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What started as a collection of trendy aesthetic outfits has now revamped its collection to include a few more clothing items, including trendy men’s clothes, so that your wardrobes stay updated with much more than top and bottoms.

Cosmique Studio’s new arrival collection features a vast array of jackets of a new style, new style pants, aesthetic grunge clothes, socks, shoes, bags, tracksuits, glasses, phone covers, and various other trendy cute aesthetic girl outfits.

Made up of soft yet robust material, the bags and shoes come in a range that is a perfect fit for any of your best soft girl outfits. They serve their purpose well, last longer, and make you turn heads with their sleek and efficient designs.

Next time you take a mirror selfie, it’s not only you who adds charm to the picture; it’s also the mobile covers that we have in our collection. And of course, make the sun shine less as our high-quality yet stylish sunglasses block the harmful rays from affecting your eyes.

If you could not find anything in the collection already available on site, check out for the new range of aesthetic vintage clothes and create a unique and new pant shirt style to nail the day. Now Cosmique also features a range of trendy indie aesthetic clothes with sweaters of new style and the range allowing you to pick up a new pants shirts style every time you shop at Cosmique Studio.

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