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What is VSCO?

VSCO is a photo-editing and sharing app released in 2011 and got popular around 2018/2019. If you’re wondering how to pronounce it, here is the answer: “Visco”. This app is so popular that you can see many aesthetic photos with the VSCO icon on TikTok and Instagram. You can edit your images and create aesthetic photos thanks to the VSCO filters. Gen Z especially likes this app because there is no way to like and comment like other photo-sharing applications. You don’t feel the pressure of being liked or getting comments when you use it. Using it, you can take aesthetic photos and clips, make aesthetic mood boards, create a photo diary of yourself, and find people like you. VSCO boys and girls speak such words as “And I oop” or “Sksksksk”. This app became so famous that even an aesthetic was born from it: The VSCO girl aesthetic. 

What is VSCO Aesthetic?

VSCO aesthetic is a style that originated on Tumblr in 2019. It is actually based on a photo-editing app, VSCO. People who like taking photos and using filters to edit their photos create this aesthetic with their different lifestyles, fashion, and daily activities. This aesthetic mainly consists of polaroid photos, hydro flasks, collage sweatshirts, Birkenstocks, skateboarding, headphones, and Starbucks coffee. If you’re wondering how to be VSCO aesthetic, you first should get a polaroid camera. You should dress up the latest fashion VSCO outfits and shoot as many photos as possible. Also, you need some accessories and items related to this style for the pictures to be perfect. Bucket hats, scrunchies, mom jeans, friendship bracelets, Vans shoes, slogan socks, striped shirts, VSCO stickers for your phone, and AirPods are the basic needs for the VSCO aesthetic. Although some starter packs exist for this fashion, minimalism is essential for this aesthetic. As being eco-friendly is important for these boys and girls, they buy only what they need, nothing more. VSCO room décor is another essential thing for them. If you want to decorate your room for this aesthetic, you can shop for CDs, old-fashion Fujifilm cameras, cow-print decorative items, stickers-covered laptops, and so on.

You must have positive vibes no matter what you’ve been through that day. Also, we can call this aesthetic the opposite of the E-girl aesthetic. Even though these both like spending time online, they’re actually far more different from each other. You can find more info about this comparison below the “What is the Difference Between E-girls and VSCO girls?” title. If you want to be a VSCO aesthetic, here we have some suggestions for the daily activities that you can do:

  • Painting.
  • Taking photos with your polaroid camera. 
  • Covering whatever item you have with stickers.
  • Hanging out with your friends.
  • Skating and roller-skating.
  • Having positive vibes.
  • Being eco-friendly.
  • Drinking Starbucks coffee.
  • Doing nail art.
  • Carrying your laptop wherever you go.
  • Creating aesthetic mood boards.
  • Being optimistic.
  • Staying hydrated.
  • Always being moisturized. 


What is a VSCO Girl?

As it’s trendy nowadays, many people are wondering what VSCO girl meaning is. We can define this term as the girls who like VSCO style. These girls like spending time on social media and taking photos and videos for TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, or other platforms. They’re known for being eco-friendly and using sustainable products. Always having positive vibes, you can see these girls outside hanging out with their friends. They like spending time on social media, drinking lots of coffee, and taking photos of each moment. They prefer affordable and sometimes second-hand outfits instead of expensive clothes.

If you want to be one of them, you can start with the VSCO girl starter pack: It includes scrunchies, hydro flasks, CDs, polaroid or Fujifilm cameras, jeeps if you have, tattoos, shell necklaces, Fjällräven Kånken backpacks, crocs, ring sets, and VSCO aesthetic outfits. These outfits must be basic but trendy. Whatever these girls have, from the clothes to the makeup, are basic, minimal, and all look natural. Don’t forget the last but most important item: All these girls know how VSCO works!

