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What is an E-girl?

E-girls, often known as electronic girls, are a type of aesthetic common in anime. Originating in the 2010s, the e-girl aesthetic became popular, especially on TikTok. It has inspiration from different kinds of aesthetics like grunge, punk, gothic, K-pop, Japanese street fashion, kawaii, anime, y2k, and emo. E-girls and e- boys are known for being active on the internet 24/7. They’re active internet users who spend most of their time online. Playing video games, broadcasting, and creating popular posts are their favorite activities. With the perfect makeup and hairstyle, they can look like a famous game and fictional character. Online friends and even an online life are a part of their lifestyle. But they like being alone in real life. Individualism is crucial for them. Most e-girls and e-boys have their own studio at home. Broadcasting on YouTube and other platforms helps them find similar people. Besides, they earn money from this activity. Although they like being alone, drawing attention online is unavoidable because they’re unique. At first sight, you can think they have an emo style. But indeed, both are slightly different. It’s easy to identify them compared to the other aesthetics. Wanna know how? Thanks to their brightly dyed hair, a slew of accessories, and overly dramatic makeup that emphasizes the eyes and cheeks. If you want to be an e-girl, having its style is not enough. You need to do e-girl activities. Here are some of them:

  • Playing video games.
  • Broadcasting.
  • Creating popular posts on social media, especially on TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • Using photo-edit apps constantly. 
  • Having friends online.
  • Reading mangas. 
  • Watching animes. 

How do E-girls Dress?

If you have learned what e-girl means, let’s talk about what they wear. We know that some of you think e-girl aesthetic outfits are similar to grunge aesthetic. You’re right! Dark tones are their favorite. But if you want to be an e-girl, you need a little bit of a bright color palette for your outfits. The main ones are dark tones of pink, blue, green, and red. But of course, you can create your unique style using different e-girl colors. As you’ll wear them at home most of the time, all your outfits must be cozy and comfortable. For tops, start with sweatshirts. They’re like uniforms of this aesthetic. Choosing them oversize will make you feel comfortable. Striped and ripped ones are the trendiest for this aesthetic. You can also select loose plaid T-shirts and oversize jackets, cut-out crops, asymmetric hoodies, and corset tops to feel comfy and stylish at the same time. It’s essential to have a low waist when it’s come to bottoms. The effect of Y2K on e-girl is actually so practical that you can see it in this section. 

E-girl Aesthetic Outfits Tips

If you’re not sure about where to start wearing e-girl aesthetic clothes, we have some suggestions for you. You can buy plaid, checkered, striped, and ripped clothes to have a dark look. Leather jackets, letter-printed details, and asymmetric motifs are also trendy among e-girls recently. Fishnet tights and combat boots can be ideal to combine. If you want to look trendy, choose camouflage pants, bat-eye shorts, and hollow-out tops. Check out the suggestions below that our professional team in Cosmique Studio prepared for you. Get the perfect pieces to have a unique style!

E-girl Tops

  • Crop tops: Knitted cut-out crops, discrete sleeves, and corset tops. 
  • Sweaters: Oversize, striped, and ripped ones.
  • Dresses: Striped, plaid, or mini dresses. 
  • Sweatshirts: Letter printed, plaid, or graphic designs. 
  • Jackets: Plaid, leather, and oversize ones. 
  • Hoodies: Letter printed, skeleton hands, or asymmetric ones. 
  • Shirts: Loose, plaid, striped, or band T-shirts. 

E-girl Bottoms

  • Skirts: Low rise, cargo, or irregular skirts. 
  • Pants: Zig-zag striped, cut-out, and ripped ones. 
  • Shorts: Cargo, low waist, and distressed denim shorts. 

