A Complete Guide: Goblincore Aesthetic Style + 5 Goblincore Outfit Ideas

A Complete Guide: Goblincore Aesthetic Style + 5 Goblincore Outfit Ideas

Posted by Buscik on Apr 09, 2022

Since the very first appearance in the 2010s, the  Goblincore aesthetic is getting more and more trendy in our lives. Even now, it has more than 750 million views on TikTok and got almost 30,000 members on the Goblincore subreddit ! Let’s get deeper into the dark, loose Goblincore aesthetic and see what’s waiting for us in the dark deep forest.

What is Goblincore?

Getting its name from Goblins, the ugliest, dirtiest, unpredictable, and small creatures living in forests, the Goblincore aesthetic, also called Gremlincore, Mushroom aesthetic, or Greedcore, appeared first in the 1910s and started to get trendy in the 2010s. With the pandemic in the 2020s, people started to care more about their surroundings instead of the fast fashion and expensive shopping that has been on increase with the spread of online shopping. This led to the increase of the interest in the Goblincore culture which creates its style rather than caring less about society’s unrealistic beauty standards. Snails, worms, shiny rocks, slugs, insects, toads, mushrooms, and moss are some key motifs of the  Goblincore aesthetic.

Are you ready to be a Goblin?

Goblin diagram with items and Goblincore clothes

What to learn from this blog:  

  • How do I dress like a Goblincore at an affordable price?
  • What are the essentials of a Goblincore?
  • How can I make my own Goblincore DIY accessories?
  • How do I make my room Goblincore?
  • How do I make Goblincore food?
  • What present should I give to my Goblincore friend?
  • What activities can I do with my Goblincore friends?

What is the Difference between Cottagecore and Goblincore?

Goblincore aesthetic is inspired by the ugly Goblins of the dark deep forest while Cottagecore is the aesthetics of the Western country - farm-ish lifestyle. Also, Goblincore cares more about curiosity whereas Cottagecore is into serenity. Imperfection is the key to the Goblincore aesthetic but  Cottagecore style modernity is so important. Both Goblincore and  Cottagecore aesthetics are fashion trends of 2022 among the Gen Z population.

The difference between Goblincore and Cottagecore

Will 2022 Be the Year of Aesthetic ‘Goblincore’?

With the popularization of the idea of sustainability, the Goblincore aesthetic is getting more and more trendy among the Gen Z population every single day. Instead of fast fashion or expensive shopping, Goblincore fashion is about second-hand and thrift shopping that helps to care for the earth. Whereas social media forces us to be ‘perfect’ even in real life, Goblincore followers find a way to escape it. People who are into Goblincore celebrate imperfection and don’t have the pressure of having a perfect body, skin, or clothes. With the realization that the pandemic brought us, 2022 will be the year of ‘awareness’. Awareness of the inner side of us, the beauty inside us and freedom, being who we want to be, and the ways of letting things go. Besides, the pandemic led the Goblincore aesthetic to bring life more than ever before. People who had to stay home for months realized that they were more connected to nature than they would ever thought.

By getting more than 750 million views on TikTok, Goblincore followers are sure that 2022 will be just the beginning. With the realization of the need for a connection to nature, people will follow this trend more and more every single day. Also staying at home let people realize that ‘comfort’ is the key element for better living conditions. Goblincore style offers comfortable clothing opportunities that are suitable for adventures out in the woods! Instead of staying at home, 2022 will be the year of going out and discovering with Goblincore aesthetic.

How do I Look Goblincore?

Goblincore style involves second-hand clothes, worn out, or thrifted. Instead of wearing expensive, customized, shiny, and all clean fashionable clothes, Goblincore aesthetic can be dark, messy, spooky, cozy, dirty, and accessible that you can enjoy while going around, taking lots of walks, and laying on the grass to connect nature! The colors that you might want to wear would be light brown, dark green, dark lime, dark brown, and navy blue. You can dress in dirty boots, knitted sweaters, cardigans, knitted gloves, witch hats, oversize cozy clothes, greenish socks, and whatever you will feel cozy inside. The key element is to feel free!

