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how to become a y2k aesthetic girl in a few steps
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Once you open the article, I can hear the questions in your mind! Where did this trend come from? What is the content?  How can I be a y2k aesthetic girl? Do not worry, I will help you to satisfy all your curiosity and at the end of this article you will be ready to be a y2k aesthetic girl! ????️

y2k aesthetic vintage patchwork pants - cosmique studio - y2k aesthetic

I bet many of you have heard about y2k Aesthetic! ???? However, you may not know what this means in the fashion world. I’d love to explain you about y2k fashion and why you should embrace it! (Because I’m dying to bring this y2k trend to life as soon as possible!)

 y2k butterfly print hoodie - cosmique studio - aesthetic outfits

I personally, always love 90’s fashion styles. I admire all the fashion icons and their styles, music bands and many more. ???? Finally,that period came and the 90’s and 2000’s became popular! So it was not difficult for me to adopt this new trend.

 y2k striped knit mini dress-cosmiquestudio-y2k aesthetic


Recently, in every a few years, trends go back a decade, and the products that we liked from those times, maybe even in our mother’s closet, are becoming fashionable again! The mentioned “y2k Aesthetic fashion trend” can be named as the re-emergence of clothing and aesthetic trends since the late 90s and 2000. People often think that Y2K Aesthetic style expresses the trends of the years 2000-2010 because of the “2” in their name, which might mean “2000”.  For many, the year 2000 was the beginning of an entirely new period, a time of welfare, and for some even the end of the world. According to this attitude, people turning to the consumption of luxury and designer pieces began to chase futuristic pieces. The fashion sense has become more comfortable and variable, which is compatible with street fashion, integrated with technology, and consists of brand logos, shirts and dresses.



I’m sure everyone’s mind  comes to the ICONS ✨ when they say y2k Aesthetic Style. I know that you’ve probably heard all of them still… If you want to get inspired quickly, I highly recommend you to check these celebrities;   Beyonce, Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham, JLo,  Liv Tyler, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston, Gwen Stefani, Alicia Silverstone, Britney Spears, Kate Moss, Sarah Jessica Parker, Christina Aguilera, Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen. You can get plenty of inspiration by examining the styles of the big names that pioneered in many fields such as fashion, music, and the film industry. Moreover, maybe you can find pieces of the same period at second-hand sellers. But the main thing here is not to make the same combinations, but to combine a similar style with your unique taste. After all; creating your own style with inspiration from these beautiful celebrities!

You can find more detailed information about the period by watching the movies, series and music clips of the late 90s and early 2000s, and you can even embrace the y2k aesthetic outfits more easily. Personally, as I said, I’m a big 90’s-2000’s fan so I really enjoy these activities and inspires me in many ways! ????️????️

 y2k angel mom jeans-cosmiquestudio- y2k aesthetic

You might be confused or suprised but YES! My biggest inspiration comes from my pre-teenage years and that is the famous, stylish “Bratz”. ????‍♀️ I am sure that those who were children or young ladys like me at that time played very fondly and still couldn’t resist not throwing them! All children loved them madly at that time, thanks to their sparkle and beauty. But their most important detail is their incredibly special style. Bratz dolls were prepared with great care, from shoes to earrings, jackets to socks. They created many creations with many different themes such as summer, winter, safari, casual and many more.I am sure that the care and detail in their clothes do not exist in many people right now! If you google Bratz style clothing, you can create quite a lot of combinations and pieces. If you keep in mind the pieces you see there, especially the ones you like, and then, take a look at our store, I am sure you can find many products suitable for this style!

 y2k sexy orange party mini dress - cosmique studio - aesthetic outfits


I’ve mentioned that due to the periodic nature of fashion trends, it always cycles in today’s trends from past trends. That’s how Y2K Aesthetic Clothing has entered our lives. Recently, we got a lot of inspiration from the 70’s and 80’s. Now it’s time to return to the fashion trends of the late 90s and early 2000s! We can find a way to color our lives with the colorful world, pieces and diversity of the y2k… Whatever the reason, we are ready to embrace and adapt to the y2k Aesthetic Style!

So where should you start? ????
Being a y2k aesthetic girl with easy and cheap tricks:

  1. Create a visual repository. (Pinterest, WeHearIt, etc.)
  2. Open your closet and choose at least 3 pieces that belong to this style or that you can combine. (Don’t forget to dig into your mother’s closet!)
  3. Take a look at the aesthetic stores you love or that sell products in this style.
  4. Buy some items that are not in your closet! But to begin with, I suggest you do not exaggerate. Your preferences may change day by day!
  5. I think the most important is the accessories! It is possible to make your classic look to y2k aesthetic look with small changes. ????
  6. Make a complete look and spend a day with it. Test yourself. Are you really happy to look like this?

If YES, then congrats! ???? You’ve found the right style! If not, don’t be sorry there are still bunch of different styles. All you need to do is keep following us on instagram and our blogs.


There are not many stores around with collections for special trends at the moment, like y2k aesthetic clothing stores. Still, those of you who read this blog are lucky because cosmique studio is one of this minority! If you are thinking about where to find pieces of this style, Cosmique Studio offers you the opportunity to buy the most ambitious and special pieces! Down below you can find some of my selected products! Just click on it to buy! Find more in “What’s your style?” section by selectingy2k aesthetic.


 y2k style vneck sweater - cosmique studio - y2k aesthetic


 y2k denim cargo jeans - cosmique studio - y2k aesthetic


y2k oversized vest sweater - cosmiquestudio - y2k aesthetic


y2k black fur denim jacket - cosmique studio - aesthetic outfits

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