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What does Kawaii Mean?

Kawaii means cute, lovable, adorable, and pretty in Japanese. This popular word is well known among Gen Z, especially the ones who watch anime for fun. Kawaii anime girls are commonly shy, innocent, cute, and nice. From the clothes they wear to the activities they do, all of their look and actions are adorable. This fashion is so trendy that how to pronounce kawaii is one of the issues that has been wondered about among teens recently. Kawaii is pronounced as /kawai/ in English. The Japanese pronunciation is like kah-wah-ee. If you watch an anime, we’re pretty sure you’ll hear about it. Kawaii culture is so famous in Japan that there is an aesthetic, restaurants, clothing stores, cafes, and many more places specified for it. For example, if you walk in Japan, you have a chance to see people taking photos to make kawaii aesthetic wallpapers. Also, you can see Hello Kitty everywhere thanks to this aesthetic. Even the Japanese government uses kawaii fashion as a tool to show their culture to the world.

How to Be Kawaii

Being a kawaii girl or boy may look easy but it’s actually not. Learning how to be kawaii may be super complex for you if you don’t have the right personality. For example, kawaii girls smile all the time. If you don’t have this kind of attitude, we’re sorry but it’s going to be so hard for you. Also, their wardrobe includes cute and childish outfits. They put a specific type of makeup on and never go out without it. Kawaii hairstyles are different from other aesthetics as well. You can have an innocent kawaii style with the right choice of clothes, accessories, makeup, and hairstyle. Besides them, you need to have fun while doing some activities such as watching anime and reading manga. Here are some kawaii activities that you can do in your daily life:

  • Giggling all the time.
  • Watching anime.
  • Reading manga.
  • Being nice and kind to everyone.
  • Wearing child-like clothes.
  • Always putting their makeup on.
  • Having long fake nails with nail designs.
  • Taking lots of photos.
  • Collecting fluffy toys.

What is Kawaii Aesthetic?

Kawaii aesthetic includes fashion, movies, lifestyle, books, music, cartoons, games, and many more different fields. But the most popular element among them is fashion. The stereotype of Kawaii anime girls made this style famous around the world. The kawaii aesthetic is used for people who like being and wearing childish clothes. This type of aesthetic was created in Japan, with the amazing rise of anime and manga around the world. This fashion has an innocent but sexual look at the same time. Pastel colors, pink, baby blue, peach, white, and purple are the key colors of kawaii aesthetic outfits. These colors remind people how good life is and you should enjoy it whatever happens. This aesthetic is also popular on the internet and TV channels. For example, Totoro, Hello Kitty, and Cinnamon Roll are some of the best-known media. If you watch them carefully, you’ll realize the adorable animals, cute girls, and distinctive styles of clothes, accessories, makeup, and hair.

How do you Dress for Kawaii Aesthetic?

Kawaii aesthetic clothes are distinctive from other aesthetics. They have bright, pastel colors and specific patterns. Also, they have an innocent but sexy look. How to dress kawaii can be complex at first but when you get the right pieces for your kawaii wardrobe, it’ll be definitely easy and fun. You should have at least a few miniskirts. Skirts are the key pieces of this aesthetic. Lace-up, high-waisted, rainbow or Lolita skirts will make the difference in your look. You can have oversized hoodies or sweatshirts as a top. Your clothes can be fluffy and you can have plushies while taking photos. Your kawaii photos will get many likes if you post them on Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest as this fashion is so popular these days. Also, anime print tops and bottoms can make you look unique by showing that you’re kawaii to everyone around you. Accessories are essential to have a one-of-a-kind style. Don’t forget to wear long socks under your skirts to have a more innocent look. You can also have cute Hello Kitty earrings or bow ties on your hair to complete your look. Remember that bags are also one of the key items and have your transparent backpacks wherever you go.

Kawaii Aesthetic Outfits Tips

Our expert team in Cosmique Studio has prepared a long list of kawaii aesthetic tips for you. Briefly, whatever you should wear should look cute and adorable, but sexy at the same time. Puff sleeves, kitten-printed dresses, plush jackets, safety shorts, and preppy-style pants are ideal for your wardrobe. You must have fuzzy, cozy, fluffy tops and some low-waisted bottoms to look cute.  Besides, knitted and embroidered pieces and Harajuku outfits are perfect to look soft. As for the accessories, you can have Hello Kitty glasses, heart chain chokers, or transparent belts. Whatever you choose should look pretty and charming. If you’re interested in kawaii aesthetic, look at our list below to buy the perfect pieces for your lovely look:

Kawaii Aesthetic Tops

  • Crop tops: Mesh, bustier, halter, lace crops, crinkle, puff sleeve, and fluffy crops.
  • Sweaters: Soft fluffy, striped, oversize, V-neck, knitted, and embroidered sweaters.
  • Dresses: Tie-dye, bunny printed, lolita, square neck, and shirred dresses.
  • Sweatshirts: Cozy, soft, hooded, striped, Harajuku, and zip-up sweatshirts.
  • Jackets: Plush, fuzzy, fluffy, hooded, teddy, zipper, and baseball jackets.
  • Hoodies: Anime print, oversize, lace-up, Harajuku, or embroidered hoodies.
  • Shirts: Printed, lantern sleeve, chiffon, Harajuku, oversize, and button-up shirts.

