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What is pastel goth style?

Pastel Goth is the style for the ones who embrace goth style but cannot keep their heart away from kawaii style. Some people say that Pastel Goth is not goth because it has cute elements but it is not true. Pastel goth is considered a goth style as much as cybergoth and or victorian goth. Pastel goth consists mostly of goth elements like black laces, circle skirts, mainly dark clothes but it combines them with cute elements and pastel colours. For example with ruffles, bows, coloured hair, lace ankle socks and more. 

How do you dress a pastel goth? 

A pastel goth loves to wear dresses, crop tops, pleated skirts, corset tops and more in their colour scale. You can check for Cosmique Studio’s Pastel Goth collection for more ideas. A pastel goth should choose wisely their clothes because the key is not to look like too much kawaii or goth. It is all about finding the balance. As long as you find the balance there is nothing that anyone can say or do about your perfect pastel goth style. 

How to dress pastel goth on a budget?

Budget is one of the important things about a Pastel Goths wardrobe because it defines what you can wear and cannot. So if you want to stay on your budget but dress like you want you are in the right place. You can check Cosmique Studio regularly and find amazing sales on our collections. So don’t worry about it. Another thing that needs to be done when looking for budget-friendly options is to look for your base collections. You don’t need to shop from the pastel goth collection solely to dress pastel goth. For example, you can check for goth, grunge, kawaii and soft collections as well. If you mix them together well you can achieve the best style. Also, don’t forget to check your own closet too, you will be shocked about what can be worn with what and look epic! 

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