E-girl Clothes

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What kind of clothes do e-girls wear?

There are such clothes and items that we usually saw on e-girls lately. For example, pleated skirts, fishnets, oversize sweatshirts and more. E-girl fashion kinda reminds grunge aesthetic but it also has childish details in it. It is kinda like a mixture but it looks really good on e-girls. E-girls puts their dark aesthetic fun and clunky details to make it look like their selves. 

What do you buy for an e-girl?

If you know your e-girl's closet well you can buy her the clothes that are missing in her e-girl closet. Or some things she doesn’t have enough of, like chains! there is no such thing as enough chains or accessories when it comes to e-girls aesthetic. You can check Cosmique Studio’s e-girl section to see many options. 

What is e-girl stuff? 

The E-girl aesthetic is kinda new when compared to other aesthetics, so there are no definite rules on e-girl stuff. E-girls takes inspiration from emo, goth, grunge and anime. So things from these styles will pretty much fit in e-girl aesthetic. Other stuff that e-girls do; heavy blushes, eyeliner drawings on the eye, drinking lots of Monster drink, going to cosplay conventions and wearing so many layers of clothes. 

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