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  • 49% OFF
    DON'T TRY SO HARD TEE-Cosmique Studio

    Don'T Try So Hard Tee

  • 45% OFF
    MY BODY NOT YOURS CROP TOP-Cosmique Studio

    My Body Not Yours Crop Top

  • 33% OFF
    DEMON PRINT DEMIN JACKET - Cosmique Studio

    Demon Print Demin Jacket

  • 44% OFF
    CARTOON BEAR SWEATER - Cosmique Studio

    Cartoon Bear Sweater

  • 47% OFF
    CALL ME ANGEL TEE - Cosmique Studio

    Call Me Angel Tee

  • 46% OFF
    FEMINIST TEE - Cosmique Studio

    Feminist Tee

  • 34% OFF

    Aesthetic Rainbow Sweater

  • 46% OFF
    FLOWER PRINT SEXY CROP TOP - Cosmique Studio

    Flower Print Sexy Crop Top

  • 47% OFF
    CUTE ANGEL CROP TOP - Cosmique Studio

    Cute Angel Crop Top

  • 42% OFF
    HELLGIRL TEE-Cosmique Studio

    Hellgirl Tee

  • 44% OFF
    I WOKE UP LIKE THIS TEE-Cosmique Studio

    I Woke Up Like This Tee

  • 47% OFF
    PEACE & LOVE TEE-Cosmique Studio

    Peace & Love Tee


Your make or break part of the outfit is your top; as with bottoms, you are often restricted with your play of colors. So your wardrobe should have a versatile range of aesthetic tops on your hangers. Skip wearing the dull, repetitive buttoned-down shirts and switch to the front opens, crop tops, side-bow shirts, and sweatshirts and switch to cute aesthetic tops.

Be one with stripped and plaid works as they are so 1990s. Switch to an array of grid patterns, cute and unique prints, or modified stripes and plaids. Cosmique Studio's collection of vintage aesthetic tops includes all this and much more.

Their fancy range of all varieties is just what you need to nail every single look from casual to formal effortlessly.

Pair up our open buttoned corduroy solid shirt jackets with an indie aesthetic tops, and there you have the ultimate summer look. When winters arise, switch the tank top to Cosmique Studio’s Y2K aesthetic tops and replace the jacket with Cosmique’s Indie girl cropped sweater for the ultimate warm yet chic look to nail any day.

The wide range of aesthetic tops will also land a favorite amongst anime and K-pop lovers and the LGBT community. We have the perfect range of soft girl tops and other aesthetic tops with relevant prints and colors for all. It's a great time to shop for the best men's and women's aesthetic clothes.

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