Harajuku Style Clothing

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    sugar fabric hello watch in pink

    Sugar Fabric Hello Watch

  • 21% OFF
    soft plushie crop top

    Soft Plushie Crop Top

  • 10% OFF
    ufo clouds kni̇tted sweater

    Ufo Clouds Knitted Sweater

  • 26% OFF
    cute carrot sweater in blue

    Cute Carrot Sweater

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    woman cloth bag

    Woman Cloth Bag

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    luxury fur ball+crystal strap glitter red phone case

    Luxury Glitter Phone Case

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    aspirin white tee

    Aspirin Tee

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    3d pills phone case wi̇th humans i̇n the pi̇lls

    3D Pills Phone Case

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    weekend live hoodie in white

    Weekend Live Hoodie

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    bright moon socks in white

    Bright Moon Socks

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    unicorn socks in purple

    Unicorn Socks

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    love more tee in white

    Love More Tee

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    gods & angels green shirt with baby angel prints

    Gods & Angels Shirt

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    bla-bla-bla, that's good he's handsome white tee

    Bla-Bla-Bla Tee

  • 37% OFF
    transparent angel mesh black tee for grunge, angelcore, and art hoe aesthetics

    Transparent Angel Mesh Tee

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    ribbon ankle socks in black

    Ribbon Ankle Socks

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    art is not a crime white socks

    Art Is Not A Crime Socks

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    happy socks in various colors

    Happy Socks

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    rainbow sweatshirt in black

    Rainbow Sweatshirt

  • 40% OFF
    Sweety heart socks in black

    Sweety Heart Socks


The mix of all the well-known Japanese sub-styles, Harajuku style clothing, is traditional Japanese wear. Needless to say, at Cosmique, we got your desire to wear Harajuku style clothing covered, with an endless array of options of Harajuku outfits. 

Our Harajuku sweatshirts are dragon printed, and our Harajuku shirts feature anime characters for Japanese of every taste of Harajuku style clothing. The Harajuku style pants highlighting ninja turtle and graffiti prints make-up for the perfect Harajuku streetwear.

Combine our Harajuku shirts with a pair of adorable Harajuku shorts for a festive look that accompanies any and all celebrations. 

The Harajuku style clothing at Cosmique would be your ultimate go-to shopping collection once you discover the aesthetic range of Harajuku outfits here. Slay in Japan’s festive colors of green, red, and black and celebratory dragon designs with Cosmique’s collection of Harajuku style clothing.

Whether you are a street dancer or bar, it's a festival or the mere desire to adorn Japan's cute style; Harajuku sweatshirts and Harajuku shirts at Cosmique are the perfect upper wear for all occasions.

Paired up with our vast collection of Harajuku shorts and Harajuku style pants, Cosmique gives the perfect admiration to Japanese beloved Harajuku style clothing.

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