E-girl Accessories

  • Glasses: Rimless, shield, or round glasses. 
  • Shoes: Chunky sneakers, Converse shoes, combat boots, or Vans. 
  • Socks: Fishnet tights, slogan socks, leg warmers, and high knee plain white socks. 
  • Necklaces: Metal chains, chokers, barbed wire necklaces. 
  • Hair clips: Checkered, striped, studded ones or skeleton hands clips. 
  • Belts: Metal chains, studded or rhinestone ones. 
  • Bags: Mini bags, backpacks, and messenger bags.

How do you do E-girl Makeup?

Listen up for the most vital element of the e-girl makeup: Exaggerating it. If you prefer nude tones, it would nearly be impossible for it to be seen on the camera. So you have to wear heavy makeup like in the animes. For example, bold winged eyeliner is the key to this style. It’s pretty easy to spot on the camera, just like dark lipstick. Pink blush, fake freckles, cute drawings like a tiny star beneath the eyes, and dark nail polish can be used. The color of your lipstick can be vampire red, brown, or purple. Are you feeling too tired to do those? Try makeup apps. As e-girls are expert internet users, using an app like that will help. Do you want another idea? Photo editing! E-girls can do literally anything online. So, we bet you can do it. Don’t forget to post your perfect makeup on TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on. Whatever you do, posting them on social media will make you a better e-girl!

What is an E-girl Hair?

The hairstyle of an e-girl is unpredictable. It’s impossible to see them wearing their natural hair color. They prefer pastel or neon colors. Vampire red, neon green, or purple are most commonly used. So if you want to be an e-girl, you need to dye all your hair or some parts of it. Split dye hair is another trendy style. You split your hair into two sides and color them into two different colors, wildly contrasting tones like black and white or pink and green. If you don’t want to dye it all, bleaching them in the front is also popular. Or choose blonde or pink highlights to look more feminine. Don’t want to look girly? Try green, blue, purple, and other pastel tones. Of course, e-girl hair is not limited to colors. There are some specific types of hairstyles that you can do. If you want to have a cute look, try pigtails and bangs. Then wear studded or skeleton hands hair clips. You’ll look lovely! Or just don’t shape it and have messy hair. Using beanies is also a trendy choice!

What are E-girl Accessories?

There is no limit when it comes to e-girl accessories. As they’re at home online all day, they can wear anything they like. So if you’re ready, let’s talk about what you should buy for an e-girl. First, you’ll need so many necklaces. You can shop for multilayers of silver chains, padlock necklaces, chokers, or medallions. They should match your earrings. Hoop earrings, flame dangles, skull chain earrings, or silver cuff chain earrings have been popular recently. Besides, piercings are so popular. Try for a helix or tragus on your ears, a septum on your nose, or angel bites. It doesn’t matter where they are; piercings will always be fashionable. Socks also have an important place in the e-girl aesthetic fashion. Fishnet tights, extra-long stripe thigh-high socks, 3D print long stockings, slogan socks, leg warmers, or just high knee plain white socks. Then, shop for the glasses. Round glasses are commonly used, but rimless and shield ones are also popular. Alright, here comes the most crucial part: E-girl shoes. Chunky sneakers, space sneakers, and tennis shoes are ideal while hanging out with your friends outside. At school, white or black leather shoes, Converse shoes, and Vans are excellent. For rainy days you can have lace-up boots, ankle-high, or combat boots. 

Where do you Buy E-girl Clothes?

If you’re looking for where to buy e-girl clothes, we welcome you to Cosmique Studio, the biggest e-girl clothes store online. We have the most fashionable e-girl clothes and accessories in our online store. We offer you the best online shopping experience of top-quality e-girl aesthetic outfits at affordable prices. Various sizes and colors are available in our online store. Expanding our store every day, you’ll find thousands of fashionable products if you take a look. Also, if you don’t know what to wear today and are looking for e-girl inspo, you can read our blogs. We have a significant number of ideas! Read our blogs, buy unique items and create your own unique style. You can choose what you want in a few minutes and select your size. Shopping online would never be so easy!

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