From Soft to Punk: 10 Grunge Aesthetic Subcultures & Outfit Ideas title=

From Soft to Punk: 10 Grunge Aesthetic Subcultures & Outfit Ideas

Posted by Magnificent Medusa on Aug 21, 2022

Hi fellas! Are you looking for a grunge outfit inspo? You are definitely in the right place at the right time. 

In our previous blog, The Ultimate Guide to Grunge Aesthetic + Coolest Outfit Ideas, we talked about grunge, its history, style, and aesthetics, and also other cultures inspired by grunge. Now is the high time to talk about grunge clothing inspirations.

I will talk about ten different subcultures or sub-types that have become blended with grunge over time, such as soft grunge, fairy grunge, e-girl grunge, indie grunge... As well as inspiring you with many outfit ideas that you can easily buy from our store Cosmique Studio!

P.S: Keep in mind and don't get offended. Those are not wholly accurate fashion movements but just inspirations and observations! :) 

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1- Edgy/Metalhead Grunge

Edgy aesthetic, as the name suggests, is being on edge, like out of society or being the black sheep. Thus, edgy clothing must also reflect this mindset, which unites grunge and edgy aesthetic in a sense. However, in the long run, some grunge aesthetic models brought grunge and edgy fashion together, doubling the reckless appearance and turning oversize cuts into a regular fit, displaying a more compact image.

This edgy inspired grunge style outfit I have created for you will perfectly fit into every casual or formal event. Mainly the grunge cross bandage crop top reflects the dark, edgy style by itself; other pieces make it look more grunge. I have chosen an edgy style black denim pants, but you may prefer other options like skirts, shorts or regular black jeans. 

Grunge core aesthetic does not require many accessories because of its careless mindset. But edgy grunge is completed with many accessories. Hence, find as many rings and necklaces as possible, and complete the edgy side of your grunge look! 

2- Gothic Grunge

Even though there are different types of gothic aesthetics, such as trad goth, romantic goth, pastel goth, etc., when I say "gothic style", a stereotypical visual pops up in our minds: dark shades and self-identifying pieces. These features are combined with grunge's careless, reckless, and unique style. And the complete look creates an image that unites gothic and grunge aesthetics

So, I have linked these pieces that I am in love with! Each can be combined with other styles, especially gothic aesthetics. However, to display it closer to grunge, I have chosen a gothic style cargo skirt which makes it look fancy-like casual. :) 

Along with this pretty love belt, a leather choker or an upside-down cross necklace will complete your gothic look. Whether you choose to be more rebellious, dark makeup can be a savior. Here are the 6 Step by Step Goth Makeup Tutorials

3- Soft Grunge

Grunge is for everyone! I quite like it when someone wears such cute but reckless pieces. Softie aesthetic reminds me of pink clouds as if I live in a dream. Cute tops, mini plaid skirts, shoulder bags, and hair clips are the essentials. 

When a cute softie aesthetic becomes one with grunge, it becomes "cute but psycho". You are still cute, but plus a rebel. 

Unlike old-school grunge style, soft grunge prioritizes light pastel colors. Thus, I brought these pieces together for you. The key piece for this soft grunge aesthetic outfit is I Am Hotty sweatpants. Any crop top in light pastel colors can be worn over these pants. I chose this soft grunge aesthetic knitted crop top. Those black details are just as compatible!

For an outlook close to grunge, I found a chain necklace along with soft grunge high-top sneakers. Those chain details create perfect harmony for a soft grunge outfit!

4- Fairy Grunge

As fascinating as mother nature! In general, the fairy core aesthetic focuses on the realm of mythological creatures such as fairies and elves. Green and brown are the indispensable colors of fairy core style, which you can always come across in mother nature.

Fairy grunge, on the other side, is a darker aesthetic. It may be referred as a fashion that rebelled against everything and escaped to nature. 

I have gathered these mystical clothes for those who are rebellious and in love with nature. This fairy grunge backless crop top completes the fairy grunge floral midi skirt! In case you get cold in the forest, I found a fairy-core jacket, too. 

If you want to take your fairy grunge aesthetic to the next level, this DIY Elf Ears video will help you find the way. 

Also, if you are interested in fairy grunge aesthetics, you should look at Fairy Grunge Aesthetic: Complete Guide + 5 Outfit Ideas ASAP! 

5- Y2K Grunge

A la mode, my fancy Y2K girls! Y2K aesthetic means "year 2000" aesthetic, a materialistic movement dating back from the '90s to '00s. Over time, it blended with grunge style and got darker, evolving as Y2K grunge. This style still radiates a glamorous vibe along with the reckless side of grunge.

