Fairycore Clothes

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What is fairycore aesthetic?

Fairycore is an aesthetic that has a theme of nature, fairies, butterflies, flowers and soft things that gives the same vibe as them. It looks like a spring sunset with beautiful soft pastel tones and everything. If you wear a pastel-toned dress and go to a flower field you can adjust the fairycore aesthetic view pretty easily. 

Are Cottagecore and Fairycore the same?

They are not exactly the same aesthetic but they have very similar vibes to each other. Fairycore is a bit more ethereal than cottagecore but they definitely have the same colour palettes and similar clothes. Fairycore is more about magic, elves, magical animals, pixies and forests. Also, you can wear cottagecore aesthetic clothes with fairycore outfits, it would not show up at all. 

How do you dress like a fairycore? 

Fairycore is about putting magic into your wardrobe. Dressing like you are some kind of magical creature. Fairycore clothing should be enchanting, whimsical and romantic. It should give a soft vibe to anyone who sees it. Fairycore dresses usually consist of bows, ribbons, sheer fabrics, lace details. You can find this kind of dresses in Cosmique Studio. Don’t forget about accessories too. Pearl necklaces and elf ear cuffs are a must for fairycore aesthetic. 

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