Vintage Aesthetic Clothes

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What Is The Vintage Aesthetic? 

Vintage aesthetic is a very wide term that consists of all of the aesthetics from the last 120 years. But of course, 1890 aesthetic and 1990s aesthetic are not both referred to when mentioned about vintage aesthetic. In our day there is a certain style that evokes our mind when we thought about vintage aesthetic. We usually thought about sweater vests, warm natural colours, oversize sweatshirts and all when it comes to the vintage aesthetic

How Do You Dress Vintage? 

To dress vintage you really need to roll up your sleeves to find the good pieces. Not everything called vintage are really vintage. It has to be a history a texture or a vibe on it to be vintage fashion. You need to be able to identify the era and that era’s fashion in order to create a perfect combination. You can wear mom jeans, oversize sweaters, knitted cardigans, printed tees and mini dresses to have the perfect vintage aesthetic fashion. You can check Cosmique Studio for all of these pieces, a hint: most of them go well with each other. 

Where Can I Find Vintage Clothes? 

Some people may think finding vintage clothes are easy but it is not like that at all. Not every cheap thing that you find at the thrift stores are unique vintage pieces. You need to have a keen eye and time to find good pieces at thrift stores but most of all doesn’t have enough time. This is why online shopping is such a blessing. Especially Cosmique Studio because you can find the best pieces at Cosmique Studio without searching for hours. We only offer unique stylish pieces for you to wear and show your style.


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