How to Be a VSCO

The question of how to be VSCO aesthetic has been frequently asked by many recently. This aesthetic is most popular among the Gen Z population. People are interested in this style because it’s environment-friendly, sustainable, optimistic, friendly, and gives positive vibes. So, if you want to be a VSCO, you must have these qualifications. Also, wearing VSCO aesthetic outfits will help you to give this vibe. You can have loose shirts, collage tees, teddy jackets, hats, slippers, plaid pants, long white sports socks, fanny packs, and hair accessories such as elastic headbands.

If you combine your style well and have the VSCO attitude, being one of these girls or boys will not be hard. Of course, what you wear should be unique because VSCO boys and girls are one-of-a-kind. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect outfits if you check out our categories. After buying the highest quality VSCO outfits from Cosmique Studio, all you have to do is to take photos and post them on TikTok and Instagram! We’re sure your followers will like it.

How do you Dress for VSCO Aesthetic?

Many people are wondering about how to dress for the VSCO aesthetic. Especially after the VSCO girl aesthetic got famous in 2018-19, many boys and girls were into this style. If you’re going to dress for it, first, you need a VSCO wardrobe which includes basic and loose clothes. Activewear clothes, friendship bracelets, star necklaces, tracksuits, checker-patterned shoes, chunky sneakers, beaded accessories, Sherpa jackets, loose basic tees, silver rings, colorful scrunchies, anklets, and stickers are the core products for VSCO clothes and accessories. At the beach, for example, you can wear loose shirts which look like you have no shorts under them. Or get your hydro flask, wear your activewear and chunky sneakers, and go for a walk in the street to take photos.

Dressing for the VSCO aesthetic is not hard, as you see; you only need to have some basic items. You can even have a capsule wardrobe thanks to this style. It’s easy to be eco-friendly thanks to this style’s basics, such as metal straws instead of old-fashion paper straws. Wherever you go, carry your hydro-flask and metal straws, and put your bucket hat on. Everyone will understand that you’re a VSCO aesthetic due to your fashion style!

VSCO Aesthetic Outfits Tips

Just like the other aesthetics, there are some key points to dress up for VSCO fashion. If you be careful about these essential points, you’ll look amazing. The first rule isn’t actually about your outfits; it’s about your hobbies. You should take your phone or polaroid camera anywhere to capture great moments. If you feel like you’ll take a photo anytime, you always take great care of what you wear. It doesn’t matter if it’s a special day; you should always be careful about your outfits for photos and videos.

You know that what you shoot is the only thing we have after an unforgettable day. So, loose shirts, oversize hoodies, and pleated denim skirts are perfect for taking amazing shots on the golden hour. Platform shoes, slogan socks, baseball hats, and shell necklaces are also ideal for the photos. If you need more VSCO inspo, our expert team in Cosmique Studio has prepared a list for you below:

VSCO Aesthetic Tops

  • Crop tops: Knitted, striped, plaid, loose, halter, and basic crop tops.
  • Sweaters: Zipper, collage sweatshirts, oversize, V-neck, and knitted ones. 
  • Dresses: Line design, draped flare, cut-out, ribbed, and mini dresses. 
  • Sweatshirts: Knitted, cropped, O-neck, turtleneck, or loose sweatshirts.
  • Jackets: Teddy, leather, hooded jackets, raincoats, plaid, woolen jackets. 
  • Hoodies: Oversize, basic, slogan, crop, and fur hoodies. 
  • Shirts: Striped, ruched, puff-sleeve, leather, buttoned, flare sleeve, loose fit shirts.

VSCO Aesthetic Bottoms

  • Skirts: Pleated, denim, faux-leather, wide-leg, high-waist skirts. 
  • Pants: Mom jeans, denim, corduroy pants, high-waist, and sloping strap jeans. 
  • Shorts: Cow-print, denim, high-waist, and paperbag shorts. 

