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What is a Coquette?

Think about a girl who’s romantic, feminine, and flirty. Sounds attractive, right? What if all these elements would come up together and create an aesthetic? They actually do. Get ready for one of the most influential and trendy aesthetics of all time: The coquette aesthetic. The coquette aesthetic is charming, dreamy, passionate, nostalgic, and fascinating. Although some people may have problems with , it is still famous among Gen Z. The term coquette is hard to define because many feminine aesthetics have derived from it. But if we want to give a brief definition, the coquette is a woman who aims to gain the attention of men. However, does it without real competition for them. You shouldn’t forget that coquette women are so flirty. So, if you fall in love with them, you’ll have some trouble.

What is Coquette Aesthetic?

Coquette aesthetic can be defined as the style of a woman who’s passionate, soft, and delicate. Having more than 240 million views on TikTok and more than 600k posts on Instagram, the coquette aesthetic is one of the trendiest aesthetics recently. We can say it’s a mixture of pink, satin, soft, and some elegance. If you have a fragile but feminine soul, it’s your personal aesthetic.  have bubbly personalities. They’re shy but cheerful and like talking a lot if they feel comfortable with whom they are talking. Being beautiful and graceful is vital for these women. They have many friends, mostly men, who like hanging out with them. But their favorite activity is getting dressed. They spend many hours in front of the mirror dressing up, shaping their hair, and doing makeup. Here are the activities that coquette girls like doing: 

  • Hanging out with friends who are mostly men.
  • Spending so much time looking in the mirror.
  • Listening to Lana Del Rey songs. 
  • Always wearing fake eyelashes and looking lovely.
  • Eating cakes.
  • Being romantic all the time.
  • Reading romantic books. 
  • Having candles in their bedroom. 

How to Be a Coquette Girl

Modern-day princesses, this aesthetic is ideal for you. You’ll be a coquette lady doing just a few things. They’re the core elements of coquette fashion. So, read it carefully. First, you must be sure that you’re a coquette. Some think it’s their ideal style due to its lovely colors. But coquette isn’t just about the clothes. It’s a lifestyle. You need to have a soft and delicate soul. Also, you should be nice to everyone though you’re super shy. Being nice will make it easier to have friends. Even if you’re shy and quiet. You can be as talkative as you wish when with your close friends. The second element is to be flirty. Your personality and look need to be flirty to be a coquette. You should look hyper-feminine by dressing in delicate outfits and wearing lots of perfume. Then, you should go outside and hang out with men. You might have problems with your female friends. But it’s the dark side of the coquette. Never mind it. And start upgrading your coquette wardrobe now!

How do you Dress for Coquette Aesthetic?

If you look at the style of Lana Del Rey, you might have an idea of how to dress for coquette aesthetic. As this fashion is so popular among people, especially girls, now, you can find many . Choose pink, white, and baby blue outfits to have a coquette wardrobe. You might also try other colors, but the key point here is to use them with soft tones. Your clothes should reflect your soul. They should look flirty and innocent. You can provide it using lace clothes, silk, and childlike patterns. Checkers, floral designs, and chiffon collars can give this vibe. You’ll have a perfect look if you match your coquette outfits with your natural makeup and hairstyle. 

Coquette Aesthetic Outfits Tips

Ladies, if you’re interested in coquette clothing, our expert team has some suggestions for you. To be a coquette, you should start with lace pieces. The lace and this aesthetic are inseparable. Lace gloves, skirts, dresses, socks, and underwear are vital to this style. Also, vintage clothes and accessories play a large part in this fashion. You can wear vintage cardigans, sweaters, shorts, pants, and whatever you wish. Furthermore, satin and silk fabric are coquette girls’ favorites. Silk gloves, skirts, and satin dresses are the most commonly used outfits. Except for these details, you can also have button-up tops, blazers, patchwork pieces, loose bottoms, and elastic waist clothes. Don’t forget to wear accessories no matter what you wear. Accessories are the key components of the coquette aesthetic style. Check out our list below for more information on this fashion.

Coquette Aesthetic Tops

  • Crop tops: Bra tops, lace, floral, heart print tops, ruched crops, baby tees, and bustiers.
  • Sweaters: Vintage, button-up, knitted, scoop neck, and ribbed sweaters. 
  • Dresses: Lolita, mesh, ruffles, floral, silky, slip, mini, and babydoll dresses.
  • Sweatshirts: Cold shoulder, loose, side split, butterfly print, and furry sweatshirts.
  • Jackets: Blazers, puffer, furry, teddy jackets, capes, and trench coats. 
  • Hoodies: Heart-shaped, butterfly print, loose, and patchwork hoodies. 
  • Shirts: Square neck, ribbed, chiffon, drawstring, and lace shirts. 

Coquette Aesthetic Bottoms

  • Skirts: Denim, satin, A-line, pleated, ruffle, flared, patchwork, and lace skirts. 
  • Pants: Mesh, vintage, loose, fuzzy, or wide-leg pants.
  • Shorts: Smocked, elastic waist, flowy, denim, satin, and lace shorts.

Coquette Aesthetic Accessories

  • Glasses: Heart-shaped ones, cat-eyes, rectangle, and butterfly glasses.
  • Shoes: Platform, ballerina, chunky high-heeled Mary Janes, and loafers.
  • Socks: Lace thigh-high stockings, fishnet tights, ruffle, and frilly socks.
  • Necklaces: Pearls, cupid necklaces, vintage lace chokers, or heart-shaped pendants.  
  • Hair clips: Satin ribbons, flower crowns, rhinestone clips, tiaras, and hair vines.
  • Belts: Lace, satin, pearl, and rhinestone belts.
  • Bags: Minimalist coin purses, tote bags, plaid patterns, and quilted cosmetic bags.