Kawaii Aesthetic Bottoms

  • Skirts: Lolita, embroidery, lace-up, plaid, and holographic miniskirts.
  • Pants: Embroidery, printed, denim, preppy style, low-waisted, and joggers or cargo pants.
  • Shorts: Denim, heart printed, Lolita, high-waisted, and safety shorts.

Kawaii Aesthetic Accessories

  • Glasses: Oval round, Hello Kitty, heart-shaped, and flora glasses.
  • Shoes: Platform shoes, combat boots, Mary Janes, chunky sneakers, vulcanized shoes, and lolita sneakers.
  • Socks: Knitted leg warmers, floral print socks, over-the-knee paw pad socks, striped animal thigh-high, and fuzzy socks.
  • Necklaces: Cute Hello Kitty silver chains, heart chain chokers, moon shape pendants, and lollipop necklaces.
  • Hair clips: Bow ties, cherry hair claws, candy color hairpins, shiny barrettes, and elegant hanfu hair clips.
  • Belts: Rhinestone, transparent, preppy style, leather, and lace ribbon tie belts.
  • Bags: Plush purses, transparent, fluffy sling bags, cute backpacks, and crossbody messenger bags.

How do you do Kawaii Aesthetic Makeup?

Kawaii aesthetic makeup is all about big, cute, dramatic eyes and a pretty face. To apply your makeup, you should first get a clean, fresh face. As your makeup will stay on your face all day, having your face prepared is essential. Then, get your cute cat paw brushes and apply your foundation. Now, it’s time for the most important part: the eyes. Your eyes should look big like a kawaii anime girl. Choose a bright eyeliner such as pink or blue, and apply it. It might be matte or have glitters, doesn’t matter. After that, use white eyeshadow to the bottom of your eye. That will make your eyes look bigger. Then, apply bold eyeliner and generous mascara to have an innocent and sexy look. You can also use fake eyelashes to have a deeper impact. Use pink blush to have a childish look. Also, you should have gradient lips. This style is perfect for an everyday look and is still gorgeous. Besides, it’s a new trend that almost all K-pop stars use. To do that, use concealer on your lips first. Then, apply your lipstick. It can be red, pink, or velvet. Jelly lipsticks are perfect for this style. Then, blend the colors. You can use your fingers to do that. Easy, right? After getting your makeup done, you can draw cute, tiny shapes on your face such as hearts, bunnies, and rainbows. It’s also a great idea to apply fake freckles on your face. Don’t forget to take a photo of your flawless makeup on share it on social media. You’ll be able to find people like you and get many likes thanks to your kawaii makeup!

How do you do Kawaii Aesthetic Hair?

Kawaii aesthetic hairstyles and haircuts are lovely, beautiful, and childish. Before shaping your hair, you should decide on the color. If you watch anime, you know what we mean. There are so many different colors when we talk about the kawaii aesthetic hair colors. You can have it dyed black, blonde, red, and any pastel color you wish. Kawaii aesthetic hair is all about exaggerating. Dying it classically isn’t really fun. So, kawaii girls have underlights hair, highlights, split-dye, dip-dyed, color melt, and rainbow hair. When it comes to cuts, there are various types of them, as well. You can have space buns with bangs, chin-length bob, or dip-dyed teal hair for short hair. If you have middle-length hair, you can use twin braids, a side ponytail, or a mixture of them, twin tails. There are amazing hairstyles for long hair: Hime hairstyles, hairdrills, half-up space buns, and sheep horns are ideal for this trend. Use the right hair accessories such as scrunchies, cute hair ties, side bangs tiny clips, ribbons, and fluffy hairbands. If you don’t want to spend much time with your hair, you can just have colorful wigs. They’re fashionable and easy to use!

What are Kawaii Accessories and Items?

There are various kinds of kawaii aesthetic accessories and items. The most fashionable ones are hairclips. To have an innocent look, you should have childish and colorful hair accessories such as ribbons, rainbow hair claws, pastel color hairpins, shiny barrettes, and elegant bowknot hair clips. Also, use plush cat ears as headbands. They’re so fluffy and cute that even some headphones were manufactured for kawaii boys and girls. Also, you can have different nail accessories which will make you look sweet and fashionable. This trend is so popular that there are cat claw keyboard replacement buttons. So cute, right? Hello Kitty phone cases, pink kitty ears cosmetic mirrors, fluffy pencil cases, mouse ears coin purses, bunny stand phone holders, and sweet charm bracelets are some of the kawaii accessories and items that you can buy. For kawaii aesthetic shoes, you can have pastel platform sneakers, bowknot lolita shoes, maid boots, Oxfords, and Mary Janes for school and other special events. At home, buy fluffy slippers, cotton bear claw boots, or fuzzy plush slippers.

Where can you Buy Kawaii Aesthetic Outfits?

Where to buy kawaii aesthetic outfits is a commonly asked question among people who like cute pieces. As many people wear these kinds of clothes, having unique and one-of-a-kind clothes is hard. That’s why our expert team has prepared our kawaii aesthetic clothes category for you. As Cosmique Studio is the biggest aesthetic clothes store online, you can find unique pieces for your taste. Get your favorite color and the exact size of what you like, and have it with just a click. If you want to have the highest quality aesthetic outfits at affordable prices, visit our site and discover the aesthetics of Cosmique Studio. We offer shipping worldwide for our more than 2000 products. Take a look at our products and have the best shopping experience ever!

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