VSCO Aesthetic Accessories

  • Glasses: Classic round, transparent, square glasses or wayfarers. 
  • Shoes: Birkenstocks, Vans, chunky sneakers, white combat boots, Converse shoes, or cow-pattern sneakers. 
  • Socks: White over-the-knee socks, fishnet tights, opaque pantyhose, or slogan socks.
  • Necklaces: Shell necklaces, tattoo chokers, oval pendants, and metal chains.
  • Hair clips: Scrunchies, bandanas, hairpins, barrettes, beads, elastic headbands, and tiny butterfly hair clips. 
  • Belts: Leather, braided, elastic, reversible, and beaded belts. 
  • Bags: Backpacks, fanny packs, bindles, bucket bags, Fjällräven Kånken backpacks, tote bags, and cross-body ones.

How do you do VSCO Aesthetic Makeup?

VSCO aesthetic makeup is mostly about having a clean face. The point is to do your makeup naturally. Instead of glitters or colorful shades, VSCO girls prefer using natural tones. Before applying any makeup products, you should know that cleaning and moisturizing your face is crucial. You can have fewer skin problems on your face by moisturizing it. So, having a clean face will be easy to apply makeup. You don’t have to use any foundations. Using some primer, moisturized, or BB cream is enough. They’re also good ideas to use as the makeup base. If you have any acne, use concealer. Then, focus on your eyebrows. You can shape them with an eyebrow soap to stay well-shaped all day. You can also dye them with an eyebrow pen matching your eyebrow color.

 After you’re done with the brows, choose a highlighter to apply. You can have peachy or pearly undertones. The blush you’ll use might be light peach or rose shades. Avoid using intense colors. VSCO look is also about staying away from exaggerating. Nude, coral, or orange shades are perfect for lip gloss choices. These shades are also ideal for eyeshadows. If you want to look more natural, you can have fake freckles. They’ll make you look healthy and unique. 

How do you do VSCO Aesthetic Hair?

VSCO aesthetic hair looks effortless and natural. You should shape it like you just left your house a minute ago. Let’s start with the colors. You can dye your hair any color you wish, but the natural tones will look better on you when it comes to VSCO girl hair. You can choose either Blonde, red, brown, or raven black. If you decide on a pastel tone, make sure that deciding on a style that can be shaped quickly and effortlessly. VSCO hair doesn’t take much time to be shaped. As this aesthetic is mostly about being outside, spending so much time in front of the mirror isn’t a good idea.

For short hair, you can have an effortless pixie cut with short bangs, a shaggy bob, or a blunt cut that will be easy to use. The thing about VSCO short hair is being easy and quick to style. So it’s perfect for this aesthetic. For medium hair, you should also use cuts that are easy to shape. V-cut layers, half-up high ponytails, and full bangs are perfect for shoulder-length hair. This length is also easy to use and also looks gorgeous. It’s more carefree than longer hair. If you prefer long haircuts, you can try subtle layers, straight cuts, or choppy layers. They’re all practical and suitable for effortlessly making a ponytail. Whatever cut you choose, make sure to use appropriate accessories. Headbands, baseball caps, scrunchies, tiny butterfly claws, barrettes, and beads can be ideal accessories. 

What are VSCO Accessories and Items?

There are many VSCO accessories and items that you use in your daily life if you look around. For example, backpacks are one of the most commonly used accessories in everyday life. VSCO aesthetic includes many bags such as waist bags, Fjällräven Kånken backpacks, or cow-print square bags. Also, we’re sure everyone has a pair of over-the-knee socks in white at home. So, VSCO aesthetic accessories are commonly popular and available in every wardrobe. What you need to have is specific items such as slogan socks, tattoo chokers, silver chain bracelets, shell necklaces, tiny hair clips, beaded belts, or traditional square sunglasses.

You should especially be careful about your shoes. VSCO aesthetic shoes should be comfortable enough to walk for hours to take photos of each moment. Birkenstocks, platform sneakers, high-top shoes, classic plastic Crocs, and army boots can be perfect for long walks. You can use beads or stickers to personalize your shoes. There is no harm in being creative, right? Also, you can show the true artist inside with the personalization process. Don’t hesitate to use stickers on whatever you have. This should be the way to show everyone who you are. One more thing: Never forget to bring your headphones while going out. We know that you like listening to songs that have positive vibes.