How do you do Coquette Aesthetic Makeup?

Coquette aesthetic makeup is all about glossy lips, attractive eyes, and lots of mascara. To be a coquette, you must do your makeup well to draw the attention of all men. You can start with cleaning and moisturizing your face. Then apply the proper foundation watching your skin tone. You can use a primer before so that your makeup can stay long hours. If you have acne on your face, you can use concealer.  never have problems with their faces. If there are, they know how to conceal them. After the foundation, choose your favorite color, which is probably pink. And use it for your eyeshadow. Don’t forget to have winged eyeliner and apply generous mascar. So your look can impact men more. You know, the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Then have soft tones such as pink or orange for your lips. You also should use lip gloss to look feminine but innocent. Also, apply soft pink blush and a little bit of highlighter on your nose to look more feminine. 

How do you do Coquette Aesthetic Hair?

Coquette aesthetic hair is feminine and childish at the same time. The cut and shape of your hair should be feminine enough to attract men. And also, it should be childish enough to make you look young and innocent. But before talking about haircuts, we should decide on the color. You can use the natural color of your hair. Or dye it a natural one. Avoid using pastel and neon colors. Curtsy, wavy, or straight… Whichever style you use must be suitable for your face shape. You can have a neo-wave, round bob for short hair, or you can just use it classical straight. For medium length, try choppy layers, waves. And a side part, or golden neck-length waves. If you like using your hair long, choose one of these suggestions: Half-up bow, extra-long double ponytail, or use it with bangs. We’re sure that you’ll find your ideal style by trying it. Also, you can have a unique coquette hairstyle with some hair accessories. Ribbons made of satin, flower crowns, rhinestone clips, and fancy tiaras are some of the accessories suitable for this aesthetic. Don’t forget to take photos of your hair and makeup for Instagram and TikTok. Remember to ask your friends for their ideas as well!

What are Coquette Accessories and Items?

Coquette aesthetic accessories and items are fancy, elegant, and classy. Ribbons, bows, satin pieces, pearls, vintage items, lace gloves, and tiaras are the most common accessories for this fashion. Coquette girls like using heart-shaped sunglasses and cat eyes due to their appearance on the camera. If you want to be a coquette, you should wear long lace stockings, fishnet tights, and ruffle socks. They will look good with your . For school, you can have Oxford shoes, Mary Janes and loafers. Also, wearing rain boots will be ideal at school on rainy days. You’ll look fashionable and be comfy at the same time. Wear platform shoes for special events, and choose vulcanized shoes, chunky sneakers, and bowknot lolita shoes for daily use. Buy cute fluffy coquette slippers to use at home. You’ll stay warm and be able to protect your feet from any harm at home. And here are the favorite accessories for coquette women: Nail accessories. Cute nail art stickers, little flower details, and acrylic nail extensions will look perfect on you. You can also use nail rings, also called midi rings, to look chic and trendy.  

Related Aesthetics of Coquette Fashion

As the coquette aesthetic is a broad term, there are many different aesthetics derived from it. Nymphet, Pinterest coquette, farmer’s daughter, key west kitten/coconut girl, waif, winter fairy coquette, and vintage American are the most popular ones. They all have similar elements: femininity, youthfulness, the color pink, fashion, and makeup. Although the similarity between them is many, there are also differences among these aesthetics. Here you can read a short info about these aesthetics below.

  • Nymphet Aesthetic: Also called Nymphette, American Lolita, and Coquette sometimes, this aesthetic is actually referring the sexualism. Also, it includes teenage girls who are attracted to middle-aged men.
  • Pinterest Coquette Aesthetic: Originating in the 2020s, the Pinterest coquette aesthetic is popular on TikTok and Pinterest. The main elements are femininity, fashion, floral designs, makeup, and color. 
  • Farmer’s Daughter Aesthetic: This aesthetic is mainly about life in rural areas in America, farms, cottages, and the femininity while living in those places. 
  • Key West Kitten/Coconut Girl Aesthetic: Key West Kitten, also called Coconut girl aesthetic sometimes, is a trend referring to tropical beaches. It is also about femininity along with youthfulness.  
  • Waif Aesthetic: Waif is a person who likes posting content, including gossip, egocentrism, teenage girls, depression, and pessimistic thoughts. They draw the attention of men with these kinds of social media posts.
  • Winter Fairy Coquette Aesthetic: Winter fairy coquette is actually the coquette aesthetic with winter clothes. White and creamy colors are primarily used with pink. 
  • Vintage Americana Aesthetic: Originating in the 1950s, the vintage Americana aesthetic is based on the American dream theme. Like coca cola bottles, red and white are the primary colors used with pink. 

Where can you Buy Coquette Aesthetic Outfits?

Where to buy coquette aesthetic outfits is a commonly asked question among beautiful and cute ladies. Not many people wear  and accessories, so finding the perfect products is hard. It’s also harder to get unique pieces because there aren’t many stores selling them. Therefore, everyone has similar products, unfortunately. To solve this problem, our expert team in Cosmique Studio created the coquette aesthetic category. We selected, produced, and organized the highest-quality and one-of-a-kind outfits exclusively for your style. We offer you more than 2000 products as the largest aesthetic store online. Read our guides, decide your personal aesthetic, and start shopping! You can buy whatever you wish with just a click. It will be delivered to your doorstep with shipping worldwide. All you have to do is to buy whatever coquette items you want. Then, specify your size and color in a few seconds. You won’t have to wait for hours in crowded, traditional stores. Take a look at what we offer. We guarantee you will have the most enjoyable shopping experience of your life!

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