Items and clothes related to look Goblincore such as sweaters, a hat and socks

Secret Tricks for Elegant Goblincore Makeup

Well, as they are into nature and like natural beauties, most Goblincore aesthetic followers do not like putting on makeup to look natural. But you have a chance to put some makeup on and still reflect nature’s beauties on your face. By using green tones on your eyelid, applying peach powder and some highlighter on your cheeks, and putting on some peach lipstick, you will be just like a Goblin going around the dark deep forest! Mushroom aesthetic supports both being natural and showing off with dark colors on your hair and face. You can use your hair color or dye it green to reflect the dark forest growing inside of you! You can also put some speckles on your face to give the expression of the Goblins in your mind!

Goblincore items and makeup details such as green eyeshadows, lipsitcks, an eyeshadow palette

Stylish Goblincore Accessories

Goblincore aesthetic accessories are minimal. They are mostly about buttons, tote bags, earrings with mushrooms, teeth necklaces, mushroom hairclips, and anything that represents the imperfection of nature. But don’t think that you are limited by what the others say! As a Goblin, you can make your own accessories with the items that you collect outside. They can be unique so they can reflect directly your uniqueness. You can also make your exclusive accessory style by not harming the earth. You can make earrings, necklaces, bracelets and the other stuff that you want to. All you have to do is to imagine!

Goblincore items and accessories such as bags, socks, glasses

Make Your Stylish Goblincore DIY Accessories

As a real Goblincore aesthetic follower, now you know that a real Goblin does not buy expensive pieces. You can buy second-hand or from thrift shops. But you must not forget that you also have one more chance. Doing it yourself! You can DIY your Goblincore aesthetic accessories with just small pieces and a little bit of knowledge with crochet and some wires in a very short time. Here are some examples. Have fun Goblins!

DIY Goblincore items such as a green hat, purple mushroom gloves, necklaces

How do I Make My Room Goblincore?

Goblincore aesthetic can be in any part of your life including your bedroom. As you know, a bird is known by its feathers. As the main idea is to be in nature, you can decorate your room with lots of green accessories, artificial flowers as well as natural ones, wallpapers representing nature, maybe a cozy armchair, wood log candles, artificial weave ceramic plant pots, a fake grass rug, a grass front cabinet and some other creative things that you will feel free and cozy. You can DIY your designs by putting some mushrooms on your cabinets as well!

Goblincore room ideas with green plants

How to Prepare Delicious Goblincore Food

Goblins like to eat green! A plate is full of mushrooms, walnuts, hazelnuts, blackberries, and the other berries that they could run across while wandering around the woods, plant roots, and the other things that they can find in the forest. You can even prepare your food with your Goblincore outfits at your cave! As Goblincore aesthetic is also a lifestyle, you can grow your mushrooms in a pot in your home, and collect and eat them with berries that you collect from the dark deep forest. If you are looking for something easy to find, we have a recipe for you from Have fun!

How to Prepare Delicious Goblincore Food

7 Amazing Goblincore Books

Goblincore aesthetic is not only a clothing style but also a book genre. There are lots of books that the Goblins would like to read. By reading these books, you will realize that the Goblincore aesthetic is everywhere! You can also have a reading circle with the other Goblins and don’t have to spend more and create less waste for the world. Here are some examples:

  • The Hobbit by J.R.R. TOLKIEN
  • The Log Goblin by Brian Staveley
  • The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black
  • Curse of the Wolf King: A Beauty and the Beast Retelling by Tessonja Odette
  • Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll
  • The Cruel Prince by Holly Black
  • Malice by Heather Walter

The booklist is retrieved from

Goblincore Movies and Shows

There are movies and shows including Goblincore aesthetic as well. Common traits of these movies are the green-ish kind of darker color scale of the clothes and decors, little Goblins going around, being in a harmony with nature, having dark deep forests, a comfortable loose worn-down look of the imperfect characters, and so on. You can watch these movies and shows and find more similarities, too. Wanna try? Below you will see the collection of some The Hobbit outfits and accessories!

