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What is Korean Fashion?

With its popularity over the years, Korean fashion has gained so much in a short time. The term called Korean fashion actually consists of what people in South Korea wear in the streets. But with their popularity on social media people all over the world wanted to dress and look like them, so this is why Cosmique Studio offers a great deal of Korean outfits. Korean fashion is taking its inspiration mainly from k-pop idols and k-drama celebrities. It is a relaxed, youthful, oversize style that is nice to look at. The main aim is to be comfortable and stylish as possible. 

How do I dress like a Korean?

Dressing Korean is a very wide term because there are so many people living in Korea and they have countless styles but if we have to limit it to the basic Korean street style dressing then that is easier to achieve. To dress Korean you need to love baggy clothes that are way more oversize than you used to. But of course, that is not always like that. For example, Korean men mostly like to wear oversize hoodies and baggy pants with Chuck Taylors. Korean women like this combo too but often you can find them in pretty dresses and cute crop tops. So it is up to you whether to look like a k-pop star or look casual! You can find all of these clothing choices and more on Cosmique Studio of course. Just start to discover our Korean outfits collection!

Why is Korean fashion so popular? 

There are many reasons why Korean fashion became so popular, of course, it is not a coincidence that this happened so quickly. One of these reasons is Korean fashion usually consists of casual streetwear that is so easy to reach. It is not like Paris or Milan fashion, it is accessible by everyone and appropriate to everyday wear. Another is attraction from the young generation. Most Korean designers are young and they know what gen-z wants and they bring energy with creativity to their designs. So no surprise that gen-z adores their designs. Don’t forget to mention that one of the biggest reasons why Korean fashion became so popular is k-pop, k-dramas, k-everything! Korean made everything becomes a hit globally in every area hence people want more and more! If you are one of those people don’t forget to check our Korean outfits collection

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