Baddie Aesthetic Clothes

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What is the baddie aesthetic?

Baddie aesthetic usually consists of beauty trends that are famous around influencers. Because of its trendiness, it can be mixed up with other aesthetics. But being a baddie is all about confidence and self-love. Baddies usually fit society's beauty standards and look very sexy. Baddie aesthetic girls aim that others to look at them and envy them. They always look effortless and perfect which is the hard part. 

How do you dress like a baddie aesthetic?

First, you shouldn’t afraid to show your body and your sexiness. So you need to be confident about your body. Attitude is the half of being a baddie, clothes are the other half. Baddie aesthetic wardrobe usually consists of bold and sexy clothes. Baddies adore two-piece sets, unusual crop tops, tight jeans, mini skirts and ripped wide-leg jeans. You can find all of these pieces and more on Cosmique Studio of course. 

How to be a baddie on a budget?

A real baddies secret is that looking expensive without spending lots of money. And yes you can be a baddie without spending thousands very easily. You need to alternate your outfits, buy pieces that are wearable with more than 2 combines. You need a pair of sneakers that will match your closet perfect. You need accessories that are a must in the baddie aesthetic, like various sizes of hoop earrings. Cosmique Studio is the best place for starting your baddie aesthetic closet with a budget. There are always tempting discounts for you, so don’t forget to check regularly. 


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