What is the Difference Between E-girls and VSCO girls?

Even though both e-girls and VSCO girls are so popular on TikTok and Instagram, these two are highly different from each other. They both originated in Tumblr around the same era and got famous in the same social media. Though, there are many differences between them. If we’re going to talk about the personalities, these two are pretty different. E-girls like spending time alone, playing video games, or broadcasting. Even if they like creating posts on social media, they don’t spend all their time out taking aesthetic photos. They’re mainly on the side of editing the photos to their taste, even if it takes days. On the contrary, VSCO girls like hanging out with their friends all the time. They always go to different places to take aesthetic photos. We can never see them away with their phones. After a few minutes, they’re done with taking photos; they edit and post them in a few seconds with the VSCO filters.

E-girls are more into the editing process than VSCO girls. While doing that, e-girls like listening to some kind of “sad music”, while VSCO girls listen to popular ones. Also, there are many differences in their makeup, hairstyle, and fashion. While e-girls like putting on highly intense, dark makeup, VSCO girls like having a moisturized, clean face. E-girl hair is commonly dyed, while VSCO girls like using it with the natural color and shape. The e-girl aesthetic fashion consists of black and pastel tones in general. On the opposite side, the VSCO aesthetic style consists of plain, earth shades and white tones. E-girls like having a dark look by wearing leather clothes, asymmetric skirts, hollow-out tops, checkered pants, lace corsets, and skinny mini dresses. The fashion of VSCO girls is quite different. They like wearing oversized shirts, scrunchies, teddy coats, and striped shirts. If you want to learn more, look at our e-girl category.

Related Aesthetics of VSCO Style

  • VSCO boy: VSCO boy is an aesthetic for males who like taking photos for TikTok and Instagram and uses the VSCO app. These guys like spending time skating, making graffiti, carrying Hydro flasks to stay hydrated, and wearing denim jackets, Vans shoes, checkered socks, loose tops, and cargo pants.
  • Dark VSCO: Dark VSCO aesthetic is also about taking photos and editing them with the VSCO app, but with darker filters. Instead of colorful shades, this style includes dark tones such as black and grey. Basic clothes such as grey crop tops, striped scrunchies, Converse shoes, checkered pants, and black leggings are the main outfits of this style.
  • Winter VSCO: The Winter VSCO aesthetic is mainly about snow, cold weather, cozy drinks, comfy clothes, and of course, photography. These guys like wearing baggy coats, jeans, knitted sweatshirts, knitted socks, and combat boots.
  • Autumn VSCO: Autumn VSCO aesthetic consists of autumn vibes and photography. There might be pumpkins, leaves, candles, and a campfire in the photos. The colors of this aesthetic are brown, mustard yellow, green, and red. Ripped jeans, cozy cardigans, knitted socks, loose hoodies, trench coats, and rain boots are ideal for the autumn VSCO.

Where can you Buy VSCO Outfits?

A lot of people are wondering about where to buy VSCO aesthetic outfits. As this style is famous worldwide, many would like to find clothes and accessories for this fashion. It’s not that hard to find the right pieces. The hard part is to find unique outfits. We, as Cosmique Studio, created our VSCO aesthetic category for affordable and top-quality VSCO aesthetic outfits. As the biggest aesthetic clothing store online, we have more than 2000 products, including the VSCO style. You can find anything you want in our store, with the size and color choices. Thanks to the various products in our online store, you can get your favorite clothes and combine them to create unique outfits. It will only take a few minutes, and you’ll have free shipping worldwide! Depending on what style you like, our shop carries a large selection of aesthetically pleasing clothing and accessories for you to choose from. You are free to combine whatever clothes and accessories you desire to achieve the look that best suits you.

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