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  • 44% OFF
    BLACK LIVES MATTER TEE-Cosmique Studio

    Black Lives Matter Tee

  • 49% OFF
    KAWAII STYLE HEART CLUB TEE-Cosmique Studio-Aesthetic-Egirl-Grunge-Clothing

    Kawaii Style Heart Club Tee

  • 42% OFF
    NUTELLA TEE - Cosmique Studio

    Nutella Tee

  • 44% OFF
    KAWAII PASTEL CUTE TEE - Cosmique Studio

    Kawaii Pastel Cute Tee

  • 27% OFF
    Matisse Tee White - Aesthetic Clothing

    Matisse Tee-1643982030

  • 33% OFF
    LETS AVOCUDDLE TEE-Cosmique Studio - Aesthetic Clothing

    Lets Avocuddle Tee

  • 36% OFF
    KOREAN STYLE OVERSIZED TEE-Cosmique Studio - Aesthetic Clothing

    Korean Style Oversized Tee

  • 40% OFF
    SATELLITE TEE-Cosmique Studio

    Satellite Tee

  • 46% OFF

    Dragon Print Streetwear Tee

  • 49% OFF
    DON'T TRY SO HARD TEE-Cosmique Studio

    Don'T Try So Hard Tee

  • 47% OFF
    CALL ME ANGEL TEE - Cosmique Studio

    Call Me Angel Tee

  • 46% OFF
    FEMINIST TEE - Cosmique Studio

    Feminist Tee


Aesthetic shirts are the head turners anywhere you hop off too. Cosmique Studio features an entire range of not only aesthetic girl shirts but aesthetic men's shirts also. 

Express yourself through your outfit by picks from our endless options of aesthetic shirts. Whether you want to bring out your cute side with kawaii t-shirts or soft girl t-shirts, have the designs you want. 

For the perfect relaxing evening, pair your jeans up with our grunge aesthetic shirts or incorporate Japanese figures in your daily-wear with a pick from aesthetic anime shirts. 

The increasing will to look cute yet casual is all covered by the range of kawaii t-shirts. Pair them up with your choice of bottoms to get the utmost simple yet chic look.

Inspired by the light and bright hues of soft pastel colors, Cosmique Studio, has designed an aesthetic shirt's range of soft girl t-shirts that no girl can resist buying.

Feel easy and breezy on regular days by throwing a quick grunge aesthetic shirt over you, pairing up with cool-cat trousers for utmost comfort and casualness.  

Declare yourself to be a true anime fan by shopping and wearing our collection of aesthetic anime shirts.

And now, we have something for men too. Shop or range of aesthetic men's shirts for a look that brings them, girls, to your yard.

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