baddie Aesthetic Hairstyles?

Baddie hairstyles should always be well-groomed and unique, as if they just came out of the hairdresser's. A tightly gathered ponytail, braid models, or cool blow-dried hair are necessary. Another detail that should not be forgotten is the nails! To upgrade your femininity, you should definitely not neglect your nail care. We suggest having no limits in length and presenting book appointments from the most talented nail salons for nail art! Don't forget to take a little baddie aesthetic tour on Pinterest and Instagram, and TikTok for your signature nails that will be engraved in everyone's mind!

Rihanna and Kylie Jenner Wearing Baddie Aesthetic Dresses beside a baddie quote saying lmao ur hot but i'm hotter

Names such as Kardashians / Jenners, Rihannaand Cardi B are among the celebrities you can take as an example of the whole personal care routine we have mentioned above.

What are Baddie Aesthetic Accessories?

Baddie accessories are so popular these days that even you might use some without knowing they're baddies. In our opinion, accessories complement every aesthetic fashion. Combining only with clothes does not make you a fashion icon. The main thing is to make the outfit designed by a brand extraordinary with your own unique touches. Only in this way can you become a hit and turn into a desirable fashion icon or girl boss. Set your own limits!

Aesthetic accessories are an endless journey, be careful not to get lost inside. When it comes to bags, shoes, hats, shawls, hair claws, and glasses, endless options are possible for baddie aesthetic outfits. Among all the accessories that can be classified according to every style, every taste, and every situation, we can list the most popular ones as follows: aesthetic phone cases, mini backpacks, heeled boots, high-heeled stilettos or sandals, sneakers, silk scarfs, diamond rings, and exaggerated hoop earrings, gold-plated aesthetic watches, and aesthetic glasses of all colors are the models that we encounter everywhere when it comes to baddie aesthetic accessories.

There are numerous baddie aesthetic shoes that you can wear for any occasion. You can wear chunky sneakers, buckle shoes, lining-design sneakers, patterned high-top sneakers, Mary Janes, army boots, and loafers in school. Baddie girls know what to wear at all times and in all places. For special occasions, you can get stilettos, high-heel sandals, ankle booties, mules, and corset heels. Baddies are huge shoe fans, so they should have a wide variety of shoes in their closet. They must match their aesthetic shoes to their daily outfits.

Also, you shouldn't forget about the baddie nails. You can never be one of them if you take great care of your nails. Baddie nails are always long and well-polished. We're not done yet. To have this style, you should use baddie nail accessories as well. Crystals, glitters, stickers, and ombre prints are some of the main accessories used.

multiple inpirational baddie photos collage made mostly in glitter and pink

What are Baddie Aesthetic Sub-Cultures?

All the information we have shared so far was general information about baddies. Now, here are a couple of baddie aesthetic sub-genres for you guys. Are you ready to read the baddie aesthetic subculture that suits you best?

Vintage Baddie

The vintage baddie style brings hip-hop culture from the 80s and 90s to the present day. It is the perfect style for baddies who retain that era's amazing iconic outfits and tastes. Cargo pants, vintage tees, chunky sneakers, and vintage jewelry are ideal for this category.

Y2K Baddie

The y2k Baddie aesthetic is getting more and more popular each day. While we don't want to be unfair to other sub-aesthetic styles between us, our favorite style is Y2K Baddie Aesthetic! This trend was started by the famous celebrities and artists of the 2000s and has become the trendiest clothing of recent times. With colorful tops, sparkling jewels, girly details, and much more, y2k baddie is a candidate to be the most fun style for baddies.

Retro Baddie

Retro baddie aesthetic definitely reeks of nostalgia! It becomes the most casual and fabulous baddie with the 80s and 90s music, video games, and all the fun. The difference from the vintage baddie is that it is closer to the baddie street style. It would not be a lie if we say that it is the aesthetic of baddies who wander the streets with their skateboards all day, listen to music from tapes and eat hot dogs in the alley.

Luxury Baddie

The luxury baddie aesthetic consists of elegance, popularity, and lots of money. It isn't easy to be a luxury baddie; we would like to state this from the beginning. Because of the luxury baddie aesthetic, you need to have some money. It is crucial not only to have money but also to have time to spare for expensive brands. Besides the clothes of brands such as Prada, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton, we recommend you make a collection of accessories such as transparent bags, stilettos, plush caps, and classic round sunglasses. Something good can come out when you blend expensive clothes beautifully with the baddie aesthetic style. But at this point, you should proceed cautiously to avoid overdoing it and not be shy.

This style may work for you if luxury is already in your nature. If you are new to this field, it may take time to reach these places. Take your time; of course, you will create your own luxury baddie style!

Drugstore Queen

The drugstore queen aesthetic is a sub-culture of the baddie aesthetic. This fashion has a distinctive style that includes outfits at affordable prices. Drugstore queen makeup is also different from the other baddie aesthetics. You can never see a drugstore queen without glitters on her eyelids. No matter what brands they use, they look spectacular. Drugstore queens are edgy, and so the outfits they wear. Knitted ski masks, chokers, aesthetic necklaces, hoop earrings, tube tops, skinny dresses, and boyfriend jeans are their favorites.

Insta Baddie

The insta baddie aesthetic is mainly based on the girls who like creating baddie content for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. The content comprises fashion, makeup, accessories, lifestyle, and hairstyles. Insta baddies have many followers. They share their daily life makeup tips with their followers. They even make money from this. That is the reason they're cautious about what they wear. Faux-fur jackets, silk scarves, platform boots, leather pants, baguette bags, and gradient sunglasses are their favorite outfits.

Pink Glitter Dollars as Background and Two Baddie Girls Silhouette saying How Bad Can A Good Girl Get

Although you might like this aesthetic fashion, you must be sure if it suits you the best. In that situation, we suggest you take a look at other aesthetics related to baddie. Soft girl aesthetic is another trendy style that has gained popularity recently. Now, watch the video and decide if you're a soft girl or baddie. Then, start shopping!

We have provided you with all the information you need for baddie aesthetic fashion. If you define yourself as a baddie and decide to adopt this style, we strongly recommend that you take a look at some of our outfits and especially our baddie aesthetic collection. We hope you do not lose your essence in all these flashy clothes, makeup, and lifestyle. Always remain respectful, loving, and helpful toward your surroundings.

If you like this blog, don't forget to check our aesthetic blogs for more. You can follow us on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram for all other fashion updates, the latest trends, and different types of aesthetics.


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