The Hobbit and its Goblincore details including accessories and clothes

Trendy Goblincore Emojis of the Year 2022

You can see Goblincore trends on your mobile device as well. With the globalization of the world, Goblins may show up anywhere even on your Whatsapp. You can show all the world that you are a Goblin by using Goblincore aesthetic emojis. Use these emojis to express yourself as a Goblin! We have prepared some for you in this article.

Trendy Goblincore Emojis of the year 2022

Trendy Goblincore Gift Ideas

Goblins may be unusually friendly sometimes. If you have a Goblin friend, you might want to give him/her a present that s/he would like. But… What do they like? People follow Goblincore fashion like mushroom print sweatshirts, oversize cozy Goblincore aesthetic clothes, knitted sweaters, and cozy socks. By gifting them to your friends, you will be able to show all the world that the Goblincore aesthetic is not only a fashion but also a lifestyle that you can share with all your friends. You can change your clothes later as second-hand or worn-out clothes are preferable by Mushroom aesthetic followers. By using worn-out outfits, you can create your style without caring less about society’s unrealistic beauty standards and reflect your way of thinking. We have some Goblincore outfit and accessories ideas for you:

Trendy Goblincore Gift Ideas including mushroom clothes and necklaces, a ring, a purse, a cushion

Like a dirty, unexpected Goblin, you can also collect your gifts instead of buying new stuff. Some old coins, shiny dirty rocks, old, rusty keys, agate shells, worn-out accessories, second-hand books could be useful for all the Goblins or you can just put one piece of stuff on a box called Goblincore Mystery Box and prepare your unique gift!

Want to learn more about Goblincore? Here is a video by Mariel to teach about how to build a Goblincore/Gremlincore wardrobe. Have fun!

If you like Goblincore Style and looking for some ideal outfits for you, Cosmique Studio has some suggestions for you. Here are our 5 Different Goblincore Outfit Ideas. Dress up Goblins!

5 Goblincore Outfit Ideas

1) Goblincore Crop Top

You can wear this crop top with a high-waisted skirt and have your own way of a classy and sophisticated look. No one will take his/her eyes off you!

Girl Wearing A Goblincore Aesthetic Style Button-down Brown Crop Top

2)  Goblincore Sweater

Wear this outsize sweater with a mushroom necklace and skinny jeans. You can wear big round glasses to complete this look and then you'll become a Goblin!

Boy wearing a brown knitted outsize sweater

3) Goblincore Mushroom Sweatshirt

You can wear this brown Goblincore Mushroom Sweatshirt with light brown pants and have a brown tone makeup to show everyone that Goblincore is all over your body.

Woman dressed in a brown oversize goblincore mushroom sweatshirt

4)  Goblincore Oversize Sweater

Combine this green-ish outsize sweater with a high-waisted skirt and don't forget to get your mushroom necklace and snail earrings as well. Everyone will see you're Goblin inside!

Girl dressed in a green yellow colored goblincore aesthetic oversize sweater

5) Goblincore Magic Mushrooms Top

This green-ish mushroom top shows you're a Goblin but you can add more mushrooms and green with your accessories such as green bags and brown bracelets to show everyone that you are a Goblin!

Woman wearing a green goblincore aesthetic magic mushrooms top

We, as the Cosmique Studio, are ready for the increasing trend of the Goblincore aesthetic and can’t wait to see it rising! You can check our  Goblincore Clothes page to see the updates and keep following our blog for the new fashion trends! You can follow our  InstagramFacebookPinterestTikTok, and Youtube pages to see the stylish Goblincore ideas. Dress up Goblins!

If you like this blog, keep reading  Cottagecore Aesthetic to see the newest trends of 2022 and keep up with them!

What do you think about goblincore aesthetic? Do you have any goblincore friends? Or do you have any goblincore outfits in your wardrobe? Leave a comment below and let us know about it!


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