For my part, each piece is a must to have in your closet. Especially the Y2K grunge top carries the whole outfit. They all can suit every aesthetic along with Y2K aesthetic. I chose e-girl grunge high heels buckle shoes, for instance. But, over-knee boots would fit for harsh weather conditions as well. 

This look will be complete with the help of a black leather shoulder bag and a black choker! 

As a Y2K aesthetic girl, you will definitely enjoy our Y2K Aesthetic Guide for more detailed information.

6- Retro Grunge

Retro style is reviving the old fashion styles. Thus, retro grunge is a kind of old-school grunge, a closer subculture to 80s and 90s grunge clothing. Because this style reflects the old perception of grunge aesthetic style. Oversize, aged, sloppy vintage clothes are the main pieces. On the other side, not many people are left sustaining the grunge core aesthetic fashion as it evolved in many ways. Despite this, I crave for the retro grunge aesthetic

I have created four complementary items for a retro grunge outfit inspiration. The color scale is essentially black. These plaid pants look comfy and stylish. I preferred a washed black t-shirt over retro aesthetic plaid pants and a simple black sneakers to complete the look. To add layers, I have chosen a retro black denim jacket. Voila! 

7- E-Girl Grunge

E-girl style is a brand-new emo style. This aesthetic stereotypically means "electronic girl style", describing the young women who are constantly online.

E-girls generally wear plaid mini skirts; striped long-sleeved shirts accompanied by marginally bleached hair. Exaggerated and dark make-up is what you should not be surprised at when you see an e-girl. Revealing clothes definitely describe an e-girl, too. Like someone straight out of an anime, right? 

On the other hand, E-girl grunge does not change the style's core. Dark colors in, soft colors out! Gothic, grunge, and edgy in-between is the definition of e-girl aesthetic. 

I designed an outfit for you that clearly describes everything had been told about e-girl aesthetic clothing. This e-girl crop top with a pentagram detail matches the fishnet stockings perfectly! I can't imagine an e-girl without those socks. 

8- Indie Grunge

What comes to your mind when I say Indie-Kid aesthetic? Brighter colors, skater lifestyle, baggy clothes, genderless clothing, and independence. Those are the keywords to describe the Indie aesthetic briefly. 

For a darker grunge outlook, these indie aesthetic oversize brown sweatshirt and baggy pants will reflect the independent grunge side in you. Get your customized daisy sneakers and a skate. And meet with your indie friends ASAP! 

9- Plaid Pattern

Of course, it's not an actual subculture. Mainly used for punk or grunge aesthetics, plaid pattern or "tartan" gives a casual vibe to an outfit. That's the reason I wanted to provide inspiration. You have probably come across plaid pants or flannels at a rock concert—one of the rare pieces that can both look comfortable and stylish. 

Even if the grunge style plaid mini dress is a one-piece outfit, it serves enough for a grunge outfit. I have gathered a leather jacket and a leather backpack to look edgier. A simpler look with flannel is also a good choice, though! 

Roll the dice and choose any style with a plaid pattern; you won't regret it! 

10- Punk Grunge

The main difference between grunge style and punk style is that grunge aesthetic people wear mundane everyday clothing everywhere. Grunge aesthetic is equal to an anti-fashion mindset. Punk aesthetic style is on the contrary. Thus, there is a juxtaposition of meticulous sloppiness! 

Silver chains will add to your rebellious look for a punk-inspired grunge outlook. Such as this punk style belt chain

Grunge Clothing Brand

I have mentioned various aesthetic movements so far. You can find all the clothes I have mentioned in Cosmique Studio. These affordable grunge clothes are must-have clothes in your closet. 

Which of these ten aesthetics do you think is the closest to you? I hope this blog has been of some help as to which way you want to go. You can access all the pieces I recommended by clicking on the images. You will surely love all these grunge clothes

If you want to look at different styles and get inspired by them, follow Cosmique Studio on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, and Pinterest! You are always welcome to our aesthetic blog, which will attract you to its colorful and different world. 

And before leaving for checking out other fulfilling and inspirational blogs about different aesthetic styles, leave us a comment below on what you think about grunge aesthetic style. Does this style appeal to you? Which one of the outfit ideas grasped your attention the most? Do you find the information in the blog inspirational as grunge aesthetic clothing? We humbly ask for your suggestions to improve our future content. Best wishes, 



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