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find the cutest aesthetic crop tops for the summer
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Belly revealing clothes have been in our lives for a very long time. Especially for the last 10 years, the short and tiny tops that we call crop tops have been accepted by everyone and now they have become almost ordinary. Of course, we’re not editing this blog to tell you about the history of crop tops. Let’s leave the boring side of the job aside, let’s look at the ways to bring back all the crop tops that have been in our lives for many years, that we love to wear, but that we have almost started to get bored with and to make them enjoyable!


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Crop tops, which are in our closet every season, summer and winter, and that I wear with sweaters, jackets, shirts or alone, are actually indispensable for all of us. Think about it, and you’ll realize how life-saving all the crop tops in your closet are. It is important to us that such a precious piece should be chosen very carefully and wisely. Apart from being able to use it for many years, it is necessary to choose basic pieces that are compatible with many different combinations and can be worn day and night. There’s no point in spending that much money on something you’ll only wear once!


aesthetic crop tops - cosmiquestudio


In fact, when you think about it, crop tops can be worn with anything and they know no rules. Today, as a result of retro and vintage aesthetic movements, high waisted bottoms are at the center of our outfits again. We can say that crop tops have become popular with this high waist trend. But if we go two decades ago, the way the y2k aesthetic style was at that time, low waist pants, skirts and favorite combinations could be with crop tops or even with similar pieces on bikinis. So, even if we are not aware of it, we should keep ourselves well with these pieces that have been in our lives for years and will probably never go out of fashion.


aesthetic crop tops for summer - cosmiquestudio


The world of Aesthetic Crop Top is not as simple as you might think. As soon as you discover its inner world, you will see how deeply diverse it contains. Long sleeve, short sleeve, shirred, raffle, patterned, plain, transparent etc. There are many different models available and you should have at least a different variety of these star pieces. Take a look at our crop top collection to choose at least black, white, colorful, casual and evening pieces that will work as a starter for easy, fun and various combinations.


aesthetic crop tops - cosmiquestudio



When it’s your turn to make a combination, it’s up to you. You should consider your own taste and comfort. A crop top that will make you comfortable all day and that you will have to check constantly will not only make you uncomfortable, but you can also alienate the people around you because of your uncomfortable and strange actions. That’s why you should buy crop tops that will increase your self-confidence and fit your body structure. All skirts, shorts, pants, bermudas etc. You can wear it with If you are one of those who do not like to dress too openly, you can combine a crop top with a thin shirt or a cardigan, and you can look both cute and comfortable.


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In our opinion, it is not always good to dress too revealy. Of course, although we are wearing smaller pieces depending on the air temperature, the rule of two decollete is a maximum of two, which you should always keep in mind to stay stylish. Mostly, a low-cut is enough, but if you are one of those who say that I love low-cuts and one is not enough, you can add another small low-cut to your aesthetic outfit, apart from the crop-top low-cut. At the beginning of the easiest and most effortless aesthetic crop top outfits, we can say a crop top on top of high waist jeans and maybe a shirt. If you are after other combination choices, you should try combining maxi skirts and crop tops, which are very fashionable these days!


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It is possible to find colorful and various crop tops in almost all of the aesthetic trends that we host on our site and whose number is increasing day by day. Of course, many well-known and popular brands produce and sell crop tops, but if you are looking for a little more difference and innovation, we recommend you to take a look at the Cosmique Studio Crop Tops Collection first. Discover our collection now to reach affordable and special discounted products!


3 Different Crop Top Outfit Ideas



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cute crop top outfits - cosmiquestudio
aesthetic crop top outfit ideas - cosmiquestudio

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