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What is aesthetic clothing? 

Aesthetic clothing can be described as a style that is pleasable by most people who are interested in fashion. But honestly, it is more than that. Aesthetic clothing is a whole new world for most people and there are no limitations about what to wear or not. As long as it looks good on you and has a ​complementary style you can wear it. Sometimes it can be basic sometimes it can be extravaganza it depends on you. 

How do you dress aesthetics on a budget? 

Since being aesthetic became the main aim for many women and men one of the biggest problems is finding the right clothes on a budget. There are many expensive and quality choices for aesthetic clothing but finding more budget-friendly and quality items is kinda hard. This is where Cosmique Studio kicks in, you can find almost everything aesthetic related in our style sections. We choose our products with great attention and they are made of high-quality materials, so you can rely on them. A core piece’s -like mom jeans- durability is so important when it comes to creating your own budget-friendly wardrobe,  so choose wisely! 

How can I be cute and aesthetic? 

There are specific aesthetics that their main reason to become is being cute. Our kawaii and soft girl sections have the cutest range of clothes. Also, you can write ‘cute’ to the search bar on Cosmique Studio and see all of the cute clothes that we offer.  

How many types of aesthetics are there? 

There are many aesthetics and their number continues to increase every day. But of course, there are some root aesthetics that became the base of any other new aesthetics. Some root aesthetics are; Y2K, kawaii, grunge, e-girl, goth, angelcore, indie, Tumblr, soft girl, vintage and art hoe. Mainly other aesthetics are a mixture of these. They all have some things from each other. You can choose which one is the best for you by looking through our styles section. 


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